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  • kellymack 2 Mar 2006 13:19
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My friend had arranged a time to come round, it was going to be one of our Friday night specials, this is when anything go's between the three of us, we will try anything once, we have talked about trying everything from watersports to heavy bondage but this night turned out to be one of the best of all, about 2 days before he was due to come up i was at work (after years of working on building sites as a bricky i ended up with a law firm working in a nice cushy office with some very horny women in the same room, it beat looking at builders cleavage i can tell you), anyway after years of heavy lifting and carrying with next to no trouble i was picking a file up off of the floor when my back just seemed to lock and pain shot round to my sides like lightning, i was given a lift home by a lovely young fee earner who was very concerned but made me feel about 90 years old by telling me her father suffered with back pain constantly.
I went to the quacks and was told to rest and that it was just a very bad strain and nothing to really worry about, so with some strong painkillers i was looking forward to a couple of weeks off work, my wife reminded me about my friend/her lover coming round on Friday, she seemed to think it would be a good idea to cancel it but i told her it would be alright as we dont always get the chance to do this and i knew she had been looking forward to it so much, i explained that i would take photos and join in if i thought i could, she was happy with that and so thats how we left it.
When my friend/her lover arrived my back was throbbing as was my cock, K was dressed in one of my friends favourite outfits, a white nurses uniform with a black girdle and black lacy bra, seamed nylons and finished off with a pair of black patent leather killer heels, we have some pictures on our profile of her dressed like this.
We explained the situation to him inbetween her kissing and groping him and he seemed to understand that it might be a one man show.
We went upstairs me trailing with my camera and a rock solid hard on, i was begining to enjoy the thought of sitting and watching them both do the dirty business of fucking each other silly in front of me, we had placed a chair facing the bed so i could heva the best view of them, they didnt even ask if i could sit down ok they were to busy getting him undressed, they got on the bed and she started sucking his big red throbbing cock, she loves doing this and i knew by the look on his face he was in bj heaven, after a few minutes he told her he had to fuck her, she wasted no time and got on her back for him, he got on top and slid his cock straight up her and started pumping his meat in her as she squirmed under him, from the time they had decided to go upstairs until this moment thay had not even looked or spoken to me, i was getting really turned on by the whole thing by now, my cock was straining against my boxers and so with some grunting and sweating of my own managed to pull them off, they were kissing really deep and i could see her wet lips slidding over his, i took a couple of photos even the flash didnt disturb them, i knew she was on fire when she told him to stick his cock in her arse (her words) he got a small dollop of jelly and slid it straight in, no messing, she just carried on kissing him and lifting her hips to meet him, she was just a bitch on heat, the last time i had seen her like this was when i fixed her up with a hung black stud.
He told her he had to pull out as he was getting a bit close to cumming, she told him to lick her cunt for awhile till he was ready to fuck again (again her words), he did this quite happily, he is like me insomuch as we both love licking pussy, she lay back playing with her big tits as he licked and fingered her pussy and arsehole, after about 10 minutes she asked if he was ready for action, they had still not said a word to me, my cock was hurting it was so hard, he turned her over and fucked her doggy style, she was moaning and telling him how good he was as a lover, for the first time he looked at me as he was pumping her pussy gave a big smile and asked if i was enjoying the show, i could only smile and show him my cock, he laughed and told her to take a look, she turned her head gave a dirty grin and said dont worry about him i'll sort him out later.
after they could see how hard i was they started posing as they fucked, she started looking me straight in the eyes as he pumped his big (it is quite a bit bigger then mine) dirty cock up her and telling me how fantastic it was, how he was touching parts mine couldnt reach, i was dribbling from the end of my cock by now, she told him to fuck her cunt so i could see what a big cock could do for her, he slowly pulled it out and then shoved it back nice and easy, by now they were both looking at me and smiling in the dirtiest way you could think of, they moved position and ended up doing spoons facing me,they both just lay there as he slid his tool up her hot wet pussy, he was kissing her neck and shoulders as he fucked her, she was looking at me and blew me a kiss, i started playing with my cock, my back was still painful and to be honest if i took it very easy i could have joined them for a bit of fun but i didnt want to, this was just so horny and sexy, the atmosphere was intense to say the least.
