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were an easy going couple up for most things, had some experiance enjoyed now looking for more -
were an easy going couple up for most things, had some experiance enjoyed now looking for more.We are looking for single bi females or bi couples.
Welton hill, Lincolnshire, LN2

fun loving couple looking for excitement and new friends for sexy fun and laughter

Spalding, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom
Fit and attractive male (42) looking for NSA fun and frollic's -
Fit and attractive male (42) looking for NSA fun and frollic's. I will try anything twice! Lets have a bit excitement together, couples or single females. 
Lincolnshire, LN1

hi we are a couple looking for hot horny fun with like minded people will give anything a try but no m&m or water sports husband would like to watch wife with another women, couple or single man would like to join in with man wife wants to try a women for the first time so anybody out there willing to break in a bi curious virgin

Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom
i loking for service for my wife
Washingborough, Lincolnshire, LN4
hello ..... well there isnt a lot to say about me as been on here awhile now ... single .... female... mature like a glass of good wine and looking for something not sure what in the chat room early .... and also on most nights so say hi .................... you never know p.s just to let you know if anyone reads this ... not meeting anyone at present ..... but still chatting
Rippingale, Lincolnshire, PE10
I am a Bi male and looking for a couple who do not have to be Bi but GREAT if you are. Lets get together and have some fun, I am into most things except pain "OUCH" doesnt do it for me sorry. Im very discreet, clean, non smoker, I do pack a few xtra pounds I drink socially but above all I love sex and my tongue has life of its own, go on give me a try.
Wykeham, Lincolnshire, PE12
1st time couple we are a 1st time shy,but sexy couple looking for some fun times. please be gentle as we are new to the scene. hope to chat soon.x.
Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12

Hi new here looking for fun and to try new things

Wyberton, Lincolnshire, PE21
Hi there Thanks for taking the trouble to check out my profile. I hope you find something in here to attract you, hopefully interest you in inviting me into your life for a couple of hours or at the very least, giving you a good laugh. As you can see, my name is mike and I'm 45 years old. I'm five feet ten inches tall, short dark wavy hair, green eyes and an immaculately trimmed and tidy moustache. I'm carrying a few pounds more that i would like but losing it steadily although I'm not obese. I'm a photographer, currently studying to HND level and i specialise in aviation photography although weddings and portraits are my bread and butter work. I have many varied interests and hobbies including cooking, natural history, current affairs, reading painting and drawing, photography (naturally) walking, scale modeling, military history pleasant conversation and all kinds of music from Beethoven to guns n roses. As a person I'm honest and open, i cant see the point in telling lies as sooner or later they always come out in the wash. I am currently in a long term relationship with a wonderful woman who i love very much. you may of course be asking why then do i have an add on here if i love her so much? the simple answer is I'm highly sexed and always have been, my sex live with my partner is fantastic but because of our work we don't get to spend that much time together. she is well aware of my needs and this add and understands 100%. I'm laid back none push and always willing to listen and where possible offer advise and support. I make a good friend and i like to think i will always be there for those closest to me. In the bedroom I am always willing to try something new, although i am finding it more and more difficult to find something i have not already done. i am into most things such as oral (giving and receiving) anal, toys, group sex voyeurism DP's etc etc but anything that belongs down the toilet, on a farm or in school has no interest to me Whit so ever. I am not into pain although a little bit of mild pain is ok neither am I into role play or dressing up as bat man and taking jumps of the wardrobe. I will always give the people i am with 100% because at the end of the day, i would like to get invited back another time, so i aim to impress. I Think its important to honour any arrangement that may be made. its a well known fact that single guys have an appalling reputation and its not rocket science as to the reasons why. I believe that if an arrangement to meet has been made then it should be honoured. How many times has a single guy backed out at the last minute with some laim excuse? he must surely have know at the time the arrangements were made if he had some other appointment so why mess people around like that. Chances are when this happens he is probably married and he cant get away from the missus. Bottom line is, i don't like to be messed about so i would not treat anyone any diff rent to how i would like to be treat. well I'm not going to ramble on and on for ever. The only way you will find out what sort of guy I am is to either meet on line and have a chat, or better still meet for real. I would be willing to meet first time in a place of your choose for a drink and a chat. I would of course be prepared to play first night but that would be entirely your decision.. If you re interested or just curious and wasn't to find out a little more then drop me a line.. i will do my best to answer all emails. I look forward to hearing from you all soon and Hope we can meet in the not too distant future..take care, have f=un and be happy... Mike XXXXX
Wragby, Lincolnshire, LN3
i want to have someone come to my home(would prefer female and male or two or more males) and once i have let them in they grab me strip me restrain me and fully shave me, then the woman or man fucks me with a strap on and the man forces me to suck his cock, after a while they stop and the man gets me on my back the woman sits on my face and makes me lick her and does breathe control on me with her arse and pussy, then as she doing that the man gets my legs and fucks my arse as both are giving me cbt. then after this im left tied and gagged, after a while they come back, and torture me in there own ways, im then tied in away so im bent over and my cock and balls are tied and a big dildo is used to fuck me some more, after a few hours im forced in the shower and they wash me all over then take me to the other room where im tied spread eagle and the woman re sits on my face and im again made to lick her as she pisses all over me making me drink it all, the man starts to cover me in wax and then fully covers my cock and balls in it, im then taken to my bed and tied face down, as they fuck each other im then