Written by grandad

19 Nov 2012

This all taook place years ago when I was in my early teens. My parents and I had just moved house and I was "billy no mates" then I met this lad from the end of the street and we started to hang around together,youthclub and that sort of thing. Saturday afternoons we would hang around down town for an hour or so then head back to his house for coffe and watch the wrestling on the telly. His parents both worked so it was cool. It was a cold november afternoon when it all started to happen.

We had been down town and gone back to mikes as usual for coffee and to watch the box, however his mother had left a shopping catalogue out so we had a look to see what we wanted for xmas. This done we started to look through the ladies underwear section to see if we could spot any nipples or pubes. (just shows how imature we were) Anyway it may have been the dirty talk or the weight of the catalogue on my lap but I ended up with a hard on. putting the book to one side and trying to get myself comfortable in my jeans I said to mike "god I could do with a wank" mike said "well go on then" I said "I will if you will too" Mike said "no I can't be bothered". I was really horny and wanted that wank so I said " how about if we give each other a wank"? Mike paused for a moment then said "yes ok if you like". Without further ado we both dropped our jeans and pants and started to toss each other off! It didn't take very long at all before we both shot our load,thencleaned ouselves up with a couple of tissues rearranged our clothes and I went home for my tea.

We never mentioned it all week but the following saturday whe we got back to mikes as usual Mike said "do you fancy another wank"? "Yes why not" I said. I wasn't hard at the time but mike reached over and started to rub my cock and balls through the material of my jeans and my cock soon started to respond. I followed his lead and started to rub his crotch feeling him start to respond to my touch. Mike now undid my jeans and continued stroking me through my pants again Ifollwed his lead a few moments later. Mike now manouvered his hand inside my pants and continued the motion and I quickly followed suit. The atmosphere was electric,this wasn't two lads giving each other a quick wank it was stroking each other for the shear pleasure of doing it. Mike now tried to get my pants further down so he could get my cock out in the open so I eased myself of the sofa allowing him to get my pants and jeans round my knees and then I eased him out of his. We sat there not franticly tossing each other off as we had the previous week but stroking and carressing each others cock and balls slowly increasing the tempo as we went on untill finally we both erupted within seconds of each other.

This now became part of the saturday afternoon ritual wether we had a girlfriend at the time or not saturday afternoons we would play with each others cock untill we both came.

Life carried on like this for about 18 months or so when Mikes parents bought a new sofa,not any old sofa, one that folded down to make a guest bed!! So now when we got back to mikes we folded down the sofa into a bed and carried on as before.For those of you who know when you are both trying to pleasure each other like this hands and arms get in the way of the job in hand so after a couple of weeks I suggested to Mike that we should lie head to toe so as to get easier access to each others parts. This worked out really well especially from my point of view as I could get a close up of Mikes cock as he shot his load. No doubt he enjoyed the same benefit. Then this one saturday afternoon as we lay there I saw the usual drop of pre come appear on the end of mikes cock and I wondered what it would taste like. So I brushed it off his cock with my thumb and licked it.It tasted rather nice, different but nice, when the next drop appeared I thought sod it and leant over and licked it staight from his cock. Mike obviously felt there was something differt going on and asked me what I was doing,so I told him I wanted to see what it tasted like and did he mind. "no thats ok" he said and we went back to stroking each other. However I got the taste for his pre come so when the next lot started to appear I took the head of his cock into my mouth so as to draw out as much as I could.It felt great and I heard mike sort of moan with pleasure so I carried on stoking the base of his cock and his balls and gently sucking on the head of his cock all the while taking in a bit more as cock. I knew mike must be enjoying it as he increased the pace at which he was stroking my cock. Then suddenly he pulled his cock out of my mouth. "whats up" I said. "Im going to come" he said So I said "ok cme in my mouth I want to taste it" With that I took his cock back in my mouth and started to suck harder. I could feel his cock start to twitch and he started to really wank me off. He groaned his cock jerked and he shot his load into my mouth. Just as it hit the back of my mouth I had an almighty orgasm of my own.It felt as if I had come gallons. I swallowed mikes cum like it was warm jelly and custard and the after taste lingered for ages. Mike asked me what it was like. I couldnt descibe it but he found out for himself the following saturday!!! We went head to toe for years after that untill my dad got a new job and we moved away We lost contact eventually but what pleasent memories!!!!!