Written by jewelscouple

2 Feb 2012

A naughty nght in a hotel

When we first met we used to meet at a hotel and organise meets and fun from there, often we would have nothing arranged and we would get onto this site and one other to see what talent was available near enough to join us pretty well straigh away.

We had a lot of success but Paul’s work started sending him all over the place and being at home became less predictable and was hastily arranged when he was due back in the UK.

There was one evening we had a couple on line, they are still on here now, or should I say he is but with a different partner, however we got extreemly horny between us and although the fem couldn’t leave the house that night we tried to arrange for the male to come and play. I wont say his name because he has regretted every moment since, missing out on a really hot sexy night, but do let me tell you what eventually happened.

Paul suggested we went to the bar for a drink and snack, when we arrived the bar had only men in, and assumed like Paul they worked away or similar so it wasn’t long before I was getting stared at… and I enjoyed it.

Paul suggested that I have some fun by selecting a man that I fancied and sitting in such a way that I flashed my knickers to him. Funnily enough I tried two of these guys and they looked away embarrassed so I went to the ladies and removed my knickers and my bra, getting dressed again my tits wobbled nicely as I walked back in and gained a lot of voyers and I sat opposite a young asian guy, initially sitting to one side where he could clearly see through the gaping buttons of my blouse, my careful looks saw him shift awkwardly and thought this was the one.

I turned facing him and let my legs open just a little, picking up a magazine so that he could stare as much as he wanted thinking I couldn’t see, my legs crossed and uncrossed, finally dropping open wide to pick up the dropped magazine giving him a truly full view of my cunt.

After a while I said something to him like “damn papers, always fall appart” and he was then able to start chatting, he offered to get me a drink and soon it was on the table in front of me, my legs opened as I picked up the glass to drink and I saw him stare up the very short skirt… oooh oops I am sorry, my skirt is a bit short, I shall move…. Well he said no please don’t, in fact I was quite enjoying what I saw… good man I thought, hook line and now the sinker… oh do you? And I suppose you would like to see more, obviously he agreed and I nodded to Paul I had pulled and he quickly went up to our room ahead of me and my catch.

As we went into the room he didn’t see Paul at first and I turned to him and kissed him as he felt my tits, then he saw him, oh I am sorry he said and went to leave, Paul stopped him and said its ok my friend please have fun and asked if he wanted to see me naked. Paul started to remove my bluse as he sat on the edge of the bed, his cock obviouly hurting him as my tits fell out for his gaze… I leant forward and he kissed and felt them very gently, I knelt in front of him and saying he looked uncomfortable I pulled both his trousers and pants off in one go, getting stuck at the shoes but taking them off as I yanked him free. His cock was dark and erect but not large at all, a few strokes bought him to full height as he took off his shirt I dropped my skirt for him to look at my wet pussy and laying him back on the bed I crawled up him with my tits in his hands and mouth sucking my nipples, when I was over his cock I lowered myself onto him, not putting it in but using my pussy lips to wank him and to make him wet for his entry.

He turned me over and with one swoop was inside me like a shot, pumping hard and making amazing noises but it didn’t work for me, it was less than a minute before ha came inside me and climbed off, got dressed and went out… I was just about to say to Paul that it was the worst sex I have ever had when there was a knock at the door and he went to open it, he said, well treat that as your starter, when he opened the door it was a great couple we met a few weeks before and had a wonderful time, me naked already the guy was on me and groping me as I saw paul reach under the other girls skirt and pulled her knickers off.

The rest of the evening was amazing, I came several times Paul and Mike fucked me in so many ways and then they shafted Elaine, then we gave the boys a show while they recovered and ready for another session.

I was disapointed with my asian man I was always told they were very caring and excellent lovers, I just picked a bad one