Written by Party Boy

8 Mar 2014

My first time at a club, and I get 5 in a bed. We all sit around and drink soft drinks, play on the games. It is all like a party, but up stairs something came happen. OK that happens at a lot of parties.

Then I am invited to hold a tit. Her partner invites me. She says my hand is cold. He invites me to warm it in her pussy. It seems a bit staged, unreal, but it is real.

Then we break off and I lose to her at pool, but I still get a prize. The three of us go up to the orgy room. He starts to lick at her cunt and I remove her top. They all know it is my first time at a club. The door opens, he is sent away. I start on her tits. The door opens again and he is allowed to come in. Soon I am naked and being invited to fuck her. Strange I am not rock hard. In fact it takes some work to get it hard enough to fuck her. So I suck at her cunt a bit, slip a condom on a somewhat harder cock and push into her. I find it hard to rest on my hands, the other two are close beside her and she is sucking cock, first one then the other. I cum, but keep going. Now it is up, it will not go down. I had never noticed before how hearing can go, words become faint and I am enjoying myself, enjoying her.

By the time I stop there is another man in the room. I start to lick at her fanny. I feel her partners hand on my cock and balls. I am not phased I put my hand to his. That is part of the questioned answered, ‘Am I bi?’ Not yet, but I am OK with it….so far. Even now after I had cum, I felt higher than when fucking her. Still my cock was hard.

One guy leaves, then her partner. There is now just the two of us keeping her on the boil. The partner coming back, with another guy who starts licking at her cunt. We all garb what we can of her. She lays in the centre moaning.

Suddenly it is quarter to two and she says she has had enough. It seemed unreal, stopping, all searching for our clothes among the others. Not all had taken them off.

She leaves, we finish dressing and there I am alone with the guy who had held my ball and cock, who had directed me when I reached for his. We are both dressed. He holds my cock, it is still hard. “Do you like that?” he asks.

“Yes” I reply, but it was nothing like the feeling when he did it while I was sucking at his partner’s cunt. I am not going searching for cock, but it is OK as an extra. He let go and I go down stairs. The place is closing and the parting is a bit unreal.

I am going back!