Written by dobin

29 Oct 2014

Ok guys so you want me to tell you a tale, this was an event that happened about 8 yrs ago, I met a lady through work, she was a visiting computer skills trainer, we had a fling and soon discovered we both fancied swinging so she agreed to be my Fuck Buddy and on this site as julescouple. We both had access to the site and would often both be on at the same time as it happens now on here.

Anyway, she wanted to do more and more risky stuff and so I used to set her a task, like flashing in a bar etc and this would make our sex later quite exciting when we talked of the possibilities. One day I was flying into UK late and I chose to stop in a company regular hotel just outside Luton so I called my FB and she met me there. I said to her that she had to take the risk further and now she had to flash a guy I choose and hopefully get him to buy her a drink and then take him to our room where she would have fun as I walked in…

It went well, she had a shortish skirt on, no knickers and hold up stockings, I made her take her bra off so her nipples jutted out and then went with her to the lounge bar, I chose a lone guy and she set off to do her task, I watched from a bar stool as she dropped into a low armchair opposite him and her legs parted enough for him to get a view, he was now looking over the top of a newspaper and crossing her legs she let him see a little more. They struck up a conversation and he was next seen coming to the bar and I could see he was showing signs of a good hard on.

At this time another crew came into the bar and one of the girls was pleased to see me after we had very nearly had a sexy liason a few weeks earlier, only stopped doing the deed due to nature and bad monthly pains, so we got chatting and I told her what was happening with my FB, she and I watched as at one stage her legs went open so far when getting up from the low chair, the guy was in no doubt he was in for a good night, they went off together and she winked at me as she passed.

I asked my gorgeous friend if she was happy to join me to surprise them and we started to kiss and get a bit worked up, so when we thought they would be fully at it we went up to the room, opening the door, getting hot and hands roaming in the lift, as we opened the door, she was alaying naked on the bed… alone totally pissed off as the guy went straight at it stripped her and then himself and climbing onto her he shot his load all over the bed and her legs. He apparently got dressed said sorry and ran out.

So here we were, me and my new girl with my Fb on the bed, what else could we do… ha ha, well I stripped my pretty cabin crew girl and myself and lay between the two beauties, interesting having two suck on my cock but then hard to decide who first, made easy by Fb saying I had to see to the new girl first as she watched, very hot sexy evening followed with lots of sucking and fucking and then the two girls showed their bi side to me in a wonderful girl on girl display, we all dozed off being woken by the young beauty for a one on one session as Fb was totally out of it, shattered from the action. The young beauty left early for work and when Fb woke be made up for her dissapointment and chatted about her next challenge… maybe if you like this I shall tell you how that went…