Written by dobin

6 Apr 2010

A visit to mother in law

My son got married last year to a lovely girl who lived about 80 miles away, we had met her family a few times prior to the wedding and I have to confess that I was very attracted to his future Mum in Law who is divorced. We always kissed hello and goodbye on the lips and hugged. Shortly after the wedding we had a Xmas get together and the family, including mum in law stayed at our house. One morning I stopped at the bottom of the stairs when she had just walked out of the bathroom at the top, wearing a flimsy short sleeping suit which had like boxer short bottoms, we spoke, and she said she would be down for breakfast shortly, as she walked to her room along the landing she had to step back near the railing to let someone pass and I could see right up the leg of her bed shorts, clearly seeing the hairy muff, but no real detail. I was starting to get hard as it was more than clear that she had no bra on either.

Anyway the xmas visit ended and I was talking about a 2 day course I was booked onto in the town she lived in, it was a few weeks away but she said I could stay ay her place if I wanted. Everybody agreed that it would be good and instead of paying a hotel I could take her out for a meal. The trip came around and I was quite excited and had some really rude dreams about her but kept myself under control. I took her to the local pub, walking there in pouring rain both huddled under an umbrella and was laughing and generally have a good time. When we got to the pub, we ordered and sat down, she said thank you for this its a nice change and she lent forward and kissed me, this time her tongue forced its way into my mouth... I didn't know what to say but she did... she said she had been dying to do that since we first met. After the meal and me asking for several more kisses we went off home, a little merry from some good wine and now under the brolly my arm was around her... stopping regularly for a snog and my cock was starting to rise in expectation.

Back at home, we sat in the lounge, another bottle of wine and some more kissing but now my hands were beginning to roam over her tits, she went for some more drink and when she sat down I noticed her tits swinging free, she had removed her bra and i was soon snuggled with my head in them sucking her very hard erect nipples as she moaned, my now free hand roaming over the crutch of her jeans. We finally were so excited I stood up and took her hand, leading her to the bedroom... she stood there with her back to me, i took her top off and cupped her huge tits from behind, then i undid her jeans and with one move had them and her knickers around her ankles. I laid her back on the bed and removed them getting a full view of her very wet cunt.

I undressed in full view and she was pleased as my cock came into view... kneeling beside her I kissed her and ran my tongue slowly over her body kissing her nipples and belly button her legs parted in anticipation and I was into licking her cunt a second later, moans and groans followed and the signs of an orgasm were brewing and I concentrated on her swollen click, sucking and pulling on it with a finger deep in her cunt, within a few more seconds she was convulsing with a powerful orgasm, I took my place between her legs and thrust my big hard cock deep inside her as her body was still shuddering, as soon as i entered her it set off a second orgasm this time even stronger, subsiding into a wonderful smile on her face as I eagerly continued fucking her sweet hole. Now making different positions and filling her as much as I could.

Kissing her she slid me off and mounted me, she dropped onto my cock and pumped herself until she screamed as I was playing happily with her swinging tits. She stopped and slid down me, kissing my chest and now for the first time holding my hard cock, she looked at it as she started to lick and finally take the whole length deep in her mouth. Now I rolled her off and spooning her I entered her from behind but could feel my spunk rising and I told her... she begged me to fill up her cunt, fill me up baby squirt it all inside me... and of course it was unstoppable, copious quantities of thick creamy cum dribbled out of her as I pulled away and she was soon there licking up her prize.

We fell asleep in each other's arms and woke to another session equally as horny, after showering together and fucking her doggy fashion in there we dressed and said our goodbyes. I was amazed and since that day she has told me how she wanted to fuck me from day one, and the xmas flash was no accident!.. oh and guess what, i am on a course there again next week..