Written by sexycatz69

23 Nov 2013

Now for something very different:-

"I had been to Fantasy video a few times with my previous swinging partner and ever since i have met my present girlfriend K we had talked about going.

K loves male attention and we are regulars at Ab Fabs where we have done many bukkake sessions in the cinema or with K tied to the spiders web in the dungeon...

We were staying in London for the weekend so decided to visit FV on the Friday night,

K rang them the week before to check they where still open and spoke to the owner who was very excited that a couple where going to visit.

We booked into our hotel and got K ready for our adventure, we are big shibari (rope bondage fans) so i tied a karada body harness in red rope round her body and she wore some lacy crotchless and peephole undies and a schoolgirl outfit under a raincoat for the journey by tube.

When we arrive we had a chat with the owner then descended into the dark, sleazy cinema to begin our fun, we looked into the larger screen but it seemed to be mainly occupied by gay men who took no notice of a half naked female! however in the smaller room the reaction was very different! within seconds we had guys standing round us watching our every move! i said "right guys, nothing goes inside her pussy but you may cum anywhere else you want" and then " come on fellas don't be shy!" she sat back in the seat as i stroked and fingered her wet cunt, eager hands groped her tits and pinched her nipples while cocks they stroked there cocks.

She started sucking one bloke while wanking another and after a few moments i said "is anyone going to cum? she wants it on her tits" one bloke shuffled forward and with a groan shot his load all over Ks tits, another one quickly followed with me urging the rest of them on saying "come on guys give her some spunk" another younger bloke took his place and after K sucking him he too added his spunk to her collection.

We now had a group of about six men standing round wanking and offering there cocks to her, K obliged by taking turns sucking two guys while the others groped her and enjoyed her body, one of them gave a groan and shot his load in her mouth and K sat back letting his spunk run down her chin, the sight of this caused another guy to add his cum to her tits, No2 put his cock in her mouth and after a few seconds gave her his cum to enjoy as well, again she opened her mouth and drooled his spunk all over her tits.

By now the original group had all donated there cum so we sat back chatting to a few of them until we decided it was time to leave.

All together K took around eight loads of cum on her tits and at least three in her mouth, she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and looks foward to visiting FV again.

Any adventurous couples who are thinking of going we urge you to experience the place at least once, don't believe all the horror stories you hear about rugby scrums to get at the women etc etc, every time i have been all the guys have been polite and respectful and always wait to be asked.

See you at FV soon xxx