Written by unknown

10 Jan 2008

My wife Bc really enjoys threesomes, she often ends up after a night out with a couple of guys who she will encourage to fuck her brains out or at least die trying!

One time She had been out clubbing with some friends, all of them good looking but very horny women. Bc is a bit of a stunner, reasonably tall with good, long legs, a small bum, a very nice rack(38's) and a prominent but shaven mound. Her pussy lips are fat but her cunt is so tight!!!! Anyway, they were having a good night out, dancing, drinking, laughing and chatting. Theyt're a good natured group and being good looking attract some interest. Bc was wearing a shortish skirt and tank-top teeshirt showing her perky tits very nicely, since it was the summer and with her long brown legs she wore no stockings but only a wicked weasel thong I had given her as a present. To digress I am always impressed when she wears the old ww thong since it shows off the pout of her pussy so well, I could chain her up at that point !

So its getting later and a couple of guys have sort of cut her out from the group and are chatting her, getting drinks, dancing and generally getting as close as they can. Bc is pretty lively and dancing provocatively lets them rub up against her and she's lifting the hem of her skirt a little to flash her ass and pussy. While she's dancing with one guy they are joined by the other and she is sandwiched. Both of them she can feel are rock hard and grinding into her ass and crotch. This continues in the dim light of the club for a few tracks and is accompanied by kissing and free groping. Her braless tits are fondled and squeezed, her nipples now stand out like chapel hat pegs. She is also being plundered below, one of them fondling her bare ass and the other slipping behind her white thong to finger her flooding pussy.

The guys it turned out were friends of her hairdresser, who she would fuck with every so often, he had told them about her and her interesting appetites and they had turned up hoping to meet her. Boy was their luck in !!

At this point they susggested moving on to a flat one of them had not so far away. There was plenty of kissing and fingering on the way but once there, they both stripped her top and skirt off of her and she stood proud in her tiny thong and high heels.( Something that I've always found really disturbing !) They were standing either side of her and she dropped to her knees. They stripped off their shirts while she unbuckled their belts and undid their pants dragging them down with their boxers to reveal two rock hard cocks. Now Bc loves a big cock as much as the next girl but while they were decently hung they weren't humungous. She had them before her at face level and proceeded tp lick, suck and nibble the pair of them. Shafts, knobs and bollocks all got the treatment. She even got both the knobs into her mouth at the sametime.

She has always liked sex in quantity and quality and favored threesomes because they give one guy time to recover while the other shags her senseless. She lay back on the bed, let them remove her thong, her feet went back on the floor and she received the first cock. Ramming straight into her he then withdrew and started rubbing his knob up between her lips and over her clit. Then thrust in again and then withdrew, he kept doing this for sometime until he brought her to a first rousing orgasm. She will often come quite quickly with a new cock ! The other guy stiff with anticipation got her up on all fours and started doggying her, hitting her fast and hard , his bollocks slapping off her pussy as he rammed home. Leaning back somewhat for a better view, he slapped her ass, not a clever move since it only serves to encourage and inflame her appetite. She was now bucking and rearing into him, giving him lots of verbal encouragement and direction. Ne very quickly shot his load over her little brown hole and scarlet cheeks.

The other guy just replaced him and being second time at bat was set for the long course, he was banging away and under direction spat on her ass and introduced one, then two fingers, he also tried his thumb. He was asked to fuck her ass and agreed. Bc turned over on her back and with her legs over his shoulders he eased his way slowly in, withdrew a little and thrust gently forward, taking care he gradually increased the tempo until he was banging her ass as heavily as her pussy. She told the other lover to come over and gently slap her pussy. He did and she was going mad, writhing and bucking, coming and demanding more, she deep throated him and time stood still. They were all in that frenzied state of sweaty sex. Come on I'll take you both, one withdrew from her throat, the other from her ass. She lay one of them down and straddled him, sinking down to his balls before riding him some. She then steadied herself and got the other into her ass, a lot easier now it had seen some action. The DP got going, they all found a rythym and fucked her silly. She could feel them both and they could feel each other, the one in her ass came first, convulsing and then staying shock still with his cock in the tight velvety heat of her ass. The other was banging up into her and she was riding him like an Aintree favourite ! He came, she felt the squirt and pulse shooting up inside her and then came herself again. Hopping off she walked through to the bathroom and looking in the mirror saw the globs of hot spunk dripping from her pussy and ass, she grabbed a flannel and washed up and freshened up her parts and went back in for the next round !