Written by davlain

26 Feb 2008

after a game of rugby where me and my new friend had to many drinks we arrivered home to a frosty reception but after more drinks and my telling my my mates wife how much i would like to play with her tits much to my surprise he said be my guest!! Chris just gave a big smile not thinking that my wife was sitting next to me i was face deep in tits, NEXT THING Chis had slipped down and my knob was in her mouth and boy could she GOBBLE!!!! I looked to my right and Will was between my wifes LEGS giving her male head and was she enjoying this ,well jugdeing be the moaning yes she the turned to one side and started to GOBBLE my with Chris next she was down on Chris with her arse in the air and Will obliged

i sat back and enjoyed the last GOBBLE from Chris and the while my eyes where drinking in everything i felt a warm mouth bringing me hard again when i opened my eyes it was my mate Will, not to make a fuss i let the feelings wash over me looking at my wife having the same treatment, chris dissapeared and returned with a fab strap-on and she fucked Elaine and me what a womem