Written by Unknown

14 Sep 2007

Being 17 years old and a very studious young man, I hadn't time for girlfriends and going out with my mates. Coming from a family of limited means and with 3 siblings, meant I had to find part time jobs in order to earn the money to realise my dream of going to university. On the occasion I am about to recount I was working in a local bookshop in a town close to where I lived. The bookshop was owned and run by a middle aged couple Peter and Fiona,

Fiona was around 55 with long curly hair and a very well proportioned figure. I remember thinking at the interview for the job that she must have been quite a looker in her day as she was still quite attractive and very sexy. She came across as a very demur and quietly spoken lady and somewhat nervous. How first impressions can be so deceptive?

Her husband Peter on the other hand was the complete opposite. Around 57 years old and quite a large man with a pot belly and thinning grey hair. The only thing positive you could say about him was that he was always very smartly dressed, business like you could say. He was very assertive and obviously got exactly what he wanted, which would explain Fiona's nervousness when ever she was in his presence.

I had been working at the bookshop for around 6 months and had built up quite a friendly working relationship with Fiona. Peter was always away on buying trips or golfing with his friends. Only occasionally would he be in the shop but when he was both Fiona and I knew about it. Nothing was ever right, the shelves were stacked untidily or things were in the wrong place. Over the first 6 months I had come to quite despise the way he treated both Fiona and I. It was if we were servants to fulfil all his demands and wow betides anyone who didn't.

One day in the bookshop, Fiona reminded me that it was stocktaking time and would I help by coming in Sunday. After confirming with a discreet question that Peter wasn't going to be there I told her I would be glad to.

Don't ask me why but on Sat night I could not get to sleep thinking about the stocktaking the next day. It wasn't the fact I had never done this before it was the thought of being alone in the shop with Fiona. Again that wasn't unusual but thoughts started to enter my head that I was becoming attracted to her and knowing how selfish her husband was assumed she may be frustrated in her marriage and be open to looking elsewhere for attention. The thoughts whirled through my head so fast that I started to masturbate about Fiona. Things like her nice ample and firm bust, her round but firm arse, her attractive figure with those slender smooth legs. But more importantly for me what lay between them, beneath those skirts she always wore? Before I knew where I was the alarm clock was sounding for me to get out of bed.

Arriving at the bookshop half an hour early the previous night's thoughts were still running through my head when Peter pulled up outside the shop in his large silver Mercedes car with Fiona in the passenger seat. Instantly at the sight of Peter all the thoughts vanished from my mind as Fiona stepped from the car, strode towards the door of the shop and opened the door. Turning to her husband she waved goodbye and stepped into the shop.

After a morning cuppa and a bit of chit chat Fiona said we must get on as there was a lot to do. For the next 3 hours, very little was said, as we both busily counted and logged all the stock in the shop. At about 12:30hrs Fiona had completed all the shelves allocated to her but I was struggling with some of the higher shelves. Fiona offered to help me finish them and promptly produced a set of step ladders from the storeroom cupboard. As she placed them in front of the shelves I started to climb up them. Suddenly Fiona grabbed my arm and said it would be quicker if she did the counting on the ladder and I could log the items on the stock log. But I was told to ensure I kept a firm grip whilst holding the ladders.

Fiona climbed the ladders and I put my foot on the first step firmly grasping each side of the ladder in each hand. As Fiona counted the books and called out their names and numbers I would let go of one side of the ladder and write the details in the stock log. Once done I would grasp the ladder again look up and wait for the next count. Each time I looked up all I could focus on was Fiona's firm round arse and the panty line which was quite visible. Suddenly all the thoughts started to return about what I would like to do to this middle aged woman. At one point I even found myself leaning forwards to see up her skirt. The thoughts kept coming, to the point I had a raging erection in my jeans. I was so hard, that my cock being restrained was making it painful. It was all I could do to keep listening and logging the details that Fiona was calling to me. Every time I grabbed the ladders to steady them I could swear I was actually shaking with the blood gushing around my body and making me tremble. Every so often Fiona would look down and ask if everything was ok. It was all I could do to say yes, fine.

