Written by hottubbabe

14 Jan 2009

To set the scene the resort is a very stylish place and all day you spend your time at the pool naked or on the beach in a private cabana where couples can be cosy naked and rub sun cream in those intimate areas and have fun no full on sex in daylight in public areas well so the website says anyway. the afternoons spen swiming in the sea together, naked of course. There is nothing so sexy as swimming naked and feeling the water ripple over your pussy lips as you make your way far enough out to stand up and be finger fucked without drowning! As its an all inc resort you drink cocktails and champagne all day if you wish, just chill and be sexy in the sun and warm breezes. In the evenings you dress for dinner at the restaurants watching all the sexy women turning on their guys as they wiggle their hips and sit open legged at the bar showing off that just tanned pussy . Some couples lay on the swinging beds at the bar and make love, you can watch and enjoy their pleasures with them while you chat to strangers that you have passed on the beach, passing the time talking about anything and everything . The roof has a hottub that seats over 30 people or more late at night, its a nude tub so no clothes will be seen here! All are now chilled and ready for a night of doing, chilling and watching or just hearing others tales of fun in the sun. When so many people are alll naked and very sexy both in mood and intention its easy to see how the tub becomes a cauldron of sex. To get to the bar you have to pass people touching and feeling each other and you as you pass, so on the way back you are ready for those hands.. its great fun and very friendly. You need to pass bodies some being given blow jobs some being fingered by both men and women. Brushing past naked guys and being touched as you pass is very horny. I was always on the drinks run I can't think why?

The fun up there goes on til the small hours and in all weathers lol even rain storms don't stop us horny women getting fucked in and out of the tub.

The resort offers a couples sensual massage and is a must for all guests. No one will tell you what its all about just that you MUST try it! You don't know the resort so I guess I can tell you ... just don't tell your partner ... what a suprise this would be.

We booked a 5pm slot so that we could chill after in our room and not miss out on the days sunshine. We both showered and walked naked to the spa. The soft music and scent of the oils was just amazing, we were given soft and fluffy white towels to wrap around ourselves and then taken to a room set aside for the sensual massage experience. The door opened and we went in to see massage beds at opposite ends of the room not near each other at all. Odd I thought at the time ... I had imagined maybe a double bed ... not a his and hers session with 10 feet between us! mnnn I was begining to doubt that this was all it had been cracked up to be.... oh me of little faith !

The lady asked us to remove the towels and lay face down on the beds so we could see nothing at all just feel. That was the last I saw of Chris I then was on my own and he alone with his masseuse. She whipsered in my ear very softly that I should relax and enjoy ...the oil dripped oh my back, it was very warm almost hot and made me jump then the hands started working on my shoulders and upper arms frim but gentle as well, slippling over my skin and as she moved she poured more oil on my upper thighs and easing her hands down my back and around my sides touching the sides of my breasts then back to the shoulders and more oil and more hands. I was under her spell in seconds ... as she moved about there were no other sounds just music and oil noises :) She dripped oil on the back of my legs and massaged them up and down using her hands so well I was in a trance I guess. Dripping oil down drop by drop along the crack of by ass made me squirm as it ran between my thighs and touched my pussy lips, as she moved over my body her hands slippped a little deeper into my now warm and very mosit pussy . I could see nothing just smell and feel and hear the gentle music. Her hands move to my feet and she works with speed and with firm hands. Over and over again she eases her hands alongside my ass teasing me as her hands slip almost inside but not quite, she hed me almost begging her to ease inside my ass. Then it was time a voice whispered in my ear " Mam please turn over gently and slowly " so I did it was dark in the room and I didn't even try and look at Chris I just guessed he was getting similar treatment .. so I am on my back with a soft cloth over my eyes so I could not see anything at all. She started with shoulders gently then easing down to my nipples which by now are erect and pointing upwards and eager to be pinched or sucked. She took my hands and placed them on my breasts and used her hands over the top to encourage me to masasge myslef, she guided me to make circles over my breasts making me feel so horny I could not help moaning with pleasure, she carried on and moved down to my thighs, easing them open so she could drip warm oil over my pussy lips and dripping it onto my clit. She moved my hands down so that she used my hands to massage my pussy opening me up and fingering myself with her help and pressure. I moaned over and over again and must have cum 3 or 4 times before she again whispered in my ear" Mam climb off the bed in silence and say nothing .. come with me" she led me to the other bed where Chris lay eyes coverd, his body covered in oil and with a great looking erection. The 2 ladies took my hands and placed them on his cock and got me to massage it up and down slowly and in silence so he had no idea who was playing with him. He moaned gently and I could feel him getting harder as we all worked on him, I did this for a few mins and his moans of pleasure were audable and his cock jumped with delight at the touch. They positioned me next to his side facing down the bed so my ass we easy for him to touch and I had full view of his cock , she took his hand and made me stand so he could finger my wet and oily pussy with 3/4 fingers, god that fet good I needed to have cock NOW . He is laying eyes covered, body covered in oil cock erect and fingers in a pussy thats about to gush. he made me cum again and agin all the time the 2 girls are massageing my nipples and thighs making it so intense. We were there for some time and then they helped me up on top of him and they guided his cock into my pussy so we were fucking on the massgage bed slippery hot sexy and just out of this world. As Chris pushed inside me they were massgaging my ass and back and also my nipples giving me 4 hands and a cock making me feel so erotic. They gently whispered that we should stay and enjoy and they left us to make love .. not fuck, it was far too sensual for that. We were oblivious to anything outside in fact we could have been in a hurricaine and not noticed, I slid up and down up and down slipping that cock in and out of a waxed, tanned, horny pussy now I knew the Hollywood had been worth it :) I have no idea how long we were there for I know that Chris had trouble trying to hold back the final thrust but when he did cum .... SHIT it was amazing .... we lay togther a short while not sure if that had been a dream or not ... then I felt the familar feeling of cum ozzing out of my pussy. Mnnnnn there are no words to say how we felt ... we left the room and went for a shower together, we were happy to leave a good tip for the girls. We made our way back to our room at the beach and a bottle of champagne by the shore. I could never experience anything as good as that as again.

Its a life experience that we will always treasure and I have to admit I get wet just remebering the whole time there. Maybe see you there later this year? ..... look for the people that can't stop smiling and touching each other :)

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