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Emma has been seeing Tom on and off for the best part of a year, she had even gone back to the club with him. I think that was the reason she saw Tom, to go to the club and get double tapped. We had all been getting more assignments,  even I was in high demand. It was Emma that suggested giving Tom an assignment.  He was a pleasant guy, so we tried him on a new client. Then another and another. Emma was fucking him when ever she could. It was time to invite him to the house. I was pleased to see him, it meant I would see Kat getting fucked again.  It meant I could DP her again.  Tom took the fourth room, the house was full. In fact they were double rooms, so the house was half full, but it was full enough. We fucked when we did not have assignments, the sleeping arrangements were fluid. It was not long after he moved in that Kat was on assignment; Emma, Tom and myself went to bed. Tom and I had both fucked her ass, we had both had two cocks in her pussy, I had never had a cock in each. "I know what you want Tony" Emma told me. "You want what Tom has had. You have waited." It was true I had waited. I could never get away with her to see Tom and Kat never liked ass being fucked. "I want your ass, while Tom has your pussy." Tom and I kissed her, covered her pussy in raspberry favoured lube, ate her pussy and rimmed her. She responded as she always did. Kissing, sucking cock and cumming. Then it was my turn to have what I had waited for. Emma sat on Tom. His cock disappeared into her, his balls hung. Her anus waited. I lubed my cock and slipped in. She was tighter than having no cock in her pussy I felt his cock though the thin membrane. By balls bounced against his. I eased in and out of her. She told me it was good but I came too quickly. I left her, Emma sat up and worked on Tom's cock. "Welcome to the club." Tom said. That was not the last time. Yes we had Kat with two cocks in her pussy but mostly she took her cock one at a time. As much as I enjoyed Emma, and the fact Emma gave me what Kat did not it was Kat I felt closer to.

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