Written by aladinsane4u

1 Apr 2008

we went on a cruise from cyprus to egypt in fact it was on board a converted ferry we were expecting a liner as you do but made the best of it as it was only 3 nights anyway the ship was full of boring old people we are in our mid forties and we were one of the youngest on board apart from the staff & entertainment etc. anyway the first night everyone was knackered and all went to bed early apart from us as the trips the next day set off at 7am anyway we went into the casino and the guy there looked bored so we started talking to him as we played black jack and the machines he said it's boring but he cant close down until 3am & only then if knowbody is in the casino anyway the night went on we lost a few quid and i went back to the room for some more money and some drink as the bar closed he said it would be ok as long as we kept it discreet and hidden on my way back i met my wife in the passage way she'd been to the toilet she said take your time coming back as he was giving her the eye she had a white low cut pleated dress on like the one marlyne monroe wore in that film where it blew over her head, she didn't have a bra on & only very sexy tight pants underneath i saw him looking all night as she was drunk and flirting with him eventually i went back & they were sitting talking as soon as he saw me he got up i could see he had an erection on he was about 27 and a good looking guy from york, my wife said it's ok he is'nt jealous are you i said no we went to bed and she said i'm going to fuck him tomorrow night i said lucky you so we planned i go to bed & leave her alone with him if there's know one around true to fact everyone went to bed after there meal for the next days trip so in the casino we went about3am i siad i'm off to bed you look after her as she said i'm going to play the machines for a while she had put the same dress back on as we only took afew things for the trip but she wore no pants underneath she said she started flirting with him & he kept looking along the passage way worried in case someone come after a while he started to settle down they were sitting talking and he started to rub his hands up and down her leg she said it's about time i'm wet thinking about that thing in your pants he put his hand stright up to feel her wet fanny no pants she said by the look on his face she thought he'd cum he said i'm not allowed to go off with the travellers and he shared a cabin but he said come with me he led her to a side door which took them through a cellar towards the deck and a flight of stairs as soon as he got her there he pulled her to him and had her tits out in seconds she said his fingers went deep inside me and she cum she put her hands toward his trousers and got his cock out it was big and hard and he had big balls full to the brim she started to wank him then went to her knees & started to suck him off he held her head tight against him and shot his bolt into her mouth she swallowed every bit of it he then stool her up turned her over bent her over the railings and with a hard thrust went stright up her hole making her cum again he shagged her in every position for at least an hour until they heard someone she returned hot, wet & horny and then i fucked her again in her well used hot hole