Written by dobin

6 Nov 2010

Caz was an amazing girl, I met her when she was 18 and had a long affair with her from her 19th birthday, she was the sexiest thing on legs and we had some amazing moments and made love in some risky places over the years together.

We had been going out for about a year when I had the chance of a trip to a French east coast resort where I thought we could get some sun and generally have a good time, We drove to the ferry and had the usual wait around when we were approached by a couple of lads who asked if they could join us in the car onto the ferry. They seemed nice and polite and we agreed they could join us. We had a cabin, it was one of those medium length crossings, and Caz was quite ill with sea sickness and remained firmly in the cabin for the whole trip. I went off for a walk around and met the 2 lads again who were having a drink at the boat's bar, we got chatting and discovered they were heading to the same area as us and I agreed they could hitch a ride..

We drove to where I had arranged for a mobile home and the boys decided they would pitch camp there too for a couple of days. We didn't see them much during the next 2 days and in the meantime we had found a nice beach where nudity was the norm, I was able to show off Caz's sexy body, each of us making a meal over sun tan oiling as others watched. However we were in the mobile home on the 3rd night and the boys knocked with a couple of bottles of wine, we all sat outside around a table all of us in swimwear and drank the sunny evening away, a third and fourth bottle emerged and we were well on the way to being pissed as hell, the chill air started to come in so we went indoors, our bed was made up and we all sat around on it with more drink.

I said ok lets play a game, I suggeted I blindfolded Caz and we would each kiss her and she had to guess who it was each time, well it was fun and she never really got any of us right, so I said ok now we have to really snog, tongues and all, with no argument I sent one of the boys on first, Caz had laid down and he went in and kissed her extremely passionately and both were enjoying it when his hand went yp and squeezed her boob through her bikini top, she made no attempt to stop him, so now the other guy wanted a go and he too had a handfull of her right tit and she was visibly squirming so he slid the shoulder strap off her bikini and with that her tit fell for him to feel, now my turn and the same happened but I unhooked the top and her tits were on show for us all to see.

This time she managed to get one on the kissers right so I said choose one of the kissers to do it again and she chose number 1, he was there and feeling her tits as he snogged her and then he went down and kissed her nipples sending her wild, she had now put her hand on his bulge and was wanking away over the material, he stood up and took his trunks off and she now wanked him as he kissed her tits, the other guy now joined on the bed and he was kissing her other tit as she also wanked him, with the blidfold on I could see she was at the point of no return so I knelt in front of her and pulled her bottoms off as she spread her legs wide for me to lick her soaking wet clit.

Within seconds, one of the boys moved me away and was now lapping up her cunt juices, feeling her hole and probing with 2 or 3 fingers as she was on the edge of orgasm, it was so quick but he moved up the bed, teased her hole with his huge nob end and was plunging into her in seconds as she screamed her first and enormous orgasm, her face contorted as he plunged harder and harder, the slapping noise getting wetter with every stroke, he was also very near to cumming and this I wanted to see"¦ he pulled out and shot a spurt all over her tits as his friend took his place and was soon thrashing away at Caz's dripping wet cunt. I moved to her head and gave her my cock to suck which she did and so greedily, I whispered to her did she want the blindfold off now and she nodded"¦ she knew all along they were after fucking her, one of them had fancied her and had told her that he was going to try and get me drunk and then fuck her but this she said was far better. Meanwhile the second guy looked as if he was going to cum and she begged him to shoot it hard and deep up her cunt. He didn't need asking twice and a force that she could clearly feel deep inside her was released and he lay there inside her to recover.

The first guy had recovered now and was pulling on his cock as Caz went and sat on his lap, legs wide cunt dribbling spunk she got his cock rigid in minutes. She laid him down and mounted him and we watched as she and he came again and again.

We were all tired and went to the big bed where Caz was fucked several times by both boys during the night admittedly I did fall asleep, in the morning they both had hard ons as the got out of bed and Caz took them one bu one into the bathroom where, with the door open for me to see she let them fuck her from behind and cum inside her once more. It was an amazing night and I was as horny as hell having also fucked Caz a few times myself when she had the mask on and I was inside that dripping wet spunky cunt as soon as the boys ahd said their goodbyes, and fingered Caz yet again before leaving. I went inside the slipereiest cunt I have ever had and as I pulled out all covered in spunk, Caz dropped down and licked me clean