Written by unknown

26 Nov 2007

I was in a public library in an aisle of bookshelves and this

guy I had seen several times ( another student) was in the

same aisle of books further down - I was wearing no panties

as usual and as and as I turned to say hello he put out his hand

and pulled up my skirt to expose my clean shaven pussy and

I was worried in case anybody saw him do this- I was so surprised

but there was something exciting about it! just as suddenly

he squatted on his haunches in front of me and put his hands

either side of my pussy- gently pulling it open and as he

did this he exposed my clit and he put his mouth to my pussy

and while his tongue teased my clit his hands started to

fondle my bottom and his fingers massaged my anus - I just leaned back against the books holding my skirt up

and let him do it- I really enjoyed it- the thought that we

might be seen was a massive turn on- I had an incredible orgasm

and then turned my back on him and bent down as though to find

a book on a low shelf- and he lifted my skirt from behind and

put his penis into my wet vagina and fucked me from behind

till he nearly came- then he asked me to turn to face him and

as I did - he held my skirt up high so he could see my bare pussy

properly and I masturbated while he watched until I reached

an orgasm again- quite unaware and not really knowing if

we had been seen- he then took his penis out of his jeans and

I could see it was very hard- so I bent down, took it in my mouth

and sucked and licked it until he took it in his hand and masturbated

until he came all over my face- I cleaned up as much as possible with a tissue in my pocket

then we both left !