Written by dobin

15 Sep 2016

I recently bought a motor home and planned out my trip to the south of France, arranged to meet a friend a week after I started so that I could do the sightseeing bit all through those lovely villages, a couple of days before the trip a family crisis arrived and left us with our 4 year old granddaughter to look after.

After some discussion my wife said I should carry on and do the trip and when things improved she would meet me at Perpignan by flying down. So off I went to Dover, on the boat I settled into a good breakfast and soon chatting to people around, one lady, blonde good figure finished up moving to the next table as we chatted, I discovered she was alone and that she had walked out on her husband the day before and was heading to live with her daughter and was a foot passenger. I didn't delve into the reason.

She told me she had no money just what was in her purse and was aiming to hitch to the south. I told her my plans and the time it was to take me and said she could join me if she wanted and that I would be pleased with some company and then told her the reason why my wife wasn't there. She thought about it and agreed.

So, the long journey began and Kat (Kathleen) was ace with directions. We had long chats on the way and I asked her why she had left home so quick, she simply said…I walked into my home a little earlier than usual to him… Fucking the day lights out of my very long term best friend.. I was stunned at her comment but understood at least now and chat became easier.

She said she was sorry she couldn't contribute or pay towards the journey and I flippantly said.. Well there's more ways than money! And kept quiet, she giggled and said oh yes of course. Also, I said, if you look around there is only one very large double bed here, she giggled again and said she understood, then said, I could do the cooking, but I rejected that and said I like my first idea best, we both laughed and very soon we came to a motorway service area and filled up with diesel then parked up for a cuppa and sandwich, I was doing the tea when she came behind me and as I turned she kissed me deeply until our tongues entwined and thanked me for being so kind.

She said, can I suggest something? Ok what, nobody can see in here, can we get undressed and get to know each other……blimey I didn't expect that and she led me back to the bedroom, closing the door curtain she sat on the bed and undid my trousers they dropped to the floor and my cock was out like another arm making a tent pole of my pants, then she slipped her top off and standing again kissed me as her tits sprang free…within seconds we had stripped each other and I laid her back on the bed and spread her legs wide, parting the thin whispy blonde pubes and licking all along her crack, she came violently and again when I worked on her clit, she asked to kiss me to taste her own pussy and as I climbed up her I couldn't help teasing a nipple and as we kissed she reached down and guided me into her soaking wet cunt.

It wasn't long before I had cum once and was heading for the second load when she asked for it on her face…well, who can deny a woman this pleasure and soon she was gobbling the head of my cock and I warned her I was near, she kept it in her mouth and drank me down.

We laid cuddling for ages then she confessed two things, first she had never had her cunt licked and she had never sucked a cock let alone take a full mouth of spunk.

This was going to be an amazing trip.

The journey got more interesting and she revealed more and more to me, the most amazing thing was that she and the friend hubby was fucking had in fact started a sexual friendship and was heading to the next level of oral sex when this happened and she confessed she has feelings for other women that hurt deep down in her pussy, wanting to touch and be touched and felt let down.

We spent our first night in a campsite near the Loire Valley, we showered together, she even held my cock as I pee’d in the shower squealing as I tried to squirt her, back in the van we retired naked and fucked till we slept, she had no idea I was in my late 60’s nor did I need to tell her.

We did two more trips and two more nights, then I said that we were ahead of schedule and could stay the next stop 2 or 3 nights in the one place and do some exploring. That first night we went to the campsite bar and soon laughing and chatting with other people. I watched Kat intently as she clearly showed preference for girls and soon there was some blatant touching and whispering to the wife of a really young couple. I managed to chat to Kat and said, go ahead enjoy yourself, she kissed me so deeply and went off to flirt more. Drink flowed and soon the young girl dragged hubby the worse for the booze back to her caravan and we went off to our motor home, Kat was all over me and saying how she loved the young beauty and how horny she was for her. When there was a knock on the door and she stood there with a bottle of wine and just said…. He's passed out. Her name was Jo and soon her and Kat were at the new bottle. We were all hot and I stripped off my shirt and was just in shorts,, the girls said it wasn't fair and that they should also lose their tops and soon there were tits on show and my cock was clearly showing to full attention and both girls laughing and teasing me. But suddenly they were kissing, feeling each other and went back into the bedroom, I followed, knickers were taken off and Kat dived down and lapping fervently at this young sweet cunt, feeling a bit lost I dropped my pants and kneeled next to Jo who soon grabbed my solid rod and sucked me. Wow I had let this tigress free and boy did she want pussy.

I sat back and wanked as they changed positions with jo on her knees licking out Kat when Kat suggested I got behind Jo, I was soon in the youngest pussy I had ever fucked and released my load deep in her. We all slept in the one bed with my cock getting a lot of action but I woke once to see Kat sucking sweet firm nipples with her fingers so deep in Jo’s cunt that she was almost in a permanent orgasm. A torrent of liquid flowed from her as she did her first ever squirt, poor jo was drained and Kat climbed onto me and did one of those long slow fucks, kissing me pushing her tits for me to suck until I couldn't hold back any more. Kat asked me to taste Jo’s cunt and quite happily I spread this girls legs wide, she looked sore and winced a bit as I first started to lick but I was gentle with kisses and my tongue just inside her crack. She came to life gradually and came yet again with my cock back stiff I entered her as Kat guided me in. I couldn't cum any more and it was all slowing down so I got up and used the van’s shower while the two of them kissed and cuddled. Jo joined me in the very small shower and got dressed and went.

