Written by emilyclarke

3 Sep 2011

mt wife and i went to visit my brother in derbyshire he was working away so we took his wife out for a meal after she said she would take us to a beauty spot nr matlock when we got there we parked up there were a few cars there and we noticed men walking round looking in the cars then 2 men came and stood next to our car my brothers wife unwound the window and started to talk to them one of the men put his hand in the window and started to rub her breasts my wife and i just watched at first as this was our first experence of dogging he then put his cock trough the window and she started to wank him the other man came to window were my wife was and told her to unwind the window she asked me if tht was ok i said yes and she did he put his hand in and between emilys legs a was wanking by now then jean got out of car bent over bonnet and the man mounted her 2 more men arrived and they all fucked her then they all fucked emily tht was our first time dogging