He took out his cock and i could see it was as hard as mine, he positoned himself over her head and she started sucking him off again, licking and sucking on his balls, i cant stand her doing this to me so i knew she was enjoying doing it to him, he had little drops of cum oozing out of his knob, she licked his tip as she looked at me, long sticky strands of spunk stretched from his knob to her tongue, then she kissed him with her big full lips on the head of his cock, he was groaning now, she asked if i could stand next to the bed, not sure what she had in mind but just happy to be a part of it i managed to stand up and get over to the bed, she looked fantasticly horny, one of her suspenders had snapped and one of her nylons had a ladder from top to bottom, her pink lipstick was smeared and her tits were out of her bra with the nipples standing up, she told me to wank over them for her, i started wanking right away, my back pain was forgotten (i would pay for it the next day) she carried on licking and kissing his big cock as i was doing this, they were both watching me as i pumped it harder, he was telling me to splash her big tits with hot spunk, she was writhing and moaning and telling me she wanted all my cum over her so he could get on her and fuck her while he rubbed it in her tits, i was in a trance it was so horny and exciting, he said that he wanted to slide in my spunk as he fucked her hard, she then said"do it for my lover now" i was just so worked up that at the sound of those words i felt the spunk rising and before i knew it i was pumpimg big white globs of hot spunk on her massive boobs, they both loved it and he started clapping, he moved round and got on top of her, once again straight in, he knows my wifes pussy as well as i do, she started rubbing her cum covered tits over his chest, i have always been a heavy cummer and had done a good job on her boobs, then he started sucking and licking them, i couldnt believe my eyes, she was giving them to him to lick my spunk off of, i could see it was doing the trick for her, he was still pumping hard now it had got very serious, they were both on the verge, she told him not to stop sucking her tits which he was happy to do, she usually tells us when she is cumming but this time she almost screamed it out, she was rocking on his cock so hard it nearly popped out, she ended up exhausted and almost unable to move, he carried on fucking and sucking until a couple of minutes later he shot his load up there.
All you could hear was heavy breathing from all three of us, we were all shattered by now, when we had got ourselves together we went downstairs for a stiff drink, he said he would be going back up to bed but that he would enjoy a repeat performance if we were both up to it, wehen he went up i told my wife that i just could not do it, my back was in a bad way, i told her to go up and fuck all night if she wanted, so she gave me a quick kiss, fixed her make up and straightend her clothes and went back for more, i heard him give an exclaimation of delight and then heard her jump on the bed, i got into the downstairs bed and nodded off straight away to the sound of a rythmic banging from upstairs.
At about eightish the next morning she came down to me and woke me up, she was wearing a new pair of stockings and a red pvc skirt, nothing else, so she had changed for him in the night, i was suddenly very aroused and rock hard again, she gently got in the bed and started telling me what he had done with her, they had fucked for hours, he shot spunk in her three more times, i felt her pussy and found it soaking, it was running out as she lay there, she put her hand down there and stuck her fingers in then she took them out and started wanking my throbbing cock using his spunk as lube, she was telling me how good it had all been and that she wanted to do it like that again very soon, i couldnt hold back and shot a hot stream of spunk over her pvc skirt, she was grinning with lust, she got out of bed and went upstairs again, i followed about fifteen minutes later and found him giving her another good hard fuck.
After he left she was totaly sexed up, she wanked me off again later that morning and went to bed with her toy collection and asked me to sit and watch her fuck herself with them.
She loved him licking my spunk off of her and wants that to be a regular part of our threesome sessions.
I cant wait.