Written by Unknown

14 Jun 2008

I still can't believe what I did last year...

Last year I did something so deliciously bad. I paid for sex with an escort

I saw an advert in the local gay newspaper for a specialist gay escort agency. It took me about a month to pluck up the courage to ring them. My then boyfriend was away on business and our relationship was on the verge of ending.

When I finally rang, I was asked for my preferences and they would do their best to fulfil them. I asked for a curvy woman, large natural breasts, preferably unshaved pussy. Also asked for her to be in blue jeans and white t-shirt. I really didn't want a woman turning up who looked like she was a whore! Don't know why really. Maybe I was worried it would be even more weird. Who knows?

Before she came over to my place, I was absolutely shitting myself with nerves! I've had so many fucking amazing sexual experiences over the years including fetish parties, wanking and flashing in public etc. but THIS made me nervous!!

When she arrived I was really surprised at how sweet she looked. She was about 25 and quite attractive but not beautiful. She did have really long eyelashes and very dark sultry eyes. Possibly some Indian or Middle East blood or something. I don't know what I expected but I suppose I thought she'd look more hard faced and, well, slutty I suppose. She had a great figure. All rounded arse and tits. She was dressed exactly as I asked and wore no bra under her t-shirt. I didn't know what to do at first but she took me in hand and explained things.

First I had to pay upfront for "Extras" as the agency only took my credit card for the escorting bit. Any sexual involvement was extra. Cost me 90 quid for an hour on top of what I'd already paid! I don't know if that's expensive but I paid it. She told me that she was mine and I could do what I liked to her except kiss her lips with an open mouth, use restraints, slap her anywhere but her arse, piss or shit on her (WHAT??) or use dildos without condoms on them. Oh yes, and no drawing blood - what the heck are people like? For fuck's sake!!

With the formalities out of the way, she reached over and opened my robe so that I was completely exposed to her. Then she removed her t-shirt and placed my hand on her full heavy breast - yup, that definitely broke the ice! No need for small talk.

She had large dark nipples and I immediately noticed a fine line of dark hair leading down from her belly button to her still closed jeans. That made me so excited because I knew she was going to have a really hairy cunt. (I don't want to offend by using that word but I think women should reclaim the word and use it more - take the power out of the word and away from men.) I'll say it again then! I knew she was going to have a deliciously, hairy cunt. A lickable, strokable, hairy cunt. A hairy cunt to bury my face in. A beautiful hairy cunt where the dew drops gather and glisten.

I opened her jeans and followed the trail of hair down to her pure white thong. Hair was poking over the top. Oh fuck, it was such a sight! I told her to take off the jeans. I was beginning to feel in command now. She took them off and stood there letting me look at her and stroke her body - telling her how fuckable she was. I asked her if she wanted to be my dirty little slut or my innocent little virgin. She told me "I am a whore. I'm your whore. You've bought me and I'm yours. Of course I'm your dirty little slut" I almost came there and then.

I wanted her to be turned on. I didn't want her to be just going through the motions. I needed to feel she was wet. Hear her breathing get faster. I kissed and licked her neck and licked and sucked her nipples. they were so hard, I nibbled with my teeth. when I licked down her belly she was trembling. that's when I really relaxed because I knew she was enjoying it too. She was still standing at this point. I took her panties down and saw a giveaway little string of pussy juice come away with them. She had thick black hair on her lovely wet cunt, extending a little down her thighs and up her arse crack. So damn sexy! I could see the wetness there.

I took her in the lounge/diner (I'd left the curtains open for the added excitement of maybe being watched) and sat on the edge of the dining table. She sat on a chair in front of me and I placed my feet on the back of the chair and leaned back on my elbows. My hairy wet cunt was in her face. I said "Being a dirty little slut, I bet you've always got your face full of wet hairy pussy haven't you?" "Lick me and make me come, you dirty fucking, pussy eating slut" I don't normally talk like that but it turned me on so much. She ran her tongue up the length of my slit to expose my clit and the pink opening of my cunt.

She sort of pushed the flesh up from the pubic area with her thumb so the lips were taut but still a slit. Then I found out why she is a pro! She was extremely skilled at what she was doing and I came really quickly the first time. I was calling her all sorts of disgusting names and that just made her work harder. I told her to fuck my cunt and arse with the dildos I had ready while she brought me to a series of really intense orgasms. My legs were aching from the position I was in but I didn;t really care. I also looked over at the clock at some point and realised we only had about 20 minutes left.

We swapped positions after that and I was worried that I didn't have long with her. She opened her legs wider than I had by placing one foot on the chair next to me and one on the back of my chair. Her beautiful hairy pussy was spread before me. She was really wet. I commented and said I thought she wouldn't get so turned on but she told me she loved women and that's why she did the job. Well-paid for something she'd be giving away for free somewhere anyway!

I just looked and stroked the hair first of all. Then I twisted some and pulled one of her lips aside with it. This made her groan. I slipped four fingers inside her one at a time, easing my way in. Still looking and not licking. She started begging me to make her come but I wanted to tease first. I told her to pull her legs up in the air and open wide so I could see both holes and all the glory of that hair. She said it was ok to lick her buttonhole so I started there and worked my way up to her clit. All the time stopping on the way to feel my lips and face touch her hairy thighs, arsehole and cunt. I wanted to lick her but I wanted to look at her too. I licked her for a while and she was so excited but I didn't make her come. I wanted to watch that, so I gave her a dildo (condom in place!) and got her to put it on her clit while I fingerfucked her. She fucking came really hard. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting around my fingers over and over. When she'd stopped bucking, I just lay my face on her pubes for a moment while she recovered. Smelling her sex and feeling the wetness and furriness.

Then it was over. She jumped up, got dressed and I thanked her for an amazing experience. She'd been here for just over an hour. She had a quick glass of juice, phoned the office and was gone! How weird is that? I didn't even know her proper name or anything! We didn't talk much at all.

I was left wanting more more more! I could not sleep and masturbated 3 times before I could manage to drop off.

Would I do it again? Hmmm. Probably not. Maybe if I am lonely in the future. I don't know. I did it purely for the kicks. I've never had trouble getting women in clubs etc and have several on off lovers for sex. It was just so dirty and forbidden. I suppose sort of masculine too. Why shouldn't we anyway? Men have been doing it forever. I'm all for evening things out abit on the male/female front!

So tonight when I look back on last night I have to ask myself "Who's the dirty little slut now, N?"