made to swallow is cum and then to lick her clean, again they take me and clean me up and tjem im cuffed and gagged and in tears and very saw, but they have no where near finished with me yet, the man then gets me and ties me down again, and the woman fucks me again but this time really hard the man forces is cock in my mouth again and then after a while they swap over im then tortured and punished more and this goes on for the whole weekend, when i think they have finished, they take me into the tv room where im told not to say a word, the man gets me and gets me to suck is cock as the woman is doing something with the videl recorder she then starts playing this film and it is off the whole thing,she then fucks me hard again and when she is done the man does the same, they then say if i say anything they will show everyone the video i agree not to and as thye leave they say they will be back for a re run mmm i cant wait, so anyone who can do this or anything like this then get intouch 100% genuine and waiting, anyone interested email me and ill send contact details
Wispington, Lincolnshire, LN9
Hi! My name is Russell and I am a straight single male from Sunny Skegness. I'm 33 years old, though people say I look younger (lucky me!) I'm 6'2" tall, weigh just under 12 stone (so I'm pretty slim though not athletic) and have dark spiky hair and green eyes. If I was to describe my personality in a few phrases I would say I'm laid-back, open-minded and non-judgemental, unfailingly polite, considerate, gentle, an excellent listener, good with secrets, and never pushy. But of course, like anyone I am more complex than that so you'll have to get to know me if you want to know more! I also sometimes swing with my bi-fem partner as a couple so if that's what you'd prefer, let me know. What am I looking for? Well, all sorts of things really! Friendship? Yes. One night stands? I'm open to that. Long term association with a swinging couple? Certainly if that's what you want too. A relationship with the right woman? Aren't we all! Just chat? Yep - I like that too. Exchange of sexy emails? Love it. Phonesex? Tried it, liked it, would do it again. Cybersex? Definitely. I don't like to rule people out on the grounds of age or looks - personality is the most important thing - but I would tend to go for people aged 21-45. As far as sex goes, I am open to exploring new things, though so far I am not into any of the normal fetishes. I love to start slow - I enjoy giving massages, and get very into foreplay and oral pleasure (giving and receiving.) I'd like to have more male/male/female threesomes, or even a male/female/female if that was possible. But the most important thing is for all parties to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible with what is going on - your boundaries and limits would of course be completely respected. Safety is important too. And as far as I'm concerned, all pleasure should be mutual for the experience to be a good one. I have a car and can travel, or would consider accommodating the right person/people. So if you want to know more, get in touch with me. All messages will be replied to, usually within a day or two though of course I can't guarantee it. Have fun! Preferably with me! Russell
Winthorpe, Lincolnshire, PE25
I'm 34, 5'9 with extremely short brown hair and grey/green eyes. I would describe my build as stocky. I have been told I'm good looking in the past but I do not think I'm God's gift (they may have just been being nice :) ). I'm married and discussed swinging with my wife but she did not feel comfortable with the idea. I can't let the idea go though and am looking for discreet adventures with single females or couples. When I say single females I am not saying no to married ladies: that would be hypocritical :-) I am still friendly with a couple of ex girlfriends and we've reminisced so to speak. So the leap for me would be groups and the fact I don't know you. I live in South Lincolnshire and travel regularly with work. Sometimes I'm away for one night and other times I'm away for a few weeks. I usually stay in Hiltons or Holiday Inns depending which type is nearer to where I'm working. Sexually I'm extremely open minded, w/s is not a personal turn on and neither is pain. My honest goal is to give and receive pleasure. I am not selfish and don't expect selfishness. As long as all parties are enjoying themselves its fine by me. I just love all aspects of sex. I love to give and receive oral, str8 sex, anal sex, watching sex, filming sex, photographing sex - you get the idea. I wouldn't say I'm bi curious but I would be willing to experiment if the mood was right and specifically if it was a huge turn on for the lady. I am not pushy and will respect safe sex and your boundaries at ALL times. I have a high sex drive and viagra is not required (no offence). I'm between 7 and 8 inches and pretty girthy for those of you who need to know. You tell me if that's we, vwe, average or small :) Have fun and hopefully some of it will be with me :) I'm happy to be with people younger or older than myself but women larger than size 14 are not my type.
Saltersford, Lincolnshire, NG31
Early 40s female ... attractive,longish hair,wears make-up ...roundish tum and roundish bum.. very large bust. I have VERY limited experience , but I am easy going and approachable. PLEASE EMAIL ME TELLING ME WHAT i CAN DO FOR YOU OR YOU CAN DO FOR ME.I am looking for real meets withing the next few days NOT is several weeks time. I need to find the right people to initiate me! i AM A TEMP MEMBER AT THE MOMENT AND I AM TRYING TO SEE HOW MUCH INTEREST THERE IS IN ME, SO THAT i CAN DECIDE IF IT IS WORTH PAYING THE FEE. At the moment I cannot reply unless you have some way of getting your contact details to me. I also advertise on swing2usdotcom as SarahJane. I am bi curious, with some bi experience.I am not shy. I am actively seeking the following... Couples Either experienced to help initiate me further or inexperienced if genuine and really looking to meet up. Single females Single females or couples where the male wishes to watch. Groups Small groups that are non pushy and happy to allow me to join in at my own pace. SINGLE MALES...PLEASE READ I have not previously met with single males, but may consider this if you are polite, educated and know how to make a female feel special..Please also be aware that I cannot guarantee full swap with single always this depends on each individual circumstance. PLEASE have a sexual interest in fuller figure females or a desire to experience the joys of the fuller figure. Perhaps you are a couple where the female is slim or small busted and you have talked about wanting to play with a larger female. I am happy to work with you in this type of fantasy. I am not obese and I am attractive, but if you only like the slimmer types then I am not the girl for you! Don't bother me if you are not serious about this.Time wasters are easily spotted and always ignored.
