Written by Tony

15 Mar 2020

We had met a couple, Anna and Adam on the beach and invited them back to our room. We had had fun and were now having lunch. It was the first time I had seen my wife fuck another man.

Lyn went to to the toilet and Anna followed. That gave Adam and me time to chat. We congratulated each other on our choice of wives. Then Adam got down to it. 'Is she Bi, does she take anal was I bi'

'She does not do anal, don't ask her. We are not bi'

'Anna will take it up her at ass anytime. I was going to suggest dp'

'DP is fine, but not today this is Lyn's first 4sum'

'She has taken to it' Adam smiled. That is when the wives came back. We finished lunch and went back to the room.

Anna was nakedly the time she got to the bed. I pulled my t-shirt off, Lyn pulled her shirt off and I freed her tits, took hold of one and kissed her. Adam took the other tit and my hand went south as Adam sucked her nipple. 'AH, you pulled my hair' protested Lyn. Her pubic hair was matted with spunk from the morning session.

I left Adam to enjoy her, I went to join Anna on the bed. She was on the bed fingering her do it. I lay beside her hand on her hip. We lay there as Adam guided Lyn to the bed. He spent time eating her. Finally her lay between her legs. Lyn pulled his lips to hers as he entered her. He handled her tit and she pulled her legs up. They tipped on their sides and I could see Adam easing in and out of her. She was leaking the mornings fillings. Adam's sack was glistening with cum.

Anna leaned back and whispering to me told me she like to see Adam fuck. I whispered back that I was enjoying seeing Lyn fuck and fucking.

Lyn released an almost painful sound as she came and Adam let her fell away from her. Anna told Adam, 'you gave her a good time'. Neither Adam or Lyn spoke.

Anna swung her leg over me and guided my cock into her. I reached for her breasts. Anna gripped my wrists and held then to her hips. As much as I wanted to hold her breast I let her have her way. She moved her hips and took her pleasures. Adam had hold of Lyn but she pulled away to kiss me. Adam did not let Lyn's kneeling position go to waste. He found her pussy and started fucking. Lyn stopped kissing me and her tits swung above me. 'Fuck harder' she demanded. It was the first time I heard her say anything like that. She had always used other words, never fuck or shag unless it was to insult someone. Anna let go of me hold her as I wanted. Now I held a tit in each hand, one was Lyn's one was Anna's. Anna was leaking, down my cock, over my balls and between my legs. Suddenly I came and lay there, I had made no effort but I was exhausted and sweating. Finally Adam pulled away and Lyn kissed me.

Anna bounced off the bed went to the balcony opened the door and stepped out naked. The balcony had a view of the sea over a car park. No one could see unless they looked up 4 levels. Lyn pulled her t-shirt on and followed. Adam and I followed and by the time we arrived they were both looking out to see. We hugged and looked over their shoulders.

After a while Lyn edged back and braced herself on the balcony. Adam lifted the t-shirt clear and slipped his cock into her once again. Anna turned, saw what was happening and said, ' Well done Lyn'. Anna pulled a chair to her and placed a foot on it. That was an invitation. I stepped forward I push my cock down to her pussy. She went on tiptoe making it easier to get in. Once I was fully in she went back to flat feet. By now I knew what she liked, more deep and pressure than in and out.

Adam was quick, Lyn stood up, looked out to sea, pulled her top off, she moved away. When Anna and I finish I turned and found Adam and Lyn sat looking wine in hand and two more glasses on the table. We sat in the sun chatting. They agreed to come back the following day and they left.

Lyn was confident when we were all having sex. Now they had gone Lyn asked was it alright? Did you mind me and Adam. I told her I enjoyed everything. I don't think I convinced her, but we had a shower, then dinner. After a few drinks in the bar we went to bed, we made love.

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