Written by Anonymous

21 Feb 2019

This is a follow up story I wrote in July, I was in my early 20s around 15 years ago when I started fucking a married woman of 38 called whom I met when I started playing badminton at the local club in a town near york.

Every week now after badminton I would take her back to my house and fuck her senseless she was always so horny and always loved being pounded doggy style, my housemate enjoyed Monday evenings listening to me and her fucking I kind of enjoyed sending her back home to her husband full of my spunk as the few times I'd met him I thought of him as a bit of clever twat.i especially enjoyed fucking her in their living room after he’d gone to bed drunk after a summer bbq.

Anyway it was near Xmas and our Xmas party was going to be in york on the Friday night, the shop chain I worked for were paying for the meal and drink and also the hotel rooms so nobody had to drive,

After the meal we all went to the busy pubs down micklegate where we proceeded to get totally wasted, phil who I work with and also mates with was that drunk by 11 he had to be taken back to the room I was sharing it with, shortly after I received a text from R asking where I was as she wanted to buy me a Xmas drink, in reflex a replied .

10 minutes later she came into the pub with her friend Anna and another bloke I'd not met, she was pissed and gave me a kiss on the cheek she looked gorgeous in her tight black short dress my cock was already stirring, apparently dave was away again in his lorry so her and Anna decieded to come out in york hoping she would bump into me,

After a couple more pubs everyone seemed to have disappeared including her mate Anna and the new bloke, R who now was quite pissed was stood with me in a quite corner was whispering in my ear I need your big cock inside me, and rubbing my semi erect cock through my pants, let's get a taxi home I want you to fuck me.

I can't I have a hotel room all my stuff and car are here, even better she said let's go, but phil is sharing with me it's a twin room I replied, so what we will just have to be quite then won't we she said,

I Couldn't believe what she said I was past caring I just wanted her so off we went back to the hotel.

After a few minutes we were in the lift I said to her are you sure about this phil will probably be dead to the world as he was so pissed earlier but still he may wake up,

She just laughed and started kissing franticly again.

I tried to be quite opening the door but probably wasn't and we both crept in, Phil was asleep his clothes everywhere and the tv on quite loud so I left it on, R trying not to giggle Sat on the end of the bed and pulled me close and went straight for my belt and fly dropped my pants and boxers to release my already hard cock and started to suck it greedily, I was amazed, this woman who looks all sweet and innocent was already sucking my cock with my mate laid just a few feet away.

Hmmm she said as I grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth after a few minutes of this I happened to look at phil who was wide awake and smiling I smiled back and picked R up under her arms and started kissing her while unzipping her dress and letting it drop to the floor I then undid her bra revealing her great tits but even better are her huge erect nipples I loved them they are the size of wine corks lol.

As I sucked on her huge nipples I eased my hand down into her well trimmed fanny and slipped straight into her sopping wet hole to which she let out a loud gasp,after a few minutes fuck me now she whispered I need your fat cock In me now, I eased her little knickers off and turned her around as I kissed the back of her neck she lifted her arms up to feel my head giving phil a great view of her big erect nipples and trimmed fanny as he pretended to be asleep.

I bent R over the end of the bed and eased my cock straight into her forgetting herself as he let out a very load moans of oh yes that feels so fucking good I tried to tell her to be quite but even when her face was buried in the duvet she was loud.

I'd never fucked in front of anyone before but I found it a huge turn on as I pounded her as hard as I could knowing phil could see her lovely tits bouncing around. I then moved to the bed and laid down on top of the duvet pulling her on top she slid my cock in her after squatting over my cock and riding it masterfully she orgasmed really loudly she then noticed phil was just blatantly watching she carried on riding until I shot my huge load of spunk deep inside her.

We laid there laughing afterwards, sorry for waking you phil she said, no problem he said you can wake me up like that anytime.

She stayed the night I fucked her again shortly after,once never seemed to be enough for her, as I was once again fucking her doggy style just inches away,phil just laid there watching and wanking this seemed to turn her on even more.

When I woke up she had already gone phil couldn't believe I was fucking a women a sexy as her he also liked her nipples too saying he'd never seen any that big before.

I carried on fucking her for a good few months more I have one more cracking story which I'll write when I get time

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