Washingborough, Lincolnshire, LN4
We are a very friendly easy going cpl who just like to have fun swinging, we dont have any rules (only safe sex) as long as its fun we are happy and willing to try new things !! , but each to their own so we will respect any rules you have. soft of full swap - see how we all feel at the time etc. Marie is 5ft6 size12, 34b,attractive blonde and always shaven, can be a little bi - doesnt like facial hair or balding guys usually and does prefer under 40 - but give us a try anyway ! Paul is 5ft7,12stone,average size and very trimmed/shaven. hair is brown/messed hairstyle - like to think we are an average attractive cpl. We are non smokers and prefer the same. light/considerate ok - but our home is a no smoking zone !! Having a young family means playtime is limited but we do what we can and are very willing for people to come to ours (usually evening) for a social chat, absolutely no pressure at all - ever although we will play on 1st meets if everyone is happy. And we do get out from time to time, and always make the effort in being well presented and sweet smelling !! doesnt everyone ? We prefer cpls of fairly the same/similar build to ourselves and where both of you are happy swinging and swapping. It should be fun for all involved. We like 4some same room fun but not against other suggestions. Have been to 101 club Doncaster twice now and would prefer to perhaps go with or meet another cpl there - its a very nice club. We try to reply to all mails even just no thx, and appologies to any that have mailed and we missed that. Early phone chat is appreciated. Hope to hear from all you horny swingers soon.But we cant reply even if you mail us !! : ( so maybe use cpl35lincs ways of ..mail.. ing xxxx
Saltersford, Lincolnshire, NG31
General Information about us Hi there .. We are R (bi-37) and N (st8-40) and are a happily married couple of 19 yrs .. fun loving couple who enjoy the friendship and fun of like minded couples .. R being the louder-chattier member of this partnership and N the shyer type who works very hard to keep R in the luxury she is accusstomed too LOL :) Additional Information We started to explore our fantasies in 2001 and have made some really super friends doing so .. not all we have swung with i might add!! And by no means everyone who contacts us we will be having fun with, friendship of like minded other is great too ... We haven't done clubs or parties and not sure if we would want to. Have done both soft and full swap but only into same room fun. Have not been on the scene in quite a while but would love to contact like minded people for chatting, socials and maybe more :) What we are Looking for We have joined this site for the friendship and fun of liked minded people .. We are soooooooo not interested in a different couple every weekend that is just not us and nothing will happen until we get to know a couple well ..We aren't paris-models ourselves but we know we have to be attracted to the other couple.. R is bi and would love to have yet more experiences and N would love that too :) Interested to meet people in our "own area" for soft or full swap if we all get on after chatting and exchanging facial pics, we prefer going for a drink/meal to see if we all get on before we commit to having a fun time, but if we dont click friendship will be all that we can offer,sorry but that is the way we are .. Thanks for looking at our profile if you want to know anymore about us just ask .. we dont bite !!!
Wellingore, Lincolnshire, LN5
Please, if you contact us then include an email address as we cannot reply to you through this site! We are a married couple from Lincolnshire, looking to meet couples and bi-girls. We have been doing this now for 3 years, we've had some wonderful times and are hoping to have more! We would like to meet others like ourselves, who are looking for friendly fun. We are not into one nighters, we are looking for people we can get on with, enjoy their company, and hopefully get along so well we all want to be VERY friendly! We are unable to reply on this site, but if you do like the look of us, please contact us on SkegnessSwingers at h0tmail d0t c0m She is 33, 5'6", size 12, very bi, and loves both men and women to pay her lots of attention. He is 38, 6' tall, str8, and has a wicked sense of humour. We can travel within reason, and are happy to accomodate. We have no children, and have plenty of room for guests! We are not normally into one night stands ( but we all know how these things happen! ), and we are not looking for single men. We are looking for nice friendly people who we can meet, have a good time, and if everyone is happy to, have a REALLY good time with! We would expect to talk to both of you on the phone at a fairly early stage. After that, we are happy to take things at your pace, and see where we go from there. If you are still interested after all of that, then drop us a line! Please send us a sensible pic if you have one, and no gyno shots....they do all look the same, and to be honest, once you've seen one, you've seen them all! PS - No single males please! x x x x x x x x x x x
Wyberton fen, Lincolnshire, PE21
Hi, Thanks for having a look at my Ad. Well, my name is Jo, I am a coloured male, aged 35. I have a GSOH . I'm handsome, so I’:m told. I’:m a professional working person with a GSOL and live in the Lincolnshire area. I am an easygoing, genuine guy whom would like to meet up with females and couples for save sexy fun. I'm very broadminded and have no hang-ups about sex or fucking a woman whilst her man watches / joins in. I love to give and receive oral sex, like long foreplay (both ways) videos, toys, outdoor/car sex, 3-somes (mfm). I do not mind if you want to take photos or video the action –::: as long as it’:::s for your own use. I would love to help you explore & act out and fulfil your sexual fantasies. Total discretion is always assured and also expected, as is safe sex. No time wasters please. I would like to make phone contact as soon as possible, no lengthy emails or putting of meeting up. Maybe we could meet up for a drink and see how thing go. Hope to hear from you soon. Jo
Torksey lock, Lincolnshire, LN1
Probably a rare beast in society at the moment, maturely handsome with years of experience, knows what women want, (don't we all) have a great personality with handsome looks (I'm told, so I believe it), fun to be with, very outgoing, articulate, love to laugh and make people laugh, although this can be a challenge with some folk, obviously extremely modest with an insatiable desire for "no strings fun" and what fun could turn into. To quantify this without being too sexually explicit, I'm not a lascivious animal (well only slightly) but just at this time all I'm looking for is what comes under an umbrella heading of "mutually appreciated fun" with a like minded person which includes sex perhaps not straight away although straight away is ok with me, who knows how these things could pan out, whatever happens though discretion has to be paramount! What they look for in a person: I'm looking for a fun loving lady with a very naughty side who's relationship or sex life (or both) have become a little boring who is looking for a some no strings fun & excitement! Too much to ask? I don't think so!! Physical characteristics: Height: 5' 9" (175 cm) Weight: 186 Lbs. (85 Kg.) Body Type: Male - Average Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Ethnicity: White/Caucasian Lifestyle characteristics: Smokes: Don't Drinks: Often (> 3 times/week) Marital Status: Living together Children: Yes, not living at home Education: Some college Profession: Self Employed Last Online: Now
Wykeham, Lincolnshire, PE12
Busty Bi Blonde After Some Fun!!!! Great natural 36FF boobs to share with the right person, so if that appeals to you - what are you waiting for, get in touch! I've had a couple of experiences and want to try more, and would prefer to keep things "hassle free" by meeting someone out of town. I have a number of fantasies that I would like to live out, I can be mildly assertive or submisive, depending on what the person I meet is after. Ideal Person: I've got an understanding bloke, and as I haven't advertised on a website before, I would prefer that he is there for the initial introduction / social side of things, just for my own piece of mind, hope you understand. What happens after that, is up to you and me, but if I get chance would prefer him to be present through out. If you have a bloke, that isn't a problem, but please don't expect me to do anything with him, I'm not after that. Please - no single males. I'm looking to fulfil my lesbian fantasies, and no matter how many pictures you send me of your knob, trust me - you haven't got what I'm after! Would like to find feminine lesbian or bi girl, for clean sexy, girl on girl fun! I travel around the region, so could travel an hour or two from Lincoln to meet somebody. Discretion is assured, and in return, expected. I'm not after a long-term relationship, just a good night out (or in) and a sexy encounter or two without any hassle. If the thought of playing with my tits while I'm playing with yours gets you going, send me a mail.
