Written by silkymilky

26 May 2009

Having had 3 previous experiences of threesomes in the past we decided to get back at it.

Personally speaking, I find nothing more sexy and arousing than seeing another man fuck my wife. We have always enjoyed our previous encounters, but this time it was a complete stranger!!!

We met in a local bar after a brief exchange of texts messages that lasted a couple of weeks. I was as nervous as hell, but my wife seemed very, very relaxed. I was suprised if I am honest that this guy turned up as it takes a certain amount of bottle I guess, but true to his word he arrived.

Having never met before we all seemed at ease with each other and it wasn't long before we arrived at the subject of previous experience and sex. A couple of bottles of red later and things began to heat up a little. Whilst sat at the table I placed my hand up my wifes dress and gently rubbed her pussy, I could feel her all wet and swollen and I was so turned on. Within a minute or two it wasnt just my hand up there, but he also put his hand up there and stroked her pussy.................. Next update coming soon with a video clip of the nights experience being added to the private gallery!! If you want to see and hear more then please check out our page and who knows.........