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  • gavrilo 26 Dec 2011 12:34
  • Gay

I read a story on a UK stories site called "" and it reminded me of my own experiences in those same woods. About three months ago I also stopped off at the cruising / dogging spot just of the M4.

I was very horny that night and headed into the wood after parking up. There were several empty cars so I hoped I would get lucky. As I got into the woods an older guy was fucking a younger guy so I stood near buy, got my cock out and started to wank. The young guy bent forward to suck me off for a while but I really wanted some anal sex so pulled out and leaving my cock ot walked further into the woods.

There were several shadows hiding behind trees and the sound of someone else getting buggered hard. I made for the noise to find a TV having his arse fucked. I dropped my jeans and started to suck his cock. After a few seconds I felt hands over my naked arse and a finger ram into my hole. "Yummy" I thought I am going to get a buggering.

The guy behind soon had his cock up my arse and a short while later I felt other hands, two of which directed my head away from the cock I was sucking onto what I can only describe as a monster cock. It was not really long, I guess about 7" like my own but it was a massive thickness. I thought at first it was a dildo it seemed unreal but as I held onto it as I was fucked and then proceeded to stuff it into my wide open mouth to gag on it I realised is was real.

The guy at my arse shot his load into me and I pulled out. I turning my arse to massive cock in the hope he would try to fuck me. I then bent over to suck the next available cock. As I did so I reached behind and the hands were back at my arse. I reached for the monster cock, almost having second thoughts as I gripped it and pulled it towards my arse. Someone was putting poppers to my nose so I took several hefty hits.

He did not resist my urging him to fuck me and pushed the head at the entrance of my arse. I braced myself expecting this to hurt like hell but as he entered I just felt my hole stretch wide and he slipped in. For the next ten or fifteen minutes the guy just buggered me senseless, literally. He was hitting my prostate every time he went in and I was starting to melt onto the cock in front. I held onto the guy in front as the fucker brutally buggered my arse. More poppers were passed to me and I again inhaled and kept taking more and more as I was ravaged. My cock went from hard to soft to hard again as he pounded me. I nearly passed out twice with the pleasure and intensity this brute was giving me.

As if by magic as he shot his load deep into me my own cock pulsed and throbbed and dripped spunk onto the woodland floor and an intense orgasm that seemed to last for minutes hit me. I eventually recovered and walked very wobbly out to my car were I sat for ten minutes savouring what had happened and eventually drove back home.

What a night and I hope to repeat it again some time soon so email if you are the guy with the cock or if you just want to meet in the woods.