11 Apr 2019

A Tale of Poppy.

It had been some time since I had last had any physical contact with a woman and quite honestly it was exactly how I liked it. I had made the mistake of falling for my neighbour but worse still, she had fallen for me.

It all started with my moving house, moving a few miles away from her, when it came to move day, she and her hubby helped, I was standing on the back of the rental truck handing boxes down to the line of helpers, it was a very very hot day and she wore a sleeveless top with cutaway sleeves and it soon became clear that the bra was not an option and being a man with needs I couldn’t help to look down her front as she came for the next box.

I suppose I was embarrassed to be caught, she looked me in the eye and then down her front and said something silly like, “yeh, they are real”, of course I could see that and she could see how she effected me. Making a comment about my shorts being too tight, and grinning.

That evening we had a BBQ and in the new house garden it wasn’t long before she caught me, simply asking if I liked what I saw, brushing my shorts with the back of her hand and smiling. It was time to take the van back to the rental and she asked if I could drop her off as her hubby was off to pick up her children. It was a quiet trip and when I dropped her off she asked if I could just help her in the hall to move a huge box. It goes without saying that we were soon kissing and my long period of no sex was over in a moment, fucking her on the stairs, on the kitchen worktops and everywhere she could find to take my cock. Little had I realised that she was as starved of sex as myself and we finished up taking stupid risks to fuck.

This lasted about a year until we realized what was happening so we agreed that we had to stop. It was as sudden as that but had to be done. And here I am, about 18 months later really feeling the need to bury my cock in a hot girl, I never realized that what was about to happen would wake up my body as much as it did. So, I started looking at sex sites, dating sites until I found this amazing site called “illicit encounters”, I say amazing because everyone was there for the same reason, to have an affair.

I had several messages after I posted a picture of my erection and my god there were some pretty rough ladies after it, huge ones very old ones and some that scared the shit out of me, finally I settled talking to 2 ladies that I fancied but being a bit out of practice my nerves kicked in. I arranged to meet the first one in Sudbury, she was called Rose and when I saw her she had obviously used a really old picture because I didn’t initially recognize her. Her tits were massive and as we sat in a quiet corner of a café she soon had her hand feeling for my cock. A quick unzip and she was rooting around my trousers, pulling him out and rubbing him, but I couldn’t get up fully as she was seriously not for me. We went for a walk by the river as I thought this would be safe and busy, but, with nobody around she once again went for my cock and this time the cool air bought him up to full height, she was soon bobbing her head up and down and I released a huge wad of thick creamy spunk into her mouth.

She said she was a bit disappointed as she was expecting me to fuck her, the thought made me quite ill, but now having released so much spunk down her throat she is gagging. We sat on a bench and her efforts to get me hard failed and got me to feel her tits, which were so NOT sexy, then put my hand up her dress, only to find no knickers and a cunt so hairy I had trouble finding her hole. I fingered her till she came then we were disturbed thank god and we parted with the guarantee to meet and fuck very soon….not!

The next lady was called Poppy, she was different in many ways to the dragon from Sudbury, we had great chats on line and it was clear that we had something to connect us and made arrangements to meet. I booked a hotel and just by doing this my cock was swelling in my pants, I had a good feeling about Poppy. The day came and with nerves I rolled up to our meeting point, seeing her on the path I stopped and we were soon on our way to the hotel. Chat was easy and I didn’t get much chance to look at her or her body whilst driving, and was gagging to take in what she had.

Arriving at the hotel Poppy asked if we could have a drink in the pub part and soon hand in hand we made it to the bar, she had a wine and I had a coffee. I took in what she was wearing, certainly different from lots of girls and really nice, as I usually do, I really looked at her tits and wondered what they were like naked, she in turn was checking me out too, I saw her looking for my bulge which was on its way up and we had a pointless conversation agreeing to get to the room.

Inside it was obvious that we were both nervous and the nerves were there until I just went for the kiss, this turned into the most amazing snog and with coats off our bodies pushed together she could feel my stiff cock against her belly. Our hands feeling each other through our clothes, creating the excitement expected, Poppy tasted like honey when kissing, I couldn’t wait to taste her pussy. I asked her to get undressed and we both went to our side of the bed and stripped, I was not disappointed, her tits were amazing and soon on the bed kissing I had my hands full of breast flesh with my lips breaking from our kiss to suckle her nipples, clearly happy to see me.

She pushed me back and grabbed my cock, her touch was like an electric shock and her fingers were so soft against the stiffness with a mmmmm saying it was huge but her fingers dealt well with the size until suddenly she was over me and my cock in her mouth. From there, where she had leaned over me, her bum was in reach and I was able to feel for the first time, her wet cunt, pushing fingers deep into her hole, licking the juices as she carried on the onslaught of my knob. I couldn’t wait to enter this heaven. Soon she took a break and more naked hugs and kissing with delicate body touches we decided time for a drink.

