Written by 2kinkykix69

9 Nov 2008

Unknown to my husband, before I got married, I was a little more forward than most girls of my age when it came to sex.

I was at Uni at the time and had just started seeing this guy. We'll call him Tony. Tony was a nice enough guy, but like most guys his age (20), Now that he was getting sex on a regular basis, he spent a lot of time bragging about to his mates.

He would tell them about the underwear I wore (If any!), The blowjobs and the constant demands from him for me to satisfy him. And how I always did as I was told. (I was pretty highly sexed). Problem was Tony never lasted too long!

At the end of the day I didn't do anything I didn't want to do, and spent a lot of my time doing exactly the things I loved to do which were satisfying my man and loads of fucking!

Things were steaming along nicely for the two of us, or so I thought. One day I bumped into one of Tony's friends, Stuart, who I knew fancied me rotten. I'm not bad looking you see "' tall, blonde, long legs, good firm tits, a tight arse and a pretty face, if I say so myself. He was always wanting to talk to me, and seemed very eager to talk to me this day. Imagine my horror when I found out why!! Tony had been bragging to his mates that he was gonna hump me and dump me next time he saw me at his place. I was mortified!

That weekend Tony, Stuart and another of Tony's mates Joe and I had organised a weekend hill walking. This was ok, although the atmosphere was perhaps a little tense at times. My brain was working overtime as I tried to figure out how I was going to get back at this immature cretin and show everyone exactly who was boss.

After walking all day we had end up in a bothy. A small cabin with 2 rooms in the middle of no-where. Totally cut off and secluded. We were lucky to have made it as the weather started to get bad just as we got there.

Tony and I took 1 room and Joe and Stuart the other. I decided that tonight I would show everyone exactly what Tony was getting! That night I started to have sex with Tony "' I pulled his rampant cock out and he told me to suck him off, which I did. The thought of his two buddies next door while we were shagging turned us both on. I licked and sucked up and down his shaft, playing with his balls with my hands then sucking them and licking them. Underneath my jumper and jeans I had the skimpiest underwear on, a tiny white lacy g-string and no bra. Tony began to strip me in the middle of this tiny room, till all I had left on was my g-string. "Lie on the bag with your legs stretched out as wide as you can" he barked. I was only too eager to oblige. Surely he wouldn't dump me here I thought, not in front of his mates. Never mind, I thought, it won't stop me from enjoying some oral. He licked me out, long slow licks up and down my glistening wet pussy, and found my cherry with his tongue, It wasn't long until I wanted to feel his cock deep inside me. I pushed him onto his back and straddled him. I started grinding up and down on his stomach and as usual, Tony didn't last, shooting his load deep inside me , but still I carried on grinding and making one hell of a racket! On more than 1 occasion Tony actually had to put his hand to my mouth, but I was passed caring.

Eventually his flaccid cock came away and I was left horny, wet and gasping for more cock.

I grinned to myself as I remembered the boys next door. They would have heard everything and where probably now pulling themselves off listening to my groans from next door.

I turned to Tony and said. "You're a crap ride and an immature prick. Consider that your last fuck from me. You're dumped!"

It was freezing in the room turning my nipples to bullets and it was really dark, but I could make out the surprise and hurt on Tony's face. "Fuck you", I thought.

I made straight for the boys' room and when I walked in, lo and behold, I could make out by the light of the camping light that they were both lying there in their sleeping bags with huge hard-ons like tent-poles!

What could I do with those? I mused, and proceeded to unzip both Stuart and Joe's sleeping bag zips. Their faces were a picture because I was standing almost naked in front of them. They didn't need much encouragement, and they both lay me down on their sleeping bags and let their hands roam all over my body. Squeezing my tits and fingering my soaking cunt. I kneeled up between them and took both their cocks and put them in my mouth one at a time. They groaned in ecstacy. Joe's cock was huge and I just couldn't stop myself sucking him. Stuart had decided to come from behind and rammed his throbbing cock into me. Aaah the pleasure, it still makes me shiver thinking about it today. My first spit roast! It wasn't long before both of them were sraying their come all over my tits and face. The last thing I remember before falling asleep sticky and covered with come in a tangle of bodies was Tony's pathetic face at the door.

You can imagine there was not much said on the way home! I seemed to be very popular after this and was always invited to a lot of parties. I drifted away from that circle of friends and hooked up with others, but that's another story.