Written by upforitintheday

1 Mar 2010

Ok now I know this on the outset looks funny......actually even i laugh at it so here goes-

I had been seeing this very sexy young lady (lets call her sarah) and we had been having incredible sex and i mean incredible, eg id show up shed have stockings suspenders etc id spend hours on her, she on me and id go home balls an aching if you know what i mean, anyway we started chatting over a threesome (bit of a joke at first) then she admitted it was her fantasy, so we boked a night away 5 star style hotel midweek lovely, and I thought rather than put her under pressure i would choose an escort she liked the look of, anyhow Abi turns up hot as hell and ive booked her for 2 hours, sarah is in stockings suspenders you name it Abi in secretarial stuff- we introduce and they sit on the bed, I pay the £400 for two hours pour some rose into glass and am thinking-fantastic it cant get any better than this, finally a 3 some, all blokes dream of, they start kissing and as youd expect im rigid as a door handle, anyway Abi gets up and says "looking forward to this but before we get serious are there any boundaries" Im thinking not a one, Sarah turns round and says "there are none other than you cant touch him" OMG can you elieve that, anyway Abi gave me a sneaky suckle and had abs fantastic night just a bit disappointed it cost £400 for Abi and £200 for the room and im still a 3 some virgin, bugger