Kat kissed me and said that she had never met a man who wanted to please her the way I did, my understanding of her lust for cunt had made her feel free. Anyway the days together were dwindling and we decided a beach day would be what we needed, some sun and to relax a bit, we found a quiet place, slightly in the dunes with few people around and all were naked. We relaxed and swam naked and Kat had her eye on a quite mature couple near to us. She seemed to have got the brazen devil in her and asked me to oil her, watched closely by this couple as my hands missed nothing, then it was my turn on my back she worked mainly on my cock with the expected result, I was fully erect, as she lowered her head and popped the bulbous end into her mouth she looked up and this was now a full show as the couple clearly watched every move. She slowed then she sped up, she did the works until she knew I was about to shoot, then expertly wanked me till my load shot out all over my chest and belly.

The other couple clapped in appreciation and Kat beckoned for them to join us, the lady had big tits, not saggy but a lovely arse with a shaved pussy, her hubby was sporting a huge erection as the show had turned him on. Kat said something like …did I do that, pointing at his big cock and he said what he saw was very erotic, so then she said maybe it's your turn and asked his wife if the two of them could help cure his hard on. She said yes immediately and he just laid between them with Kat first to grab the monster and she joined in, their mouths taking it in turn to suck and lick but I could see Kat’s plan, she eventually wanked his cock as she and her kissed, tongues deep and very sexy, I was laying behind the new lady and my cock was coming to life and as she bent over her hubby a got that view all me like, I traced a finger down the slit and she parted her legs a bit, I fingered her and then got into position to rub my cock along the crack, her hand came through her legs and eased me in, I was soon pumping away inside her. Kat said hey, that's not fair and literally jumped onto this guys cock and was soon humping up and down as I fucked his wife and she and Kat kept kissing. Both guys soon cum and then the girls got into a 69 to lick spunk out of each other. Both having good orgasms as us guys wanked our cocks back hard watching them.

We got their names Rob and Susan and settled down with the girls still playing with each other and occasionally grabbing our cocks to keep us stiff. We had one really good long fuck, I had Susan and Kat had Rob, we swam after with Susan and I snogging deeply and she was whispering things to me, like… I really love your cock, it's far nicer than his, and …you kiss like you mean it, we fucked in the water as Rob and Kat watched. We asked if they wanted to come back to our van for food and that was agreed. Just a short walk, when inside I suggested we all stripped again and it was to be a free for all do what you want time as I prepared a large bowl of salad. Kat was already wanking Rob and he had his fingers behind her assume in her wet hole, Susan watched as I prepared food sitting with her legs wide open it was hard not to get stiff. I went and knelt in front of her kissed her open cunt and rammed my cock in…. Mmmmmm she said, Rob likes to suck cock, he is very bi, I would love to see him suck yours…. Wow this is very new and not exactly my thing, but now both girls were encouraging me and him until I said ok it can't hurt.

Rob got on his knees and I pushed my cock towards him, he wanked it and kissed the tip then started sucking slowly, I shut my eyes but fuck he was good and very soon I was pumping thick cream into his mouth, I held his head so he couldn't get away and he gagged as I pumped and shot a huge load… The girls clapped as spunk run down Rob’s chin, Kat got up and licked him clean and bent over the table for him to fuck her, she said it was his prize. My prize was to take Susan into the bedroom to recover, again she whispered sweet nothings to me which started to concern me, I also realised that we hadn't told Rob and Susan that we were not a couple and maybe she was looking at us making a permanent swap!

Susan ran the tip of her finger over my swollen cock head and started kissing me again with passion over and above a “swinger” situation, we made love, both having beautiful orgasms and could see to the living area that Rob was licking Kats pussy, he then rose up, turned her around bent her over the table and she screamed as he pushed his cock hard up her arse, he had some lubricant on and soon after the first Yelp she was begging for more and more, Susan told me she hated him and would never let him do that to her but she would let me if I wanted, this my chance to back out, it was getting serious and time to have a long chat with all 4 of us.

We sat serious around the table and I relayed the whole story of our journey and how Kat has found her sexuality and freedom, and, that I was on my way to meet my wife, that night we parted friends and exchanged email details with Susan confessing to me that she had fallen in love with me in a whisper.

Kat and I got on and had an amazing few more days, my wife's plane was due in 4 days so we planned our last holiday together. We met more couples and had more sex in those 4 wonderful days with older and younger girls and men, I finally told Kat that my age was 69 and that the reason for the new vehicle and the trip to my friends was to celebrate my forthcoming 70th birthday.

She was shocked and tried to recount the amount of times I shot spunk into her then again shortly after, the comment, “there's life in the old dog yet” came out but then so did my cock for one final delicious fuck, I did the same as the very first and laid her on the edge of the bed and licked her cunt till she cum, then crawled up her body kissing her sore nipples as my cock found its target, once again she guided me in and we fucked till I shift a fantastic laid in unison with her orgasm, a fitting end.

I dropped her a mike from her daughters and I met my wife from her plane, we chat regular as friends and she is back in the uk with a potentially new man.