Written by toy_man

6 Oct 2007

Once a girl's had black she'll wonder why she's wasted her time fucking white all her life!

I'm a typical middle class, white wife, early 40's, attractive and have kept my body firm and fit through rigorous exercise. My husband, on the other hand, has put on weight, drunk far too much and has paid little attention to me for a few years now! He's obsessed with himself!

He drove me to do it!

A girl I work with has lived with a young black guy, Damien, for six months. She's a tart, typical bleached blonde, short skirt, low top, high heals and loads of make-up! Ever since she's been going out with him, she's bragged about his size, his stamina, his capacity to cum, and none of us believed a word of it!

Stacey is 21. I'm 46. We are worlds apart, but only in age, Having both left a rough state school with four GCSE's and going onto "College". Me doing well and marrying well and her eventually, somehow ending up with a job as a clerical assistant in our financial services department! God knows how!

I interviewed her when she applied. Me and three male colleagues! I said don't touch her with a barge pole. They said she was the right girl for the job! Nothing to do with her rather large breasts and gorgeous thighs of course! Not at all! The company recruited her at the age of 19. Miraculously she has lasted two years despite her inability to show a hint of intelligence! I would hazard a guess that she may well have been shagging one of my male colleagues, if not more! Tart!

I got to meet Damien by chance one Friday night after work. My husband was away and for the first time ever, I agreed to join my work mates in a city bar to unwind! Stacey was there and the two of us got well and truly pissed up! She lead me astray and I thought it fun! By 9pm. I'd had enough and decided to try and find my way home! Coincidentally, Damien arrived to pick up Stacey just a few minutes before.

He bought me a drink, one I didn't need, and offered to drop me off on their way home. It was the first time I'd ever conversed with him and surprisingly, he was a lovely guy"¦"¦"¦.certainly too good for her! At 20, he seemed bright, articulate, fit and a real gent! Lucky Stacey! And if her gossip was right, he was built like the proverbial donkey!

Half an hour later, his Golf Gti was dropping me off at home and Stacey said she was desperate for a pee! Minutes later, the three of us were in my house. The girls drinking even more!

I left the room briefly to answer a phone call from my husband who was calling from Dubai, just checking I was OK. When I returned, Damien and Stacey were almost swallowing one another, his hand up her top, feeling her young tits! My presence made no difference to them; they simply continued!

Her top was lifted very slightly and I could see his large, black hand massaging her bra-less tits! I immediately felt wetness between my legs; that's the effect it had on me! Lucky girl, I thought!

I sat down next to Stacey, I don't know why, but it felt the right thing to do! Damien's right hand reached over and started to stroke my thigh, as his left hand continued on her tits! He was testing the water, seeing how I would respond! I simply melted, opening my legs, inviting his hand to touch my sex!

His dark fingers slipped under my skirt and began stroking the thin cotton gusset of my panties! A guy younger than my son was stroking my fanny, as his girlfriend watched!

I began to groan as he slipped a couple of fingers inside me, encouraged by Stacey!

Stacey turned her attention to me, lifting my top and removing my bra. My large tits fell from the restraint of the cups and Stacey immediately began sucking my hardening nipples!

Stacey unzipped Damien's jeans and pulled out the largest cock I have ever seen! The guy had double helpings! Huge, thick, dark meat more than filled her hand!

"Do you want some of this, you dirty old tart?" Stacey worked for me and never spoke to me like that! She did now!

"Well do you?" she went on.

"Yes please!" I panted, lost in an unknown seedy world.

"Give the old slag a good fucking babes!" she instructed the 20 year old Damien.

I should have stopped it all then but couldn't! I just wanted to whore for them!

Minutes later, they had stripped me and laid me on the lounge floor. The wedding photo of my husband and I was looking right down on my naked body, about to be unfaithful!

Damien's cock paused momentarily before he pushed it into my mouth! It nearly choked me; it was so big!"Suck it whore! Suck it!" Stacey snarled, fingering herself as she watched me!

She loved seeing her boss reduced to a cheap tart!

I sucked and licked it, cupping his huge balls, feeling him thrusting in and out of my mouth! Then, his breathing became more urgent. He filled my mouth with loads and loads of cum. I swallowed some, but it was oozing from my mouth!

Stacey leaned over and started to kiss me, licking her boyfriend's spunk from my lips! Her young lips were luscious against mine, the first time I'd ever kissed a woman! As the two of us kissed passionately, I felt Stacey's wonderful, firm, young tits. So gorgeous!

Damien was a real stud! His hard on never went! He was immediately ready for more!

"Fuck her babes!" Stacey told him. "Do the slut doggy style!"

The reality of it all suddenly hit me. I wasn't on the pill as my hubby had been snipped. Before I could ask if he had a condom, he was inside me, stretching my cunt unbelievably. His sheer size was initially uncomfortable, but my pussy soon got used to it!

He fucked me hard and fast from behind, pulling at my hair as he took my body to new unexplored heights."Fuck the whore babes, fuck her!" Stacey was shouting. I'd lost the plot and didn't care anymore! I just wanted his big black cock to spunk in my unprotected hole!

His first load felt warm inside me as he shot it deep in my wet fanny! I screamed out as I climaxed, knowing he could be making me pregnant! Minutes later, Damien added more sperm as he made me orgasm again! What a man! Far better than any white guy!

When he pulled out of me, he left a gaping hole, dripping his spunk. Stacey went down between my open legs and started to lick me, cleaning up her boyfriend's mess! Her tongue worked wonders on my sore pussy!

The next day I felt awful, hung over with a sore head! As I lay in bed the events of the previous night began to dawn on me! I'd had unprotected sex with a black lad younger than our son and let his girlfriend lick my pussy! Oh my God! I shrunk below the duvet, not daring to get out into the real world!

But deep down, I just knew that this was the start to a new chapter in my life!