It was actually a relief when Fiona called out the last count, said that's it and started to descend the ladders. Unfortunately I had become so distracted by my lustful thoughts that Fiona got to the bottom of the ladders before I could step away. Her firm round arse collided with my hard on before I could back away. The shock froze me to the spot for a few seconds which made matters worse. Fiona had stumbled back and her arse was now pressed firmly against my crotch. She let out a shriek steadied herself and allowed me to step backwards. I could tell from the look on her face she knew exactly what was going on.

After a few moments she looked at me and demanded an explanation. Whilst up the ladder she had sensed me looking up her skirt but refused to believe I would do such a thing as I was such a nice young boy. My embarrassment said it all. After a long pause she said she would have no alternative but to tell Peter, her husband, and that as he did the hiring and firing perhaps now would be a good time to start looking for another job. All my dreams of going to university were about to go up in flames, jobs were few and far between especially ones that I could fit around my studies.

For about 10 minutes I begged and pleaded with Fiona to reconsider. Reason after reason came flooding out why I needed this job so badly until finally a glimmer of hope. Fiona's face softened as she said she had to think about it. She strode off to the office leaving me in limbo in the shop. It seemed like an eternity before Fiona finally reappeared from the office, walked over to the shop door and locked it. Striding back past me I was about to ask her why she had locked the door when she turned sharply on her heels and in a very sharp but assertive voice told me to say nothing, stay silent and follow her. This wasn't like Fiona at all; it was almost like Peter was talking to me.

Once inside the office she beckoned me to sit in the chair in front of the desk. She positioned herself opposite me perched on the edge of the desk with a hand either side of her to steady herself. In an abrupt tone she again asked me for an explanation as to why I had been looking up her skirt and more importantly what thoughts had been going through my head that had given me a hard on. In order to safeguard my future I thought it best to come clean and tell her everything, including that fact I had fantasised about her the previous night. Fiona seemed to take it well until she realized that the position she had adopted meant I could see up her skirt and that again I had a bulge in my trousers. The sight seemed to galvanise the sternness in her voice when she said I must be some kind of pervert and that I was invading her privacy by doing what I was doing.

Fiona carried on with the lecture for what seem like an age, and then she dropped the bombshell. How would I like it if she were to perv on me? I couldn't come up with an answer that satisfied her question and seeing my discomfort said she would find out for herself. At that point she ordered me to get to my feet and take off my jeans. Reluctantly and seeing it as a way to safeguard my job I did as she asked. Now drop your boxer shorts was her next request. Again after a little hesitation I did as she had asked. There I was, a 17 year old young man with a raging erection stood half naked in front of a middle aged woman. What next was the thought running through my head when Fiona told me to sit back in the chair. As I did so I could swear I could see Fiona's nipples through the material of her blouse, and assumed she was in some way enjoying the situation. Then she commanded me to masturbate for her.

I slouched back in the chair and took a firm hold of my cock. Without hesitation I drew back my foreskin to reveal the dark purple head of my cock. Fiona's eyes lit up as I started to stroke myself in a slow and rhythmic fashion gradually increasing the tempo. I looked back at Fiona every so often and could see her ample bust slowly start to heave. It was like we were synchronised, the faster I stroked my cock the heavier Fiona's breathing seemed to become. The thoughts and blood rushing through my body at this point were making me physically shake on the chair. The longer I stroked my cock the firmer my grasp on myself became. The strokes got longer and faster to the point I was almost tearing my own skin. With my legs stretched out in front of me, my buttocks started to clench as I was reaching the point of no return. Then with an almighty sigh I shot cum all over my shirt. The hot white juices soaked into the cotton of my shirt making it slimy and causing it to stick against my skin. Looking back at Fiona I knew she was enjoying the sight, as her face had become flushed and her eyes were half shut with her head leant back. The final few strokes and my balls were empty. The last few drops of spunk didn't have the force to clear the end of my cock and just dribbled down my shaft onto my hand. After a few seconds to gain both our breaths Fiona reached onto the desk and passed me a piece of tissue paper, used as protection when wrapping books to be sent by post.

