Written by karl7

23 Feb 2009

The Story Ann Told Me

Some years ago I had a girlfriend called Ann and this is the story she told me. She didn't tell me all at once, just sort of bit at a time, but I shall tell it in her own words.

I lived with my mum and a sister, Sarah, two years younger than me, and I had an auntie called Barbara who I was very close to, I used to see her a lot and often stay at her house. She was married to a bloke called Mark but I didn't know him so well, he was a quiet sort of guy and always seemed to be working in his little study "' he was a lecturer or something. When I was sixteen I had a boyfriend called Paul. It wasn't much of a relationship, we just used to go to the pictures or play tennis and things like that. I wasn't daft, I knew he wanted to touch me and do things to me but I never let him get near me like that. Aunt Barbara would make fun of me and ask if I knew what he had in his trousers and things like that and I would get very embarrassed and say no and I didn't want to either.

The only boy I had any interest in was the leader of a famous band and I had pictures of him in my room and I was a bit silly about him. After a while I started to have fantasies about him and I thought I would definitely let him do anything he wanted. I remember waking up one Sunday morning and I just lay there looking at his picture and imagining what it would be like if he was there with me. I bet he'd want to put his hand up my nightie, I thought, and I started to touch myself. I wondered what it would be like to do it with him and I started to get sort of excited and all rude and desperate and pushed a bit harder that usual and my finger went right in. Then I sort of lost control and thought "God, this is what his cock would feel like" and started doing really fast. Then it happened, a really nice achy feeling like an electric shock that seemed to go on for ages. Well, as you can imagine I was amazed and felt a bit frightened and ashamed, so I got up and got busy doing things and tried not to think about what had happened.

Well, as you can guess it happened again and the more I did it the better it got and after a while I started thinking about it and wanting to do it at all sorts of funny times. I even used to sneak into the toilet at the shop where I worked and do it. Sometimes I just couldn't help it. The funny thing was I never thought of doing anything with a boy really, I was much too scared and it was just a guilty secret. But one day something did happen, and it was a big surprise "˜cos I never expected what actually did happen.

I was staying with Mark and Barbara for the weekend. Their place backed onto some fields and woods and Barbara asked if I wanted to go for a walk. It was a nice afternoon so I said OK and we walked over the first field and along a hedgerow, and Barbara asked if I would like to sit down for a bit and we did. Then she started asking me questions again like had I done anything with a boy yet and why not and all that. Then she said, sort of quiet, maybe I would like to do something with another girl, lots of girls did and it was quite natural. Then she said "come on, I'm not daft, I know you do things on your own, every one your age does "' it's a nice feeling isn't it - but it's much nicer when someone else does it for you." Then she looked around a bit, like to see if anyone was looking, and said "come on, you know why I bought you here", and she put her arm round me and I felt her hand going up the inside of my leg. Well I only had on a very short mini-skirt and it was easy for her to get her hand right up onto my knickers between my legs and I didn't care at all and I just let her. She started pressing and rubbing and I started to get the same tight sensitive feeling between my legs I got when I did it myself but I soon realized how right she was "' it really is much nicer when someone else does it for you.

Suddenly all I could think of was how nice it felt and I pulled my skirt up round my waste so I could get my legs nicely open and I heard Barbara say "you don't mind me looking at you do you? Come on, just pull your knickers out of the way." So I pulled them out of the way and the next thing I knew one of her fingers was inside me and it went in easy because I was all wet and without thinking I put my hand up her skirt and started feeling her. It all seemed so rude and sexy and it wasn't long before I did get a really nice feeling and it just seemed to come on its own somehow, much nicer that doing it myself. I must have made a bit of a fuss because Barbara looked at me a bit surprised and said "are you alright?" We just kept still for a minute the she looked around again and said "Come on, I like too you know, and she lay down and took her knickers right off and I started touching her. She wasn't like me, all shy, she just opened her legs and said "Ooh yes, that's nice, do it" and things like that, so I did what she had done for me and it took a bit longer but in the end she sort of arched her body up and shook and gasped a bit and then just relaxed. Then she pulled me down and kissed me on the cheek and said "There, that doesn't mean we're lesbians, you know, it just means we like sex."

After that we started to walk home and Barbara kept talking about sex and how nice it was and what Mark liked to do to her and things like that. When we got back to their place I went straight up to the toilet "˜cos I was bursting for a piss and I sat there for a bit trying to get my thoughts together. Then I went down to the living room and sat on the settee and I could hear Mark and Barbara talking in low tones in the kitchen. After a while Barbara came in and sat beside me and looked at me sort of thoughtfully and started her sexy talk again. She laughed and said "You need to do it with a boy now, I bet you'd like it.

