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  • gavrilo 26 Dec 2011 12:37
  • Fact

About a year ago I made contact with a woman of about 35 years old via a contact web site. We eventually exchanged mobile phone numbers and started to text and talk on the phone about our sexual interests and likes and dislikes. By some carefully directed questioning I managed to discover she was bi, liked the idea of seeing and being involved with bi males and also had a passion for anal.
I knew then I had to meet her to enjoy her in the flesh but was unaware she had yet more sex secrets for me to discover. I arranged a day off work (not telling the wife) and agreed to meet her after she finished her morning job at about 1:00 PM. I had seen a couple of pictures of her so while not Cameron Diaz she was still attractive at around a size 14 to 16 but very physically fit with it.
When the day arrived I travelled to see her and had an hour or two to kill so got a cock strap at the sex shop and eventually arrived and called on the phone to say I was there. As soon as she met me at the door, we embraced and it was full tongues, hands up skirt and on breasts and cocks. We stumbled into her bedroom and stripped me totally naked except for a cock strap, her in stockings and suspenders while her knickers were in my hand and I sniffed the crotch. Fuck she looked sexy and smelled fantastic.
We rolled around on the bed and I went down to lick her out. She was saying “lick my cunt, get your tongue up my cunt you fucker”. Her language was filth but I loved it and started to lick her arse hole out. At this point she shut up and just moaned as I started to finger her cunt and jam my tongue up her sweet arse hole. Suddenly she screamed at me to fuck her and as I stuffed my cock hard in her cunt within two to three strokes I felt her gush fluid all over my cock and balls and literally soak the sheets beneath us……….fucking wonderful I though and pulled out to taste the last few spurts of cum as she gushed into my mouth.
By this point I was filled with lust and just rolled her over, placed my cock at her arsehole and started to bugger her. Slow at first and then much harder as she screamed with pain and pleasure. I finally shot several spurts of cum deep into her arse and we rested a while. After talking she said she wanted to fuck me and I asked what with? She pulled a large strap-on from under the bed and started to put it on, getting me to help with the straps. My cock grew as I helped and she forced it down in my mouth to suck on for a minute. Finally she got me on all fours and did much the same as I had done to her. I am bi and have been fucked many times so was able to accommodate this false cock. I was starting to moan and she started to wank me as she buggered my arse for dear life. Finally after several minutes my cum joined hers on the sheets and we rolled in the pool of sexual wetness left on the bed. We managed another fuck that day which was mixed cunt and arse penetration with some oral to finish as I shot a tiny load in her mouth.
I met her once more after that but she moved away for work.