Torksey lock, Lincolnshire, LN1
Hi my Name is John though in my early 60`s l am still sexually active,l`m STRAIGHT enjoy 1 on 1 also joining in with other male in making the lady the main recipient of all our attention, in some good threesome action, enjoy Mutual Oral and get really enthuseactic if confronting a lovely smooth or closely shaven pussy as l shave around my lower area regular. i also enjoy sex `DOGGY STYLE` into either hole and love to gently caress and squeeze a nice pair of while fucking in this position. l don`t drive as l would love to enjoy outdoor sex, enjoy writing EROTIC mails and also chatting on the phone these two activities are much better if l have a naked seductive photo to gain insperation from. l enjoy dining out occasionally and if we have a great time in each others Company with good fun conversation as well as good Sex, l would be interested in meeting on a regular social/sexual basis l`m divorced, live alone, have my own 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached House, in GRIMSBY love having Single Women or Couples who are Happy to stay over the weekend so we can really get to know one another, Enjoy good conversation while enjoining a glass or two of wine, hae a good cross selection of adult DVD`s if needed to get everyone in an excited mood, l`m clean and hygenic. So l think that`s about all so if you have any questions or more information about myself just ask. So thanks for reading this, only had one mail so far, and no offers to meet, So Bye for now John
Grimsby, Lincolnshire, DN36
Hi, I'm Simon, early 40's, separated, clean, reliable, honest, and here for fun. I've had limited swinging experience in the past while I was in a relationship, but been single for far too long and looking for some fun. I'm not looking for the party scene at the moment, but for females who are interested in meeting up for 1 on 1 sexual encounters without the compexities of a relationship. I live on the Cambs / Lincs border near Peterborough and can accommodate or will travel within reason. I've never used recreational drugs or been treated for STD's, and will always practice safe sex with someone I don't know. I'm a little bit podgy but not obese, short hair, shaved face and balls, and know how to use soap and water. Sexually I like to be dominant and role play including bondage and similar activities but don't let that put you off if it's not your scene. I would never force anyone into that type of play and am up for straight sex meetings also. Also like to play outdoors when the Great British weather allows (so at least three days a year). I'm fairly open minded about the girls I meet although intimate piercings really do not do anything for me. Would prefer you to be younger than me and shaved although not essential. The main thing is to be D&D free, clean, and genuine about meeting. I'm also happy to meet initially in a public place for a pint or a coffee so that you can assure yourself that I'm not some nutter.
West Deeping, Lincolnshire, PE6
l am a Mature divorced male living alone in GRIMSBY, N.E.Lincolnshire with own 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached on a nice Quite Private Estate nicely placed to the countryside with the Town Centre only a shot Bus ride away as alas l don`t Drive, The Seaside Resort is a short ride away. l have been in the Swinging Scene at various times and places having lived in Milton Keynes for 21 years working as a Security Printer at a firm in Wolverton, l decided to move back to Grimsby after receiving early Retirement for a knee injury about 10 yrs ago but had a knee replacement 9yrs ago leaving me needing a walking stick to get about. Though in my late 60`s l`m still SEXUALLY ACTIVE and having regular sessions, though it would be so much nicer having a regular Female partner or a couple MF meeting at weekends dining out then returning to my plasce getting totally relaxe and enjoy a bottle or two of wine as we watch one or two Raunchy DVD`s then as we all become sexually aroused some groping begins taking place, leading to aticles of clothing being discarded as soon start advancing into full foreplay and oral sex and soon deep pentrating intercourse as the males take turns in pleasuring their fem. Companion this is quickly followed by some threesome DP Through the night till we are all totally well and truly sexally satisfied. Soon were in deep slumber happily worn out.
