Written by carmel4u

28 Apr 2010

Well I really don't know where to start, I am a lady waiting for my divorce to come through after 3 years separated I have a good job which takes me around the country and Ireland , jersey etc.

I am very outgoing but a bit shy when it comes to meeting men as I never really go out socialising, as after so long in a miserable marriage it kind of wears you down, anyway I was away on business for a few days and the girls from the office invited me out as they knew I was on my own and I was staying over the weekend.

Kate who I've know for a few years as we have met at meetings and courses etc is around my age which is 44 the others were about 22 to mid thirties but they were all nice and made me feel welcome, it was nice to go out for a meal and a dance as my children are grown up now and living away from home so being on my own I don't get out that much, after the meal we went to a wine bar in the city centre not too far from my hotel it was packed and a few guys started to flirt with us which made me feel good after a while we went off to a club it's been years since I've been clubbing, anyway as the night went on the girls started to drift off and me and kate were left we were dancing when two guys came up and started to dance with us they seemed nice enough but to me seemed too young but kate was also enjoying the attention they were called simon and liam we sat down and they asked to join us I was hesitant but kate said yes sure they ordered a bottle of champagne I said that's a bit extravagant but they insisted liam was well into kate they were flirting like mad simon asked me to dance again which we did I said simon look thanks for the champagne but I am 44 and too old for you simon said you don't look it how old are you then I said I am 32 so whats the problem I don't have to ask mum to stay out I laughed and said looks like liam has copped off with kate they were kissing passionately, we sat down again as the guys went to the bar kate said he's a stunner but I thought you were married kate I am she said but hubby works away and I like a bit fun now and then as they returned kate and liam got up to dance simon said so where are you from with the accent which I replied Northumberland it's a sexy accent you have he said as he poured me another glass we chatted for the remainder of the night before leaving as we stood up the effects of the champagne took effect as I stumbled I said sorry and they all laughed as we stood outside kate went missing and so did liam my mobile went off a txt from kate saying she's off with liam see you in work Monday and that was that.

I told simon his mate was away which he replied I know so where are you off to he said well I am in a hotel here in the centre simon said look let me walk you there I was a bit worried but he said look I am a nice guy I will walk you back and go so I said ok I was a bit tipsy so I held on to his arm as we got to the hotel the reception bar was still going strong I said do you fancy coming in for a drink thought you had enough he said and smiled just the one mind you I said.

An hour later around 4am and simon hearing all about my miserable marriage etc said your to young not to enjoy yourself let me take you out tomorrow or Sunday which I felt a bit excited like a teenager again so I said that would be lovely as we walked to the hotel door he held me and kissed me I just melted in his arms kissing him like a 20yr old tongues down each others throats before I knew it we were in the lift going to my room as soon as we entered the door he had me up against the wall kissing my neck and cupping my breasts I didn't respond or stop him I was just his for the taking, he led me to the bed which he sat down and I bend to kiss him he pulled me gently on to the bed turned me onto my back he lifted my top and before I knew it pushed up my bra exposing my ample breasts and the feeling of his warm lips kissing and sucking my nipples well it had been a few years since anyone had done anything like that to me ( my X ) was the only guy I had ever been with. Simon was so gentle he removed my top and bra he could see I was shy and reassured me not to worry just enjoy myself as he knelt down removing my jeans I was worried with all the excitement my thong would be wet through but it didn't seem to worry him as he started to kiss my virgina through my thong while holding my thighs he gently moved them to one side the feel of his hot tongue licking up between my lips I just let out a moan of pleasure as he gently licked and kissed my aching pussy gently pushing in a finger or two every now and then before I knew it I was quivering not knowing what it was or what to do next all of a sudden this hot warm sensation came over me I had cum I had never cum before and was a bit embarrassed as the bed and his face were soaking with my juices simon just carried on fingering and licking me he then stood up removed his shirt and pants the bulge in his boxers worried me a bit as his penis seemed massive he took my hands and pulled me up towards him I have given my X head before but this seemed different I was so excited and into the moment I pulled down his boxers and this hard thick penis stared me straight in the face I began to lick it and kiss it I knew I was doing alright as he was moaning with delight not sure what to do next simon guided the big thick tip into my mouth it took up all my mouth and throat as I began to swallow it slowly moving in and out just top get a bit more in every time he removed his cock from my mouth and lay me back lying next to me kissing me passionately he started to finger my now soaking wet fanny as we kissed he pulled me on top of him his hard cock rubbing up against the front of my lips as I lifted myself he guided himself into me as I gently lowered myself down onto him I could feel every hard inch of him entering me moving slowly as I took all of him I lent forward as he sucked on my hard erect nipples he held onto my hips lifting me up and down as I lowered down again taking him deep inside of me I orgsmed again flooding him I had never felt like this before he lifted me up and sat me on his face licking and sucking every last drop of my cum he then told me to turn over and he entered me from behind ( my favourite position ) I felt every hard inch of him filling me up as he gently guided his cock into me holding my hips he started to hump me faster and faster both of us making grunting noises as he entered and withdrew before ramming me hard he climaxed into me I have never felt anything like it before the rush of hot spunk and the amount he came forever as he slowed down and I came back to my senses he gently started to finger my bum with what seemed like his thumb it was nice but my arse was sore as we lay back we kissed and cuddled I had never felt like this before I'd never had sex for about 2yrs or so and never had sex like this before he left the an hour or so later after fucking me again and coming in my mouth which was a good sensation I'd never had the pleasure to try before. We never did meet up as I really expected.

Kate went back to liams house and they shagged all night I will let her tell you that story herself as it was kate that told me to look up and join this site. I am horny and ready to try again after reading all these amazing stories.

My new life began again after that night thanks to simon so where are all the sexy available men lol.

Love ???? xxx