Written by sharemygf

8 Feb 2014

I'm new to this so thought I'd start off with something easy like a story. This happened about 5 years ago now but it's as fresh as ever and still gets mentioned a lot. I was 26 my girlfriend Stacey was 21 she's the typical blonde hair blue eyes very fit and attractive sort. Dunno how I managed to get her. She's stunning. Most my friends fancied her and would stare at her all the time but that was fine. I'd recently had a new phone and was showing it off to my friends who were coming to ours for the football I was driving and passed my phone to my best mate Dan to look at thinking nothing of it. I'd forgotten the weekend before that I'd taken loads of pictures of Stacey naked , sucking me and getting fucked. My friend found the pictures and sat there quietly in the car taking in her pussy and tits. He finally returned the phone and admitted what he'd seen. Lads being lads we just laughed it off.

He was different after that though, he was glued to Stacey all night flirting real bad obviously still thinking about her pussy and tits. I waited til Stacey had a few drinks before I told her so she'd be more relaxed. Embarrassed at first but she liked the fact he'd seen the pictures. It turned me on too knowing he'd be wanking over her. That's where the idea and turn on started, the following week after a few beers I was showing him the pictures and videos again. Then started sending him a few pictures for himself. She was loving this too, we'd talk about it during sex all the time, we liked the idea of him being there watching in person us having sex.

A few weeks later on a night out we bumped into Dan in the town, he left his other friends and came along with us. We were now all looking at the pictures together and openly talking about sex. We were all really turned on.

By chance dans gf was staying at her mother's for the night so we went back there with some vodka and beers. Stacey looked incredible, all tanned and wearing a short black dress. Didn't take long for the playing cards to come out and strip poker the game.

Stacey didn't know how to play anyway so it was obvious she'd lose but Dan and I cheated non stop to make sure she was getting undressed . We were now all drunk and had hardly any inhibitions left .Stacey was down to her bra and bottom half of her dress when she lost again. She undid her bra and uncovered her perfect tits with her rock hard nipples. Dan was amazed and obviously aroused and so was I, I could feel my cock throbbing.

I suggested we moved upstairs as it would be more comfortable lol. She lay in the middle with us either side, big smile on her face and still topless. I picked up some moisturiser cream and squirted it all over her sexy tits. I told Dan to rub it in for her, he was nervous and unsure but soon settled. We rubbed her tits and body for a while and she kissed us both and began rubbing our cocks through our jeans. This felt amazing. I was so horny.

I reached down towards her pussy taking off the dress. She just had some sexy black knickers on now but I wanted them off. I'd never felt her as wet as this before , I rubbed her pussy through the soaking knickers for a while before grabbing them to slide them off , she resisted for a split second but then let go. Incredible turn on seeing my best mate staring at my gfs pussy. It was bald as it always is but this time oozing pussy juice. Dan and I began touching her pussy and clit and even slid a finger or two in. She was in ecstasy making loud moans. I stood up to get a beer from downstairs and when I returned what a sight greeted me. He was licking her pussy lips and clit as she screamed louder with pleasure. I'd never been this turned on even, my belly inside was numb. I sat there kissing her and rubbing her tits as my best friend explored her hole even further with his tongue.

She then took our cocks out and sucked us expertly in turns. I wanted Dan to fuck her first and he did. Watching his cock disappear inside my mrs was brilliant. They both came really quick and loud almost together. I jumped straight on in his place, I saw his cum just starting to run out of her when I rammed my cock in her. With his and her cum in her it was drenched. Didn't take long before I too filled her up.

We finished our drinks and left. But that was only the beginning, he'd stay at ours most Saturdays and we'd fuck all night. We fucked in pubs, outdoors hotels, and went away for dirty weekends too. He'd tell her what to wear and everything after a while. Only when we moved it became to far to travel. I can feel another hotel coming on though, it's been far too long lol