Grimsby, Lincolnshire, DN36
Sexy couple looking for unattached man 45 - 60 to join us in a threesome. Must use condom, and be average or larger!! Please read what follows very, very carefully if you do not wish to waste your time! We are a mature, married couple (she mid 50’s, he mid 60’s) who enjoy the good things in life. We are not looking for ‘a bit of rough’ – but rather an educated, articulate man (aged between 40 and 60) to join us in our bedroom. We are not interested in one-night stands, but rather a long-term arrangement with someone who is UNATTACHED and available at weekends – possibly for an overnight stay. The successful applicant will be ‘non-pushy’, clean, D & D free and willing to use a CONDOM during penetrative activity. Race is unimportant, but he must be a non-smoker, who is clean-shaven and ‘unpierced’ and is either circumcised or has a foreskin which retracts fully when erect. He will be average (or larger lenth & thickness) in ‘size’ and feel at ease with oral stimulation from both of us. He will NOT be into pain or watersports. IF you fulfil the above criteria, please write and tell us something about yourself (i.e. your interests both in an out of bed). We will IGNORE all ‘one-liners’ and any replies which do not include both a facial and body photograph. We look forward to hearing from you
Wyville, Lincolnshire, NG32
We are a professional very discreet, nice looking (so told!) very sexy sensual couple, mfmf, mmf, ffm, dogging , indoor outdoors sexy fun, bi sexy fun all with like minded friends not just 1 night stands here thanks.. love to pleasure you, watch & be watched infact whatever turns you on.... we are non smokers, enjoy sexy social evenings in/out whatever suits you, very easy going, good company & enjoy sexy fun company .... S > shes bi if required but not essential to her & very understanding towards bicurious fems who are interested in taking a step further, not pushy & will go at your own pace, 38DD GORGEOUS NATURAL BOOBS GREAT SENSUAL NIPPLES! TAKE A LOOK! MMM & SEXY PUSSY! prrrrrrfect clit!! meeeeeow! lol loves to Dress sexily, basques stocking, heels ect classy, loves to tease & real cute with it lol..loves toys infact all aspects of sensual hot horny sex.. N > hes very erotic sensual well endowed, lovely build!! adores sexy fun with S & whoevers joining in with us. LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU, we have more sensual pics & moby number to confirm 100% genuine to swop. GO ON CUMMMMMMMMM JOIN US FOR GREAT SEXUAL COMPANY & LOADS OF SEXY FUN TOGETHER...LIFES TOO SHORT JUST LIVE IT!! SEXILY!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX EMAIL US FOR MORE PICS
Grimsby, Lincolnshire, DN36
Hey everyone! Right we're looking for a number of things, the main one and most important, is a girl to have a threesome with. We want a nice girl who's easy to get along with, I'm bi but i don't have much experience in this area. I'm also quite submissive so i want someone who can take charge of me. My partner however likes to be in control so any girls would have to be submissive to him. You can tell us what you will and won't do and we will respect that. If you think we are what your looking for please don't hesitate to get in contact so we can have a chat. We are also looking for a girl to suck Iain, while he films it, so I can watch it later... I may then ask for a repeat performance but with me there to join in the other thing we're looking for is a guy, or a group of guys to help my partner abuse me. I like being tied down, i like it hard, i also like anal- but not so hard, i like the idea of lots of men at once in other words I'm a slut but the bonus is i don't look it, in fact i look really sweet and innocent (or so I've been told!). My partner has to be the one in charge as he is the one i trust to know where my limits are. So If you like the sound of us please get in contact!
Wellingore, Lincolnshire, LN5
Average build white male seeks sexy ladies or couple for shared fun and mutual pleasure. Can meet up for a drink and see how we get on first if you like, no hassle or stress given or required. No problems if your black or white, single or married. Don't mind a threesome but have not been there before, but looking forward to it immensely. Age immaterial but slightly more mature are very welcome. I love nice lingerie, oral, 1 on 1, etc. My biggest dislike are timewasters and dreamers, I get enough of those at work so not tolerated here. That's why I am honest enough with my age at 52, nothing wrong with 52, I have the experience to please and the patience to wait, I'm told I have excellent manners. I consider myself well fit with ample stamina, not bald, fat or arrogant. People who know me think I am 45ish, I don't smoke, but accept those who do, I seldom drink beer, preferring wine. I know the meaning of the word No and respect all decisions. My picture sent directly to you on receipt of yours My discretion is assured and yours expected. Nothing weird, and must be safe. All email answered. Please give a direct email address for quicker response. Email me at
Wykeham, Lincolnshire, PE12
Hi we are a fun sexy couple from Lincoln, she is 25 slim and gorgeous, he is 39 athletic and fugly. We really are not looking for anything other than fun chats at the moment. If eventually we ever did meet it would not be for anything other than soft swap with our own partners, ie watching others and they watching us, we will never swap, its just not for us. Occasionally guys mrsfoofs likes to see single guys having fun, but only occasionally, so if she wants to watch she knows where to find you, so please don't bother us with pointless messages. Couples we are getting braver each time and enjoying seeing you and you seeing us. So if they are any other couples who like voyerism like us then please feel free to contact us. As a note because we require discretion we do not show face pictures on here or show our faces on public cam, when we are on its easy enough to tell we are a real couple because one of us will have boobs. We will however consider showing faces on private cam i.e msn with like minded people. Enough of that now, hope to here from all you sexy couples soon. P.S neither of us are bi or curious, mrsfoofs tried it once and its not really her thing....or is it
Witham st. hughs, Lincolnshire, LN6
Hi there Thanks for reading our advert. We are a married couple - straight male 48 and bi female 45. We have been swinging for a number of years but wouldn't consider ourselves hardcore. Ideally we are looking for a single bi female to share but will also consider couples with a bi female. We both smoke and female likes an occasional drink. Female is extremely bi (but not a lesbian). We enjoy an active social life but have not attended any parties yet, but this may change in the future. At the moment we prefer to keep it personal. Friendship is extremely important to us so we would wish to become friends first and take it from there. Anything else is considered to be a bonus. He has a little extra padding whilst she is a trim size 8. If you think you may be interested in meeting with us then please talk to us, we don't bite (unless you want us to lol). We do have photos but will only swap them after talking first. We are not collectors and before you may ask we don't do cyber or phone sex. Sorry but that's the way it is. Also please note NO SINGLE MALES EVER. Been there done that already. Once again thanks for reading this ad and hope to hear from you soon.