After cleaning myself up I screwed up the tissue paper and threw it in the bin at the side of the desk. Then I started to dress myself as Fiona just looked at me with an admiring look.

As I was buckling up my jeans I could have sworn I heard the bell go on the shop door. This couldn't be as I had seen Fiona lock it earlier. Then I could hear the unmistakable sound of footsteps coming towards the office door. I quickly gained as much composure as I could and sat down in the chair, just as the office door opened. It was Peter, Fiona's husband. On entering the office and in a menacing tone Peter demanded to know why Fiona had rung him at home and what was so urgent to cause her to disturb his peaceful Sunday nap and drag him down to the shop. Looking back at Fiona I could see straight away that the demur nervous personality had returned due to her husbands' presence. But it took a few moments to register that whilst in the office alone; contemplating my fate she had actually rung her husband. What was she going to say and more importantly, why, knowing that her husband was on his way had she got me to wank myself off in front of her. Confusion and fear started to penetrate my body and mind. What would she say the truth or a big fat lie. Either way Peter was going to get an answer.

What came out of Fiona's mouth next took me so by surprise I nearly fell off the chair. It was a mixture of truth and lies but not what I expected. She told Peter everything, the looking up her skirt, the fantasies and the fact I had masturbated about her the previous night. All this was damning in itself until she blurted out that she had caught me in the office having a wank and produced the screwed up tissue paper from the waste paper basket as evidence to show she was telling the whole truth. Bitch I thought to myself, Fiona had set me up. Why?, I didn't know, but trying to explain to Peter would be futile. All I could think about was that this middle aged woman I had become friends with had hung me out to dry. Was it revenge maybe for invading her privacy? Who knows? My job, income and future were disappearing fast until Peter started to howl with laughter. I looked at Fiona and Fiona looked at me, we were both confused. Then Fiona's face changed as she realized something only she and her husband knew.

Peter started to explain to Fiona that it was only normal that young men fantasised about older women and she should be flattered by my attentions. Fiona obviously disagreed but wasn't about to contradict his opinion. Then for the first time I got a better impression of their relationship when Peter strode over to his wife, placed a hand on her firm breast and started to squeeze and fondle her. No resistance came from Fiona whatsoever. Peter turned to me and after establishing that I fancied his wife, blurted out that he would let me fuck her if I wanted. I looked at Fiona waiting for a negative response but none came. Was this a green light to tell me she wanted it or were they both just playing with the situation? After a lot of soul searching and with a little anxiety I turned to Fiona and asked her if that is what she wanted. Peter instantly turned on me and snapped that he was the one who decided when and who fucked his wife and that it had always been a fantasy of his to watch someone else shagging his wife. He then said that if I didn't do as he wished he would fire me and tell my parents what Fiona had told him. There was no alternative I had to do as he ordered.

Peter let go of his wife's breast and walked round the desk to sit in the large leather chair. Once seated, he coughed a little to clear his throat and said we would both do exactly as he commanded. With that the show began.

Standing up I walked over to Fiona and placed my hands onto both her breasts. Looking into her eyes I started to kneed and squeeze them until I could start to feel her nipples protruding through the material of her bra. Slowly and gently at first until a slight murmur emanating from Fiona caused me to grip tighter and squeeze harder. Making larger and larger circular motions with my hands caused a button to loosen on her blouse. I could now see her cleavage clearly, bordered by a lacy black bra. A voice came from behind her; it was Peter telling me to kiss his wife. With that command and still squeezing her firm breasts I lunged at Fiona's half open mouth. Once our lips made contact it wasn't long before my tongue was searching for hers. The breath from my nostrils was struggling to escape as my nose pressed against her warm cheek. My tongue encircled hers in her mouth like a predator waiting to pounce on its prey. Then they touched and instantly an electric shock galvanised my body and removed any inhibitions I may have had.

