Written by silkymilky

27 May 2009

We sat for a while in the bar and both kept our hands up her dress, I was desperate to say 'Right lets get on with it', because my cock felt fit to burst, but being a polite host, I held out a little longer and ordered another round of drinks.

We remained in the bar for a short time and chatted, all the while his hand was up her dress stroking her pussy. Every so often my wife would wriggle in her chair, this was due to being aroused by a starnger in a public place whilst her husband sat and watched.

On leaving the bar we walked a short distance to the accomodation, climbed the stairs and went in to the room.

The minute the door was shut, I took hold of my wife and pulled her arse close in to me whilst holding her hips. Our 'friend' then approached from the front and began to kiss her. I kissed her neck as he kissed her lips and slid his hands back up her dress and in to her knickers. I could hear the wetness of her pussy as he played with her and I quickly slid my hand there aswell. For several minutes we played with her pussy and tits before he took her by the hand and lay her on the bed. They played with each other for several minutes before he took her knickers off, lay her on her back and began to lick her pussy. The excitement was immense, the atmosphere was very charged and I knew it was going to be a good evening. I watched him lick her clit and stick his tongue deep in to her pussy for at least five minutes, all the while she writhed about on the bed pushing his face harder against her. I took my cock out and began to slowly wank myself off, so turned on by what I could see before me.

He then took off his clothes, to be totally honest at this point I was slightly dissappointed as he seemed considerably heavier than he had done in his profile pictures, but his cock looked good, it was hard and of a considerable size and girth. He then turned my wife over and when he put her on all foors, he pushed his cock inside her. She moaned as he slid in to her and she pushed back on to his cock taking him deep inside. They fucked on the bed for several minutes whilst I got undressed and approached her from the front. I then put my cock in to her mouth and she sucked me whilst he fucked her. I could have cum extremely quickly, but didnt want the feeling to end, so before I came, I pulled away and watched them continueto fuck. He fucked her in many positions, on her back, whilst on her side and then with her on top.

It was at this point, I rejoined them and whilst she lay on top, I moved in from behind and put my cock inside her aswell. Two cocks in her pussy!! The feeling was great and very intense. We fucked like this for what seemed a considerable time until eventually he came. As he groaned upon coming I continued to fuck her hard whilst he was still inside her. I eventually came also and felt incredibly horny as I did. The night did not end there, but continued for a couple of hours following a similar theme, but it was a night to remember. We recorded some / most the the action so we could sit back at home and re-love the experience, some of that footage will go on to our private album, but we will be happy to share this with a select few.