Winthorpe, Lincolnshire, PE25
Horny experienced bull looking for fun Looking for a FB to take to clubs le chamber, Isis, club tease2 evening paid for meal and club pick you up drop you off also to meet cpls friends of mine Hi peeps have been on this site before, I fancied a break. Anyways what I'm looking for is fun fun and possibly ALOT more fun I'm an experienced str8t bull. Done cuckolds gangbangs, 1 to 1's, bukka parties....... I am a respectful, clean discreet male looking to meet couples, females or groups for nsa fun. I will always respectful of wishes and limits of others also I hope peeps will respect mine. Happy to travel or accomodate or share cost of hotel. Open to any suggestions apart from very extreme extreme pain, piss and scat (each to there own ......yuk) Happy to watch, happy to play all fantasys fulfilled nothing shocks me but generally always happy. Endless emails I find pointless and boring, rather email then chat and take things from there Have been fortunate to meet some great folks from this site and hopefully will meet a few more. Hopefully hear from you soon, and if you do feel the urge to contact me then don't be shy give me a try......... Play Safe Peeps
Fishtoft, Lincolnshire, PE21
Hi, and thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. I am looking for some adventurous times with the right person or people! Its not always the size that counts but also the person inside. Larger people can be just as sensual as slim people. Although having said that there still needs to be some chemistry there. I can get on with most people and have a great sense of humour, am quite easy going. I am comfortable about myself. I take care in my appearance and try to look after myself. I am about 34 waist, clean shaven, mousy brown hair (now with some of the distinguished look coming through), blue eyes, tan quite well, and am reasonably sized in the lower regions. Also I can and will be discreet, and would expect the same. I don't mind a meet in a pub, restaurant or coffee shop etc if that is more comfortable to start with. I prefer meets during the day in the week, as I can travel and do travel about a bit for my work. I do prefer one to ones, but could be persuaded to try anything else at least once! If you like what you have seen so far get back to me for more details, or ask what you like and i will answer honestly. , hope to speak to you soon, A.
Gosberton, Lincolnshire, PE11
hi guys how u all doin. first time i have used this only just found out about it. well, im an easy going, friendly m, 23, an i live in Lincoln. dont think im too bad looking i guess but not for me to decide!! i have been single for about 4 mnths now, but i have swung before with my last two girlfriends. but, now that im single again, and lovin it, its time to venture out on my own!! i am hoping to meet couples or single women, any ages, for some hot an sweaty grindin sessions! i am exceptionally clean AND discreet, and totally will respect your wishes at all times. sex wise i am up for just about anything and always up for tryin new stuff of course! i love sex outdoors, like in woods etc, even more so if there's a chance of gettin caught...! one thing i have never done, and maybe with the right couple i might, is to suck a bloke off while his girl wanks herself off, an then all 3 of us fuck each other senseless! sounds like it could be fun! anyways thats about it from me for the mo, thanks for taking the time to read this ad an i hope to hear from some of you soon. i will reply to all GENUINE replies with or without pic, courtesy an all that!! bye 4 now, R
Witham st. hughs, Lincolnshire, LN6
Hey guys! so a little intro into our naughty sexual life.. we're a young, fit and adventurous couple that loves to live life! wer'e looked apon as being a very naughty and sexual couple that would do or try anything naughty together! thats where we wanted to venture down this route.. we're completely new to all this swinging and well basically we want to start by introducing someone else into our sex life, we've spoke about it to each other and its something were nervous, but very excited to do! we would love to be introduced into the swining clubs and gatherings, where we can chat to like minded girls and boys and see where the night takes us, nothing too forceful.. either that or meet up with a couple or girl similar to us privately for drinks and a little play fun!! first off we're not looking for a single guy just yet as we want to get our feet under the table and be with a couple first and see how we feel after that, hope thats understandable! would love to know how to get started, the different ways to start off etc!! please get in touch with us, share pics and flirt a little thankyou love josh and holly xxx
Lincolnshire, LN5
We are a fun loving couple in our early 40s who enjoy sex and are looking to enhance it. We are both chatty and friendly and he is always out for a joke. I am 5' 2" and a curvy (hour glass figure) size 14 natural blonde and I want to find out if blondes really do have more fun. He is 5' 8", medium build with brown hair. He always show respect to women and is a caring lover. We do not want pushy couples as we like to feel comfortable in your company and would prefer to have a drink and maybe chat alittle first, just to get relaxed. If all parties are not comfortable then we will not be prepared to play. He has being swinging for a while but I am new to it all. I have had 1 ffm and mmf encounters which we enjoyed. However we would now like to try having fun with another couple. We do not do anal sex and would prefer full swap, same room sex. For the first meet we are prepared to travel and if we would all like to meet up again, we could accommodate. We are not full members so if you would to chat, send us your email address , however they will strip out full addresses so please be creative and we will reply.
Torksey lock, Lincolnshire, LN1
Couple who are good company great sence of humor and although nervous want exciting sexual experiences with other couples. all things considered except usuall no no's, Bi part is not esential but he would love to experiment with this. She already knows she likes it. live to a good standard and looking for people from similar background, no heathans. we are not time wasting and if you would like you to send us a little information about yourselves with a photo of you both, clothed is fine just to see what you look like before first contact, we will return ours to you, and hopefully meet you, consideration for our limits is essential as is respect and a good sence of humour. We are looking for people with personality. we will reply to all adds even if we only say no thanks, she would like to speak to female of any couple befor we meet to satisfy herself about you, but don't worry if we can find the right people will play, really wants MMF or MFMF and other combinations as well as being turned on watching partner with others. Please no single males? look forward to talking to you all Luv John & Claire
Yarburgh, Lincolnshire, LN11
Hi thanks for reading this. Im a 24year old single male looking for fun short term or longer if I meet the right couple. Im 5"11 Mid build short brown hair Brown/green eyes (god im crap at discribing myself) I am friendly definatley non-pushy and have a sense of humor that I do use from time to time. I am just looking for a good time same as you this could involve me turning up and doing nothing except watching or it could involve doing all sorts its totally up to you im easy. Im based in Lincoln but do have transport so can travel most evenings and weekends I am totally clean dont do drugs do smoke and also drink on the odd occasion. I have never done anything like this before so would be ideal for a couple who are less experianced (or not at all) the same as me. The couple(s) I would most like to meet would be between 18-40 yrs old. Thats about it looks are not as important to me as having a good time. Thats about all I can think of right now if you want to know anything else ask away and I will answer honestly. Face Pics will be sent if i feel you are genuine. Cheers.
