Written by unknown

26 Nov 2007

I went to a birthday party of a close friend with a girlfriend

and when my friends father and I went out to the patio to have

a smoke she and another friend followed me outside - she

came up behind me and lifted my skirt up for him to see my cleanshaven

naked pussy, she knew I never wore panties, - then put her

hands round my waist to each side of my pussy and spread it

out for him to clearly see my clit and while her friend squatted

down in front of me to find my clit with her tongue and my friends

father just watched and then we went further into the garden

and I let my friend spread my pussy again for him to lick this

time; one of his friends came to find us - saw what was happening

and shone his torch on my cleanshaven pussy spread wide

apart - my friends father' sucking it hard and then

he watched until I came !! needless to say when I did, I asked

him to spread my friends pussy for me to lick and suck- then

while his friend shone his torch to see clearly, my friends

father fucked each of us in turn while we watched!-