I wanted this woman's mouth around my cock so much. But in order to get what I wanted I had to ask the permission of her husband. Looking at him was all the permission I needed. Placing both hands onto Fiona's shoulders I started to push her down onto her knees. Once there Peter's voice boomed at his wife to take out my cock and suck it. Without flinching Fiona unbuckled my belt and loosened my trousers. Hooking a thumb either side of my waistband Fiona pulled down both my jeans and pants at the same time. At last my erect cock was free from its prison and ready for her. Fiona grasped my hard on and with a gentle push drew back my foreskin to reveal the head of my cock. After a few breaths and a lick of her ruby red lips she started to lick the end of my cock in small gentle circular strokes of her moist tongue. Strings of saliva connected my cock with her tongue. Opening her mouth wider she inserted the head of my cock between her semi parted lips. Slowly Fiona started to suck at the same time as moving her head forwards then backwards. The motion was too gentle for me to feel enough pleasure so I started to rock forwards and backwards to exaggerate the pleasure. At last I was face fucking this woman I had been yearning for. Her mouth slid up and down the ridged shaft of my cock to varying depths and tempo. It was all I could do to control myself from shooting my load there and then. Fiona gorged on my cock and balls for about 10 minutes until Peter her husband intervened.

Peter had risen to his feet in annoyance at the slow progress I was making at using his wife as a slut. He rounded the desk and pushed me away from Fiona. He grabbed Fiona by the hair and lifted her to her feet. Shouting at me to take off all my clothes he started to tear at Fiona's clothing. Within seconds both Fiona and I were fully naked. I looked down at the floor to see Fiona's clothes strewn on the floor. Amongst the garments I could see what was left of Fiona's black lacy knickers My attention was drawn to the pad of material on the crotch and how soaking wet it looked. This alerted me to the fact Fiona was actually enjoying being used. Any small amount of guilt or inhibition had finally left my mind and I was eager to see what Peter's next move would be.

I needn't have worried, Peter did not disappoint. He pushed his wife's now naked body flat across the desk. With a yank of each hand on her inner thighs he parted his wife's legs to expose what I had been dreaming of the previous night, the real reason why I had been attempting to look up Fiona's skirt, the target of all my perverse fantasies. There before me was the gorgeous shaved moist and aroused pussy of this middle aged woman. My goal was finally within my gaze. Peter didn't need to instruct me twice for me to eat his wife's cunt. I was on my knees in a shot feasting on the scent and texture of Fiona's pussy lips. Slowly with my tongue I eased her lips apart until I had found the soft fleshy parts of her inner fanny. I was like a bee sucking up nectar as my tongue licked and flicked Fiona's clit. Every so often I would stop the tongue motion to suck out the juices around her clit. The end of my nose was wet as I motioned up and down the crease of her fanny from one edge to the other. Her juices were really starting to flow as Fiona started to hum in contentment. The more I licked and sucked the louder Fiona's humming became. Looking up along her naked torso between the mounds of her naked flushed breasts I could see that I was not the full cause of Fiona's humming. Peter was now stood over his wife's head at the other side of the desk and was thrusting his now naked cock in and out of Fiona's mouth. I almost came on the spot. Here was a woman enjoying being the meat in a male sandwich.