Torksey lock, Lincolnshire, LN1
My life is just one big oxymoron... Life is full of uncertainties...or I could be wrong about that? Not only am I redundant and superfluous, but I also tend to use more words than necessary. Always remember you're unique...just like everyone else! I keep telling myself that I am a pathological liar, but I am not sure if I believe it. There are only three kinds of people: people who can count and people who can't. Grammar has gots to be one of the most importantest things ever? Some people say that I'm superficial,but that's just on the surface. On one hand, I'm indecisive: but on the other, I'm not. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's intolerance. The world's full of apathy, but I don't care.... if you would like to chat, i have .. .. .. (im a chat whore! haha).. my email is the_joker_uk_81 at yahoo dot co dot uk so, im looking for some new experiences is really what i should be saying i guess.. the rest of that is just to make you laugh.. (apparently if you can make a girl laugh, youve got her half way into bed.. now i just need to work on the other half..)..
Wellingore, Lincolnshire, LN5
I am 70+,and partly disabled. However the mind is active even though the flesh is weak ! I can still bring a woman to orgasm with fingers and tongue. I have a good sense of hmour and am of a generous nature. I would like to meet a mature couple. I am bi-curious and would be interested in exploring this side of things further. I especially like to indulge in oral sex and watching couples having sex. Looks are of no importance compared with personality. I am looking to develop a long term relationship where, in time, many aspects of the swinging scene can be explored. Any such relationship should be devoted to giving each other maximum pleasure. I enjoy being in mixed nude company swapping erotic stories, engaging in mutual masturbation or watching porno movies. I would welcome erotic e-mails to which I would reciprocate. I like to engage in threesomes, oral sex, snowballing, voyeurism, masturbation, orgies, role play, phone sex. Absolute discretion is assured and expected. If you are interested in a golden oldie, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
Washingborough, Lincolnshire, LN4
Hey Ladies, Im 25,recently single,short brown hair and brown eyes and up for anything,but easy on the pain thing. Would love to meet naughty genuine girls who know how to get right down and dirty,this is my first time in this kind of situation but am very open minded.looking for fit, energetic girls who no how to look afterthemselves,you dont have to be of model standards but i am looking for girls size 12 or under,love girls with tatoos or peicings, thats just a added bonus!.Any Girls with a real passion in all things sexual,who want help in living out there wildest dreams am also looking for phone sex action.please feel free to leave messages on the email, i look foward to hearing from you all. as i am a first timer i am only on a free membeship at the moment ,for those of you who have already been in touch,thanks but i cant get back to you unless you drop me a line at time to get dirty (all one word) at hot male ggggDOT COnnnnnDOTmmmUK,or just leave me an e mail adress,looking foward to hearing from all of you soon. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!
Yarburgh, Lincolnshire, LN11
I am almost new to the scene, but already with a couple of good experiences behind me, interested in taking it further, either at a club or at the other end of the scale one a 1-to-1 level. I am very young-looking for my age, very clean and clean-shaven,part-trimmed and part-shaven down there, and in very good condition in all the important departments: I don't smoke, hardly drink,eat sensibly and have used moisturiser for years (thanks girls!), don't need any medication and certainly have no need of those little blue pills! I do seem to attract and be attracted to women in their 20's and 30's, but if you are 'fit' I am not fussy!! I don't have any hair growing where you would not want it to and all previous women have found me to be a good size for them, but you be the judge! I have always had good chemistry with Africans, Caribbeans and Asians, but I am 'colour-blind' overall. I am straight but also like bisexual women Not sure where this goes from here but if you like the sound of all this you know what to do.......
Welton hill, Lincolnshire, LN2
Thanks for looking at our profile. We are a genuine happy couple that is looking for a single male to join us for some unhurried 3sum fun, we are not looking for Mr Cocky, Mr arrogant or Mr Rough, so if you fit those descriptions we are not for you. What we are seeking is a nice friendly sensible sincere male to join us for some unhurried evenings of mutual pleasure, we value friendship very highly and this would have to be a large part of our relationship, pleasure with friends is much more pleasurable than with a stranger don't you think? Well, we do. If you think we are what you are looking for and vice versa please get in touch, oh, and please don't waste our time, if we say we will meet, we will, please do us the courtesy of returning that respect for your time. We hope to hear from a nice guy soon. Take care and have fun Sarah&Paul. PS The pictures are Sarah with another swinging friend, sadly he's not as local as we'd like so meeting is limited, we'd like somebody a little closer to us for more regular fun.
Washingborough, Lincolnshire, LN4
I’m Steve (40) from Lincolnshire. I am average height and build (5’9” & 11 stone), have a GSOH and a very relaxed outlook on life. I have some experience of swinging and especially enjoy MMF threesomes as I like the idea of confident women who know what they want. I don’t have any particular hang-ups and am comfortable with most scenarios as long as everyone is in agreement. I can travel within reason, especially in the daytime as I am my own boss. My profession gives me a good standard of living but also means that I understand people’s needs for absolute discretion when it comes to matters like this. I like to assure people that I am 100% reliable and cannot abide timewasters. If I arrange something then you can be sure that I will not let you down. You can contact me direct at I have some dogging experience (mixed so far) and would like to do more with the right people. I’d love to hear from you soon. If you get back to me I can provide photos and a phone number etc.
Wyberton fen, Lincolnshire, PE21
40's Couple looking for friendship and Adult Fun, we've been open for 5 yrs now and love 3somes especially FFM I adore to watch him with another Woman as well as join in mmm love his tongue don't just take my word for it hehe..had MMF too *Smiles*..We're fun loving, easy going ..Husbands into Smoke Fetish if you don't know what it is look it up! but this isn't an essential requirement *Smiles* Both very broadminded .Try anything except pain related or watersports, Husbands also looking for playmates to have fun with, either with Me or Alone Anythings possible once we get to know you! I have a boyfriend at present but don't let that deter you I still love to have fun *smiles* Can Travel too! have a wonderful circle of friends Hell I even let him go to USA/Canada to play with his online friends enough said hehe! contact us we don't bite well not very hard anyway :)We are free members, so cannot reply to those who have already contacted us, so please let us have an e-mail address and we will get back to you
Welton hill, Lincolnshire, LN2
Hi, We're an easy going married couple who want to add something extra to what is already an amazing sex life. We're no longer new to the scene as we've had a few meets and have met some great friends. Both in our 30's and work in professional occupations so discretion is a must. We're up for a laugh and willing to give most things a go (just not watersports or pain). Not really into the one off meet frenzy (unless the circumstances are exceptional) and would much prefer a small circle of like minded people. We're into full swap, same room only. She's describes herself as bi-curious although only if everyone is in on the action, he's not a watcher and she'd much prefer to have him involved. We'd respect any boundaries and expect the same in return. As we have a young family we'd need time to arrange childcare or we could do the odd daytime meet with notice. We're not really looking for single guys at the moment, sorry, but we'd love to meet like minded couples and/or single fems/bi fems.