After a while Mark sort of wandered into the room and sat between us and Barbara said, like it was a joke, "Now's your chance, let's see what he's got for us, shall we?" It was a hot day and all Mark had on was a pair of shorts and it all happened really quick. Barbara undid his shorts and pulled his cock out and gave it a little squeeze. I was a bit surprised at how big it was and I just stared while she played with it and it kept getting bigger. Mark laughed and gave me a little smile and I must have been blushing like mad because he said "You don't mind do you? Every one does it y'know" The he put his arm round me and pulled me towards him and said sort of soft in my ear "Listen, you don't have to do anything if you don't want to, but you must know what I want you to do for me don't you?" Then he took my hand and put it on his cock and I got hold of it and at first it was sort of floppy but it went ever so hard really quick.

Well I had heard enough stories from other girls about wanking boys off so I just started doing it, and he pulled my leg over his and put his hand up my skirt and said "It's alright if I have a little feel isn't it? I promise I won't put my hand inside your knickers", and the next thing I knew he had his hand right on me and I started to get that tight feeling again. I couldn't believe how big and hard his cock went but I just kept doing it and after a while he started breathing really hard and then all of a sudden a great jet of white stuff shot right up and went all over my hand. Well it took me by surprise and like an idiot I snatched my hand away but Barbara got hold of his cock and started wanking him really quick and loads more white stuff started shooting up and it went all over him.

After that we just sat there for a bit and I must admit I felt quite good about what had happened, it all seemed so natural and nice and I began to understand why men wanted girls to do things for them all the time. Later we all went down the pub and got stinking pissed and had a great time and it was too late for me to go home so I stayed the night in the spare room.

Next morning I woke up really early and I just lay there for a bit thinking about what had happened yesterday on the sofa down stairs. As I said before I had got into the habit of giving myself a nice time when I knew it was safe but after all the booze the night before I was dying for a piss and I couldn't do it. It was very quiet so I knew the others were still asleep. All I had on was my knickers so I stuck my head out of the door and no one was around so I nipped into the bathroom and I just made it to the toilet. I didn't want to wake Mark and Barbara so I decided to creep back to the spare room.

Well it didn't work out like that because there was Mark on the landing in just a pair of tight pants and I almost bumped into him. We looked at each other and he seemed all anxious, then he put his arms round me and held me really tight and whispered in my ear and said "Oh for Christ sake Ann you're such a bloody turn on "' I've just got to do something with you "' just be a good girl and let me do what I want and I promise you will really like it." Well I knew what he wanted and it made me feel really excited and tight between my legs and I knew I was going to let him, so we went into the spare room and he pushed me down on the bed and pulled my legs wide open and started feeling me. I wanted to see his cock again so I put my hand inside his pants and pulled it out and it was rock hard.

He turned round and stood up and started wriggling about to get his pants off and suddenly I felt all sort of wild and desperate and I took my knickers off and lay on my back with my legs wide open because I knew it would really excite him. When he turned round and saw me he sort of froze and stood there looking at me for a few seconds, the he said, sort of amazed "Christ "' I didn't realize you were such a dirty little slut". His cock was really big and stiff and standing straight up so I reached up and got hold of it and started gently wanking him.

The next thing I knew he was lying on top of me and I could feel his cock pressing on my tummy and he said "Oh Christ I've got to do it luv "' just keep still, then I felt it going in me and all of a sudden we were doing it and God it didn't half feel nice. It was really big and hard so it didn't go all the way in but it didn't matter and before long I got the same feeling I get when I do it myself but it seemed to go right up into my tummy and down my legs to my knees and it lasted ages. He kept doing it for a while then all of a sudden I realized it wasn't in me any more and he said "Do it with your hand for me luv "' you know "' for Christ sake, quick". For some reason I wanted to make it nice for him so squeezed his cock hard and did it quick like he said and after a while he said "you'll get it on you luv, I can't help it now" then he started to tremble and big spurts of his white stuff started going all over me. I knew what it felt like for him and I knew I couldn't stop so I kept doing it till it stopped coming .

After that we were sort of exhausted and we just lay there for a bit and then I remembered Barbara was it the next room and I said, bloody hell I hope she didn't hear anything, but Mark just laughed and said don't worry she knows what we are doing. I was a bit embarrassed at first but then I thought, oh well, she started it. I told Mark to go back to his room because I didn't want Barbara to come in and see what was all over me, then I found a towel and tried to clean myself up but it was all sticky and hard to get rid of. After a while I gave up, lay down and went to sleep. I spent much more time at their place after that.