Written by Tony

14 Mar 2020

It was the morning after the incident on the beach. We were having coffee at a cafe. Lyn had hardly stopped commenting on the couple.

It was a pleasant surprise when the couple walked by, Lyn said hi. I offered coffee and they excepted. We introduced ourselves. They were Adam and Anna. Anna sat next to me and soon had a hand on my leg. I push my leg towards her's. She moved toward my Cock. I kept my eyes on Adam and Lyn. They were chatting but that was all.

Suddenly Adam said they needed to get their shower before the beach front got busy. Lyn shocked me telling them we had hot water in our room. Anna squeezed my Cock.

We got back to our hotel. Adam and Anna took their bag into the bathroom and showered together. I poured wine into two glasses and two coffee mugs. Lyn was not talkative, she was trying to keep busy. Smoothing the bed, moving chairs. I put my wallet in the safe. Lyn drunk some wine, I topped the mug up. I did not ask if she wanted to play with this couple. I knew she was on a fence. I wanted to see her shag and this was the closest I had got. She had come home leaking once, but she had never wanted to talk about it. I knew she had bedded a few men.

Anna walked out of the bathroom dabbling herself dry. Adam was right behind her. Anna held her towel out and turned her back. I took the towel and started to dab her back. Then remembered Lyn. Adam held out his towel, he did not turn around. To my relief she started to rub his chest. Anna pushed her backside into me. I knew she could feel my hard cock in my shorts. Adam has a great cock her said. Lyn started to rub lower. I started to dry Anna's tits.

I noticed Lyn had given up on the towel and was handing his cock. Anna took her towel from me, dropped it on the ground and knelt on it, she pulled my shorts down and started to suck on my cock. Adam pulled Lyn's t-shirt over her head and removed her bra. Lyn took a few steps back, sat on the bed and pulled Adam to her by the cock. She went to work. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and smiled. Adam smiled back. He said nice, I was not sure if he was telling Lyn she was good, or asking anyone if it was good.

Anna and I got on the bed and she lay out. I kissed her pussy and lay out 69 to her she took my cock in her mouth again and she turned towards me. She bent her left leg opening her legs and I took advantage. I stole a few looks at Adam and Lyn, her head bobbing.

Not much later the bed started rocking. Adam was fucking Lyn. Anna must have noticed my cock harden even more than it was. For a few seconds I ignored Anna and just watched, I had been wishing for this for years. Now she was fucking in front of me. I came to and moved around slipped into Anna. She was hot wet and she clung to my cock, but she was not tight. I came, but was still hard so I just kept fucking. Anna came next pressing her hands into my side and panting heavily.

Lyn was next, a very discreet sigh. Finally Adam. Still hard I moved from Anna to Lyn. Suddenly thought none of us had used condoms and thought so what. In I went fucking Lyn as hard as I could. She came again then I did. Then she asked, did I mind. I told her I wanted to see her with Adam, it was fine, I enjoyed it.

'Because to had Anna?' She asked.

'Because I had Anna and because you enjoyed Adam and I saw you fuck.

Anna was still on her back legs wide apart Adam's head at her pussy. Her back bent hands gripping the bedding. Adam came up.

We were all spent so I fetched the wine. We sat on the bed. We chatted, not sure what about, the beach weather the first meeting at the shower the day before.

Anna handed me her half full wine and lowered her head to my cock. What could I do, both hands full I was helpless. Adam put his glass down, he started fucking, Anna raised her head long enough to say something. She went back to work as Adam continued to fuck her.

Adam finished and sat back. Anna sat up asked Lyn to suck Adam. She did. Legs apart Anna instructed, I got myself in position. I had to use my hand to get my cock in place. I fucked her gently. Adam ran his hands over her body. I came, way to quick and sat back. Anna pulled a finger along Lyn's wet valley. She reached over Lyn and offered the sticky finger to Adam, he licked and sucked her finger. Anna ran her finger along Lyn's pussy again and wiped it over her breast. I kissed her breast and she handled my cock. I finger fucked Anna. By the time she came Lyn and Adam were hugging and watching.

Anna and I watched Adam and Lyn fuck once more. This was what I had wanted for years. Lyn enjoying sex in front of me and her seeing me fuck.

Anna said she was hungry and we went for lunch. They left their bag in our room. You will have to read the next installment for what happened after lunch.

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