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  • Temperance 14 Mar 2012 13:40
  • Fiction

my friend john and I had been tempting Jean to play strip poker for weeks when she came in from ladies skittles. One night when she returned she was wearing sling back sandals tight crimson cords and a satin blouse with long beads round her neck- several rows of them. I knew that she had a flesh coloured bra and panties underneath and we soon had her down to her briefs
I pulled these down her thighs as John pulled on a rubber and we lifted jean on to the settee stark naked her thighs wide revealing her moist love flaps under her black bush John was on her and up her straight away and as his prick was curved and some 2" longer than mine I knew she was having a treat She moaned with pleasure and he didnt last long and I was able to take his place - it was so nice and moist - well soaking
We had a ciggy after and Jean just slipped her blouse on and left it unbuttoned. After half an hour we laid her on the carpet and both of us enjoyed her again