I sprang to my feet just in time for Peter to acknowledge agreement that it was time for me to fuck his wife's pussy. With a little positioning of my cock with one hand I lined up the end of my cock ready to penetrate Fiona's body. On Peters signal I thrust forwards into his wife. No lubrication or force was needed for me to bury my shaft to the hilt. A muffled sigh from Fiona was enough to tell me my oral efforts had done its job. Slowly and rhythmically I started to fuck Fiona's womanhood. Smooth but intense motions were making her body jerk as she sucked on Peters cock to silence what would have been screams of pleasure had her mouth not been full. Her naked body was bouncing between Peter and my thrusts causing her naked tits to bounce up and down. Leaning over the desk and still thrusting in and out of her pussy I started to suck and nibble on Fiona's erect nipples. Placing a hand on her tit to stop the nipple from pulling out of my mouth I sucked them hard into my mouth. Sweat was staring to pour down my back by the time I straightened up again. This allowed me to force my cock deeper into her pussy.

Both Peter and I were fucking his wife for about 15 minutes before he gestured to me for a change of position. We both withdrew from our orifices and Peter spun his wife around on the desk. It was like playing spin the bottle to see which orifice would land next to your cock. Except in this case the bottle was Fiona. This time I had her mouth and Peter had her pussy. I was just about to lower my cock into Fiona's mouth when Peter spun her over onto her belly. Looking at me he asked if I had ever had anal sex. This was a totally unknown thing to me and I looked back at him bewildered. Watch and learn boy, watch and learn was his response.

Inserting two fingers into his own mouth Peter lubricated them with his own saliva. Taking them out again he positioned his mouth over the crack of Fiona's arse and dribbled into it. Taking his now lubricated fingers he placed them in the stream of saliva disappearing down the crack of his wife's arse until both reached her arsehole. Inserting one finger at first then two he started to lubricate and relax Fiona's arse sphincter. Slowly a pink fleshy hole started to appear and with a little more coercion made it large enough for Peter to guide his cock head into it. With a few gentle but firm thrusts he was in. Watching this sight for the very first time I hadn't realised Fiona had grabbed my cock and was again sucking for all she was worth. This woman really was a whore and got off on being treated like a slut.

Again her body started to writhe and lift off the desk as Peter pounded away at her arse and I at her mouth. For ages we were fucking this middle aged woman's body backwards and forwards over the desk until I let out a cry to Fiona that I was going to come. Looking at Peter he was at a similar stage and realised a change of position was needed in order to fully appreciate the lengths his wife would go to. It was time for her to taste the fruits of our labour. Dragging her of the desk Fiona was positioned on her knees in between both Peter and me. Both our cocks erect and pointing at Fiona's open mouth she started to wank us to completion. I was first to spurt hot spunk towards her mouth. My lack of control and aim meant most of my juices missed their target and splattered over her chin and ran off onto her bare breasts. Peter seeing this decided she deserved a taste of spunk given the lengths her body had been used to, so inserted his cock into her open mouth. Fiona started to suck and swallow like she was possessed until white creamy liquid started to seep from the seal of her lips around her husband's shaft. Peter jerked time after time in order to give Fiona the full contents of his balls. Finishing off with Fiona cleaning us both up with her tongue we were finally spent.

You could cut the atmosphere with a knife as we all got dressed but once fully clothed Fiona turned to her husband and affectionately thanked him for her fulfilment. Then she looked at me before asking Peter what next. Peter looked at me and told his wife from now on I would have to do exactly as they wished. When and wherever they wanted and with whoever they wished. I was now their male whore to do with as they pleased.

Needless to say Peter spent more time in the shop with Fiona and me and over the next two years I was tutored in the art of fucking Fiona's body and mind until I knew it as well as Peter.

On one occasion I was forced to crouch under the shop counter and finger and eat Fiona's pussy whilst Peter tended to a customer on the other side. On another both Peter and Fiona allowed an important mature female client to use my body in order to secure a lucrative purchase of rare books?

I was now being pimped by both Peter and Fiona to meet their own lustful needs.. The final occasion before I went off to university was an invite to afternoon tea with Fiona, her widowed older sister and one of their female friends. All three women used me for hours making sure I understood that older was better.

This story is dedicated to Peter & Fiona for shaping my sexual appetite for both submissive and dominant sexual fulfilment