Written by unknown

7 Oct 2008

on saturday night i was out with a few mates we were all a bit worse for wear it was getting late and this guy and girl came up to me and asked if i they could jump into my taxi i asked where they were going and it was not too far from where i was going so i said yeah ok he was pissed out of his mind and she was quite drunk as well she said they had been to the races all day and then on to a club she looked amazing very short dress on and low cut top her tits were'nt massive but ample as you would say anyway it was our turn he was just about passed out in the back we arrived at there home a very nice place you could tell they had money anyway he was out for the count and she was staggering about trying to get him out the traxi driver looked pissed off so i said i'll give you a hand so i paid him and off he went it was only a 10 min walk for me so i helped them in he was out of it so i helped her into the house she said just leave him in the hallway i said no you cant do that so we moved along the passage way she opened the door and we dropped him on the bed i said are you going to be ok she said of course thank you please let me offer you the taxi fare i said no i'm only 10 mins away she said ok have a drink you could hear him snoring his head off i was a bit reluctant at first i said if your hubby wakes up he might get the wrong idea she said dont worry he is there for the night so i said ok she got our drinks and sat down on the sofa she told me the kids were away for the weekend at her mum's and he would wake up tomorrow and go out with his mates again then she asked about me my age etc i was 8yrs younger than her i couldn't believe she was 38 i thought she was about 30 anyway i said i'd better go she said no stay for another one i'm lonley now i laughed as she got up to go to the fridge again i could see her thong cutting her fanny in two through her dress i said nice cheese wire you have there she laughed and said yeah it's up my arse and we both laughed then she lifted her dress and adjusted it right there in front of me wiggling her nice tight arse in my face i could see her lips blowing kisses to me i was afraid to move then as i had a hard on as she returned i said you'd better check on him to see if he's ok she said what are you worried about he's out of it but to make you feel more comfortable i will, i adjusted my cock and could hear her closing the bedroom door she came back saying i tried to pull the bed clothes over him but he's to heavy i laughed and said well you'll be cold tonight she said i wont he's in the spare room, now you can relax , there and then i though i'd better go or get into her i said look i'd better go and she said do you have to i said yes as i'm sitting here as horny as hell with you wriggling your arse and fanny in my face she laughed and said i'm sorry didn't mean to tease you she then out of the blue put her hand straight onto my cock saying you are horny are'nt you without a word i lent over and we started kissing with in seconds she was undoing my zip put her hand in and started to rub my rock hard cock she lent over me pulled my cock out and started to lick my shaft down to my balls and then slowly up to my helmet flicking her tongue over it i was rubbing her arse and then started to finger her bald pussy she started to give me head taking every inch in hard and fast then slowly i pulled her head away saying i'm going to cum in a min she said i dont want you to cum yet she stood up and lifted her dress straight over her head i said check on your hubby she said dont worry but she did it was so horny watching her walking along the passage way in only her underwear she came back and said fuck me i couldn't believe it i knelt down licking her cunt over her thong smelling the wettness of her lips i pulled them to one side and started to lick her she washolding my shoulders and started to scratch mt back as she got carried away i puled her thong down very slowly then stood up stood up loosened her bra and started to suck her hard very dark nipples she started to moan and it was getting louder and louder i siad you'll wake him she then dropped to the sofa and undone my jeans pulled them down and started to suck me off again i lost it then i couldn't give a fuck if he caught us i lay her back on the sofa and muffed her licking from her arse hole up to her clit she was bucking in my face and she cum and shuddered i started to finger her arse as i licked her it was tight but she didn't seem to mind then i opened her thighs and started to rub my cock up and down her slit with one almighty thrust shoved it right up her she squeeled and held me up her holding my arse i started off slowly fucking her then rammed it up her hard and fast she cum again i lifted her leg over my shoulder and rammed her hard shooting my spunk way up her she then ogt up took me by the hand and led me into the conservitory she sat me down and licked and sucked me until i was hard again which took about 10 seconds she then straddled me i was sucking her tits & kissing her neck she then said take me from behind i took her on all fours on the floor holding her hips and fucking her sensless she was out of it cum'n again and moaning loudly as i was bucking her i started to rub her arse hole wityh my thumb gently slipping it up her every now and then she moaned and i said do you like anal she said she'd never done it before her hubby had fingered her arse before but he never tried it i was hard as steel thinking i'm not just fucking someone else's wife i'm gonna take her arse hole for the first time i pulled out her fancy with a squeltch and started to gently nudge my bell end into her arse she gently moaned as i entered her arse slowly a bit at a time once i was up there was no stopping my she was tight and i rode her tight little butt hole for 5 mins or so before i filled it full of spunk as we ay there on the floor it came back to me fuck her hubby's in the house i said i'd better go now she agreed saying she had the time of her life, i've wanked over that night ever since i hope i bump into them again