We opened a bottle of wine and I joined her in a rare glass myself, and as we had now realized we can relax with each other I asked if she wanted me to read some of my book to her. I couldn’t take my eyes off her body as she walked the wine to my side of the bed, her cunt with slight tufts of hair ready for my intent cock, her arse as she walked away made my cock jerk up but we settle down in a kind of cuddle as I read my story. It was getting hard with her hand playing with it as I read, feeling and cupping my full balls it became just all too much. My cock was so hard It hurt.

In a flash I had her on her back, her legs wide open, looking into her eyes I said,… Poppy, I’m afraid I have to fuck you, the tip head of my cock now teasing her wet hole I was desperate to be inside this beauty. I pushed home, she was so tight it excited me, like, as if she was a virgin and I pushed roughly in until I was fully home, my balls squashed against her cunt lips, I remember her face as my cock slipped in, she was in heaven, it felt like my cock was in a warm bath, the sides almost gripping around my shaft, and soon I was pumping in and out and stopping to feel her tits and kiss her, this was fast becoming the best fuck I have ever had and this girl was taking not just my big cock but the full length right up to the hilt, which I have been told on many occasions that its very long. My spunk was rising and I was soon filling her hole with more spunk than I have ever released.

Sadly time was against me but after an amazing hug and cuddle and snogging I had to leave. I drover her home thrilled that I had the best sex in my life and I wanted more. On the way home after leaving her, my cock rose again, I had to undo my trousers…. I thought that was fully respectful of our meeting. However, it suddenly hit me how selfish I had been, god I had to stop the car, I knew it was too late to go back but I had to get my head straight about how I must be seen as a selfish lover. I had taken care of my own needs and totally forgot the needs of a really amazing and sexy lady, I had to make amends and soon. The one thing I was hoping to do and I’m sure Poppy was expecting it was to attack her juicy pussy with my long sensitive tongue and make her cum, I hung my head in shame and set out to put things right.

Back on line, but, now using whats app, and no longer on IE we planned more meets with deeper chats, it soon came out that Poppy was keen on some really kinky bondage and we planned to meet to experiment. Our chats became more sexy every day and I couldn’t wait to meet her again.

We met at the same hotel and I had some fantastic experiences planned for her, meeting again at the pub then into the room, I changed the way I acted and switched on the ‘master” mode, Poppy instantly responded as all good master would have expected. I said, get undressed and stand there, pointing to the side of the bed, Poppy was soon naked with her back to me, I held a whip and asked her to bend over and spread her legs which she did. I could see her cunt and using the whip handle ran this along her crack then turning it round I took two hard swipes across her bum, as she whimpered. I took pictures showing two stripes across her arse.

I put on her the blindfold and laid her face down on the bed, using the ropes tied her hands by running the rope under the bed to the other hand. Then with her legs open I did the same. I put two pillows from the bed under her stomach to bring her arse up, exposing her delicious pussy. Using my phone I sent a text to my friend who was soon at the door, we had made the arrangement a few days earlier. I let him in and he knew not to speak, we both got naked and I went to the side of the bed and pulled Poppy’s head to my cock to suck, which she did with some vigor and assumed it was me. Then pulling away and leaving her head I walked away as my friend crawled up the bed and fucked her cunt, Poppy was loving it and obviously thinking it was me. So I went back to her mouth and made her suck me as John fucked her from behind, she had no idea what was going on, and like a good sub, she did not complain or question my actions. John had a good size cock, he slipped in well with long deep strokes cheekily feeling under his probing cock to tease her clit. John cum inside her, dressed and went as quietly as he had arrived, and I let her up, un-tying the ropes and the blindfold. Her first words were “you fucker who the hell was that?” my reply was that I had made it clear never to question your master. Your response was simply that you loved it. Well Poppy, that was you being my slave and I wanted to watch you being fucked, so I filmed the lot., shall we watch them together?

She joined me on the bed and we kissed, we watched the films I had taken and it excited her seeing Johns cock slip into her, she soon had her hand making my cock hard and laying her back I opened her legs wide and ran my tongue down her belly and she shuddered as I reached her cunt, licking and tasting her teasing her clit and slipping a finger deep in her hole, soon Poppy was showing signs of an orgasm, pushing my tongue into her cunt she bucked against my lips then nibbling her swollen clit she exploded and a torrent of beautiful girl cum flowed from her as I drank all I could, now I needed my cock inside her and crawling up her body I asked her to suck and make my cock wet, then soon the head was deep inside her gaping cunt. This time I wanted to please Poppy first and myself last so I slowed down my pumping action and Poppy came again violently, my tongue had released the inner need of Poppy’s body and now this excited me so much I had to empty my balls deep inside her.

We lay together for ages touching sucking teasing and eventually poppy raised my cock to full height just using her gentle touching fingers, teasing around my helmet and seeing the result she had made didn’t want to waste such a hard delicious looking cock….she climbed on top of me to fuck me, totally in contro watching my face and the huge smile as she writhed and rose along my really hard throbbing cock, finally, her tits swinging in my face, made me spurt what seemed like more spunk.

I finished by once again licking her cunt, tasting my own spunk, sharing the taste with her and some of the dripping spunk, we fell asleep and woke ready to leave….

Poppy is the sexiest girl I have ever met, I want her again….and I hope she wants me.