Written by nathan7

18 Jul 2005

We all met at a hotel near Gatwick airport on a warm Saturday evening. I was already sat in the hotel bar when the couple entered who I had been keeping in touch with by e-mail for a little while now. The husband was in his late 40s, slim and around 5ft 9in tall but looked younger, his wife was in her early 40s and was dressed very elegantly with a high split in her long skirt. She was of asian origin and had very large breasts which she kept lowering her top for me to see her very sexy clevage.

After a social drink and a brief conversation, the husband suggested that we go to the hotel room that had been booked. We went to the room and each of us showered individually. We then all got on the bed with his wife imbetween us. He took off her bra and exposed her gorgeous breasts which were huge. We both didn't waste anytime in taking a breast each in our mouths! We were both licking, sucking and kissing her breasts while my hand headed for her underwear which I proceeded to pull down.

I was fingering her wet pussy for a long time before she started gently pushing my face towards it. I then started darting my tongue in and out while I could hear her gently moaning! Her husband meanwhile was wanking while he watched me pleasure his wife!

I then moved out the way and let him fuck her with all that he had! Afterwards he moved over and I got on top of her and fucked her while she was moaning louder and louder! He then told her to get on top of me and fuck me as hard as she could! So while she was doing this, I was sucking and touching her breasts so much.

Her husband then put his rock hard cock in her arse at the same time and she received double penetration. She was in a state of exctasy and begged for us to keep going- which we did. We both came almost together after she had gushed all over me and we all agreed that we should meet and do it all again sometime!