Wellingore, Lincolnshire, LN5
Hi, Not entirely new to Swinging, but been 'out of action' for a while! Would ideally like to find a regular fuck-buddy, with a view to going to parties, not easy walking into a venue on your own. lol Wouldn't object to a subbie male either, as I have dom tendancies, but nothing too extreme. Not hung-up on looks, build etc, as it's the person that counts and their willingness to give and recieve pleasure. Good personal hygenie and safe sex is a must, as is discretion, I'm not married, but I do have kids, (think most people would understand). This is why I can't accom, but am able to travel a reasonable distance. I'm not bi, but don't have a problem with another woman present. Wouldn't go with a couple with a bi-woman just to be with the woman, sorry, but I do need a cock! I like to watch couples together and if they like, I can take pix/vid of them using their own cameras. Don't mind what mix the couple is , M/F, M/M, F/F, groups etc, very open to exploring new things.
Ashby puerorum, Lincolnshire, LN9
hey there! been surfing the site and liking what I see, so here I am! Bit new to all this but sure there some nice genuine folk out there can show me the ups and downs and ins and outs! (so too speak! lol) I'm looking to broaden my horizons, unfortunately on my own at the moment as my girl isn't too sure about it all, she's a little shy I'm afraid, though she happy for me to be on here on my own for now. (I'm working on her, hopefully won't take long before we on as a couple!) I have no prejudice too anybody who wants to contact me, age, size, couple, single or anything! Though if I'm completely honest I do love the fuller figure of a woman! I'm very open minded and will try anything once (how do ya know you don't like it if ya don't try it eh?!) any fetish welcome (especially nylons and feet!). Get in contact if you like, and feel free to send any pics if you like. Easy to contact either through here or if you wanted by . its just . Hope to be hearing from you's all soon!
Wyham, Lincolnshire, DN36
j-d, please could you email fruityjuice40 (at) aol (dot) com - cant get a reply to your message as your email add was deleted- thanks Thanks for reading. We are new to this and looking for a couple who are also new or have very limited experience (Easy-going but easy-does-it couple with similar views). We both have a bi-curious side which we would like to explore with the right people. Discretion, safety and cleanliness are important to us. "fruity" (m) is 5'11", medium build. "juicy" (f) IS 5"6", size 10-12. We're both early 40's, can travel but not accommodate. Soft-start gentle adult fun sounds good to us. To ensure compatability and genuineness, some emails, pic exchange, and a phone call please before any arrangements to meet. Not meant to be rude, but contact from incorrect category people won't be answered. ADDED: Arg! Didn't realise we had to pay before emailing... sorry if you dont get a reply, maybe you could include email address on any message... thanks
Torksey lock, Lincolnshire, LN1
Seekin Fun With Like Minded Couples or Single Bi Females. We are a GENUINE happily, married couple who have been together for 13 years. H is 30 (just) and a cuddley size 20 and P is 37 and has a 38'' waist, We are both bubbly and outgoing and up for a laugh, We are also lookin to make long term friends, and basically have fun. We're not Posh and Becks, but we have been told we are attractive :) We have had some experience, but would love to be taught a few new trix, can u help? We've been out of the scene for a few years and are raring to make a cum back H is bi, but not at all pushy with it. P is straight (as a die!) lol We don't smoke and only drink socially. Descretion is assured and requested please. We prefer full swap seperate room but will play in same room with the right people x We can travel and accomodate If u wanna chat u can catch us on MSN Can't wait to hear from u! H & P x P.s. We have more pics to share if your interested x
Woodhall spa, Lincolnshire, LN10
Ok first things first if you are looking 4 a guy who looks like Brad Pitt or George Clooney with a 6 pack and cock the size of your fore-arm then maybe I am not the guy for you. BUT if its a honest, good looking, trust worthy guy who can put more than 2 sentences together then read on! Hi, so you made it past the first few lines, well thanks for taking the time to look at my ad, I am a fun loving horny guy looking for fun with couples and females. I live in South Lincs close to Peterborough. Ideally looking for local people for regular meets. I am 5ft 9 with dark brown hair , blue eyes and would consider myself attractive. A bit more about what I am looking for well either a sexy lady for 1 on 1 fun or with whom can meet others as a couple. Alternatavely a couple looking for a guy to join them for MMF fun Will try most things with the exception of w/s and pain. Love oral both giving and receiving If you like what you here and wanna know more get in touch
Wykeham, Lincolnshire, PE12
Hiya we are Sue & Jeff a genuine bi couple from mid lincolnshire, both prof & hard working discreet friendly people, we are not very experianced at this want to meet select few couples to become good pals & enjoy some non swapping fun times with like minded bi couple,we are non smokers wish to meet same ,Jeff is clean shaven & trimmed below Sue is also shaven & dosnt have a beard!! We dont want to go with loads of people who have been with half site just couple we can meet up for meals & trips out or weekends away, we are lucky we have no ties at home which is in nice countryside area, Both of us have been very turned on by the thoughts of having sexy fun,sucking & wanking another couple & watching Sue being played with by both him & her is very nice, Sue wants to watch Jeff be sucked off by a guy whilst she herself is being enjoyed by a lady. Know if you wish to contact us we are on so send us some details & we will be in touch with you, Love Jeff & Sue xx
West Keal, Lincolnshire, PE23