Written by dobin

22 Dec 2009

Group fun for the first time.

It was all by accident really, that I found myself in a friends house with 5 couples who were hell bent of fucking until they dropped.

It started with me having a semi regular fuck babe who had some pretty weird ideas and was instrumental in organising a threesome with this guy Dave, and myself. She was fixed on the idea that she wanted to see him suck my cock, it apparently turned her on so much that I went along with it. The evening for the meet came and she got her wish, I was pretty well bored by it all and it did nothing for me, but the fact that I had a sexy woman there to fuck was enough to make it enjoyable.

When we had finished Dave and I were talking and he asked if I had ever been into group stuff, to cut the story short he invited me (not my partner) to go along to the next meeting he had. We exchanged numbers and off I went, It was a couple of weeks later he rang me and said did I want to be an extra cock in the next group, I readily agreed and turned up early to see what the score was. I chatted for a long time with Dave and he admitted he wasn�t bi, he just does the cock suck thing to get women as he said it always turns them on.

The first couple arrived and I helped serve drinks, the lady was really hot looking but as I had no experience I thought I had better let things develop and just wait, eventually 5 couples were there and 2 extra cocks, myself and Dave. Some heavy petting started and the odd pair of tits were on show when a really hot sexy lady stripped naked in front of us all and turned to one guy and just bent over and took his cock out and started sucking on it. Her arse was almost in my face and the hard on in my pants could see that this was my cue, I stood behind her and dropped my trousers and pants and nudged my cock up to her cunt, she responded with a little wiggle and some moaning and looked round to me and smiled. I found the wet slippery hole and gently slipped my cock head in to even more moans and finally in one move went deep up into her now dripping cunt. She stopped her blow job and shouted �fucking hell� as I pumped away at her gorgeous wet cunt, her hand was now between her legs and feeling my balls, eventually she stopped sucking and turned to me and kissed me full on with tongues deep inside each others mouths.

We went to the mattress that had been laid in the centre of the room and there we carried on our fucking, but now her legs were wrapped around my back and strokes were long and slow. She came with such force her cunt gripped my cock and stopped my pumping as her spasms subsided. We were joined then by a hubby and wife who were naked, he went immediately to the lady I was fucking and put his cock in her mouth as I rolled off her he took my place, I then laid with his wife and finger fucked her to her first orgasm, getting her up to her knees I fucked her hard from behind.

I now had all the women admiring my cock and one by one they made themselves known to me, either by sucking my cock or sitting on my lap, resulting of course with me fucking them. It all went a bit hazy then for a while as I was with so many different girls, all of them different but all sexy and with fantastically wet cunt�s then I was asked if I wanted a slow fuck up in one of the bedrooms, this lady held my hand, whispered to her hubby and off we went. When we got on the bed sex was totally different, I had already fucked her in the group but now she was passionate and sort of loving and kisses were abundant, we fucked slowly and changed positions several times, at one stage hubby walked in and took some pictures but we just carried on, eventually she asked me to cum inside her and that was an easy request as I was hanging on for ages, I quickened the pace, she wrapped her legs around me and within a few really deep strokes that had her screaming I shot my pent up load deep inside her. As I did this she started her own orgasm and convulsed on my cock resulting in copious quantities of our juices running down her legs.

We went back to the living room where it was all a bit calmer, but 2 of the girls had gone to the mattress and were now giving a full on bi show with tongues reaching places that I never knew existed (well I did really), both girls had orgasms and the men were invited to join them to lick them clean, of course I was there and tasted such a hot juicy cum that my cock stiffened so I quickly slipped it into the girl for what was to be the last fuck in that room.

Some people had elected to stay the night as I had, and we all went to bed, the house had 4 bedrooms and I was the one alone, but not for long, as the night went on I had visits from all three girls who had stayed, one woman had let her hubby go home and she stayed with Dave, the night was just as horny as the evening fun and my cock was beaten and bruised from the events the next day, but boy was it worth it.

Shortly after this I had a single meet with a lady who was very interested to join me on my next visit, she did and was a hit with all the guys there, she was asked to kneel on the floor and 5 men went to her one by one as she was told to get familiar with all of the cocks and suck each one, they actually blindfolded her and each man fucked her, she had to guess who it was from her experience of sucking, she got 3 right and her prize was to pick whichever one she wanted and he would fuck her on the mattress as we all watched. It was awesome because half way through she invited another woman to join her.. I am sure you can imagine how the spunk was soon flying as girls watched and played with the men�s cocks as they saw the horny show.

I still go on occasions but liked it better when I took a partner with me, anyone interested and lives near Cheshunt herts..get in touch