Written by morton

19 Dec 2018

This is a true story of a married woman i had a year long affair with. I first met her at the badminton club around 15 years ago when I first moved to the town , as I enjoy the game and a good way of meeting people, I happen to get talking to her as she was very chatty and needed a partner for mixed doubles.

She was quite short slim brown hair and a really nice arse in her tight leggings and a great pair of tits, I enjoyed playing with her mainly because I got to see her arse as she played at the front, anyway this went on for around a month then I was asked by R and some of her other friends if I fancied coming with them for a drink at the pub after we've finished, I readily agreed and walked into town with my new found friends.

In the pub I sat next to R and we started chatting non stop she was 40 married and looked after children, I sensed she wasn't too happy in her marriage to a bloke who was a lorry driver as he wasn't always home and worked long hours, I at the time was 25 single and a manager of a shop.

At around 11 after quite a few pints and R quite a few large wines we all stood up to go home I kinda lived near her house so I offered to walk her home , she was a little unsteady on her feet so she put her arm through mine and headed home, it's quicker this way she insisted taking me up a narrow path I now know is called lovers lane!!

Half way down in a dark area next to some large trees she stumbled over both laughing I went to pick her up some how we just started kissing franticly she pushed me behind a tree and started again,I had my hands on her nice arse then as I got more aroused I couldn't help myself my hand went straight down the front of her leggings onto her very well trimmed fanny just a tiny strip of hair and slid my fingers into her sipping wet hole, she groaned really loudly and kissed me harder.

After a couple of minutes her hand was feeling my hard cock thro ugh my shorts then to my amazement she slowly went to her knees and undid my shorts dropping them to the floor and released my rock hard cock out of my pants, I have a fairly big cock and is very fat she let out a hmmmm as she wanked it slowly then started sucking it like a pro it was my turn to groan with pleasure as she gave me the best blow job I'd ever had,after only about 5 minutes I told her to stop as I was gonna cum this only made her go faster so grabbed hold of her head and fucked her head till I shot my hot spunk into her mouth which she swallowed and kept sucking till I was dry.

As we was tidying ourselves up I told her it was amazing but we shouldn't have as she was married, she just giggled and said don't worry who's going to find out but next time I need you to fuck me senseless with that big cock of yours i just laughed and said ok I won't need asking twice, I walked her to the end of her road and left her with a casual goodbye and her phone number.

Two days later she started texting me telling me how much she wanted me fuck her and how she wanted to feel my big cock inside her, i laughed and text back its not that big, straight away she replied its much bigger than im used to lol.

The next day she asked if to go round to her house about 8, what about your husband I replied oh don't worry he's away till Saturday in his truck she quickly replied back.

At 8 I walked up to her house feeling a little nervous and walked straight in just as she told me to R greeted me in the hallway wearing just a little white vest top and little knickers with a long deep kiss my cock was already getting hard. She led me too the living room where we sat down and she gave me a glass of wine think she'd already had a few,

After some small talk we started to kiss then she stood up and took off her top to reveal her great tits but even more amazing were her really big long hard erect nipples I'd never seen any so big she sat down straddling my lap i immediately went to suck them they were awesome,she laughed saying they'll have my eye out if I'm not careful.

I slid her to the floor and pulled off her little knickers quite forcefully revealing her well trimmed fanny I'd felt the other night she gasped loudly as I went down to lick her really wet fanny she tasted so good ,as I continued to lick her clit she was now moaning really loudly and forcing my head harder onto her fanny until she came , with that could wait no longer I had to fuck her, I need your big cock in me now she kept saying as I got undressed, as I teased her with my cock on her clit till she was begging to be fucked I then just pushed it all the way in quite hard, oh that's so fucking good she was saying as I started fucking her yelling out as I sucked on her amazing nipples, I then stopped and rolled her over and started fucking her doggy style she went crazy oh that feels so good she was screaming out she then started fondling my balls as I pounded her which sent me over the edge and I shot my spunk deep side her. We lay chatting that's the best fuck I've had in ages she said my too i replied

We sorted ourselves out and opened another bottle of wine couple of glasses later her phone rang before answering she calmly said best keep quiet this my husband, i sat there feeling very nervous her on the other hand she chatted away to him as though everything was normal if only he knew some young lad had just filled his wifes fanny with spunk, she then reached over and started rubbing my cock through my boxer shorts i jumped at first but as i soon started getting hard i just smiled at her and took my boxers off again, she was now wanking me steadily while talking to her husband all the while smiling at me this was just surreal.

After she ended the call we just burst out laughing i said you really are a dirty little bitch arent you, this just seem to turn her on even more leaning over and taking my cock in her mouth i pushed her head down enjoying her brilliant cock sucking skills, she then led me upstairs to her bedroom laying me down and sitting on my rock hard cock, i loved this as i was able to suck on her really big nipples again she now started to get really loud and vocal, oh yeah that cock is so fucking good she said over and over.

i soon had her on all fours again slamming my cock in really hard slapping her arse all the time asking is it bigger than your husbands this sent her into overdrive, oh fuck yeah it is is she'd moan really loudly. i did this for about 20mins she then came her neighbours must of heard everything i then shot my second load in her i was worn out,

i fucked her again in the morning when i woke early she just couldnt get enough theres something very horny about fucking a married woman in the marital bed

For a woman 15years older than me she was insatiable and a cracking body I carried on fucking her for around a year i even fucked while her husband was asleep upstairs ill write more if anyone interested