Written by unknown

16 Jan 2008

New people moved in next door. We helped them as much as we could.Became pals.Year leter the next doors wifes Dad came over from Holland. One night- when my wife came in from looking after next doors kid- said- I think her dad fancies me- blows me kisses and winks at me- when no one is looking. I said go for it. Following week- he asked her to take him into Tesco- she did on way back, he started fondling her- she let her hand down- and BOY- he had a large cock. Things progressed- till one week-end- the family were away- only dad there- he phoned tp ask for some help- I said I bet this is it! my wife went over- about an hour later she returned. I said- well what happened- she said nothing- I said what an hour and nothing? She came over to me- and whispered-he fucked me! I said no way- and led her up to our bedroom- I was well excited. She stated that he had taken her hand- indicated with his head- up the stairs and said- you want to come up? My wife said yes- up to the bedroom- he undressed her, laid her across the bed- undressed, and fucked her. By this time- I was so excited- and unzipped her jeans- and as she stepped out of her panties- noticed there was a lot of cum on them, so knew she was not lying and we had fantastic sex! This went on for 6 months- she going out in our car meeting him, and having sex in the car- eac h time came back to tell me and we would have great sex- this was 3- 5 times a week!! Sadly he returned to Holand- and our sex has gone to just once a month again- damn. So wish I could get someone new, to fuck her again- just so I could again have the 3-5 times a week- which I miss. Any takers????