Written by Unknown

10 Aug 2009

Im always horny ,so after he had made me cum once i knew that wasnt the end of the matter....i wanted his cock so bad,i wanted to gush my juices and cum like it wouldnt end.

"On all fours he told me,"i new what was coming next,baby oil............it poured down betweenb the cheeks of my arse and trickled all over my hot wet pussy,pushing my head down on to the bed so my shoulders were flat,he opened me up,ready to push,firstly slowly,then rightin my arse..ohhhhhh,it was pleasure and pain ,i kew in just a few seconds the pleasure would take over,in then outhe pulled his cock,telling me he was going to fuck my arse so hard that i would gush like i had never gushed before...i started to moan with pleasur at every stroke,forcing himself deeper and his balls push against my soft skin..He slapped my arse as he fucked me ,harder he slapped,then pulling back my hair with my head back he kissed my cheek....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi wanted so much to cum i could hold on no longer.

MYy body stiffed and my arse forced its self back on him with every stroke of his cock...my pussy tightend as his hand reached in me with his cock still firmly up my arse,fucking me with his fist at the same time,i was going to explode,i was strangling his fingers as my wet pussy started to spasum around him the juices squirted out at such a speed as i came that you could hear it gushing on to the bed and against him,again i came and gushed as he continued to fuck my arse harder,,,,he hadnt even cum as he withdrew and laid me on my back i was still cumminmg as his cock enterd my wet wanting pussy...harder he pushed his stiff cock into me...i started to withe as again i came,my juices spilling with every stroke of his cock...i panted and moaned...it wasnt all over yet..........