Written by kinkycplenew

20 Jul 2010

we had been txting now and again after we fucked but we knew it was wrong but how horny it was to think about more when one morning alice and i were sex txting me saying how good she would look wearing a maids outfit and she said she would wear fishnets and no knickers to show her trimmed hairy bush i tod her she was so sexy in her work uniform especially if she took her trousers off as the top was like a short skirt as i told her i was stroking my cock thinking of fucking her she said she would come over but we had to be quick ok i said hurry

it felt like seconds as she rang the buzzer as i let her in and grabbed her kissing her as i rubbed my hands all over her body telling her i loved fucking her and she was so sexy

she asked me if lorna had any idea i told her non as we made our way to the sofa she sat down as i offered her a drink yes a juice please

as i got her a can and returned to see heron her back legs wide fingering her hole saying lick my clit her clit was so wet her hole open as she moaned as i licked and nibbled her pussy lips moving her hips forcing herself onto my mouth harderas i got out my cock and slide it up her saying fuck you are so sexy for an old girl and you love to fuck dont you alice i said yes i need fucked more she said to me as i turned her round pulling her arse up as i forced my cock up her fucking her hard she asked me if lorna fucked good not like you alice you need so much sex and bet you play with yourself alot she groaned saying she did as she thought of us and another cple and a guy to take pictures and would love to see me fuck another woman as she watched or maybe i could tell her of what happened i said youkinky old cunt as i pulled out my cock turned her and put it into her mouth as she sucked and licked it telling me to spunk her face as i shot my load she swallowedit all fuck she is so goodshe asked me as we sat watching porn of a girl fucking as an old woman watched she said she wanted a threesome some time