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The riding club

"And how Emma got spit roasted"
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We got to the hotel later afternoon, time for a fuck before the club. There was time, but Kat said no we should save it for the club. "This will be the first time a man has had me in years that was not an assignment." Kat announced.  "What about me?" I asked. "You're my boyfriend. " I kissed her "I'm glad I am." "So am I." When we arrived at the club, the ladies were not dressed to impress, just loose, easy to remove, none-crease. We changed wrapped towels around our waist. A man at the other end of the changing room nudged his wife. She followed Kat's and Emma's example, lowering her towel and exposing her tits. Not bad, not perfect but OK. I walked into the bar area with a beautiful woman on each arm. Everyone looked. We ordered orange and coke. One man walked over and tried to chat Kat up, but he never made headway. Emma nodded to a couple  in the corner. Kat looped an arm around us both and we sat with the couple, Jon and Jill. They had been swingers for years and suggested we find a private room. We locked the door and Jill turned to me. "You can touch me." I touched her hair, kissed her and she kissed back. Jon had Emma's  and Kat's full attention. Towels came off. Jon's cock was bigger than mine,  it had the attention of two women.  Jill and I  kissed and fondled each other. I looked over. "Is this the first time you have seen them fuck?" "Yes It is." "You should watch them." "Do you mind?" "We have lots of time." So I watched, Jill stroked my cock. Emma and Kat took turns at Jon's cock. Jill started to suck my cock. I came in her mouth. Kat looked over and climbed on Jon. Jill came up and started to kiss me. I finger fucked her. All the time I looked at Kat swaying her hips and sat on Jon. Emma was kissing him, just like they had when I first fucked them both. Jill came to my fingers. Kat came to Jon's cock. Kat crawled over to me, kissed me like a vacuum cleaner and told me not to forget Jill. I was rock hard and took Jill doggy, Jon had Emma doggy. We were all looking at each other banging away. Kat, a little out of the fun, kissed Jon as he fucked Emma. I came filling my condom. We settled into some after play, and finally went to shower.  We took a rest in the hot tub. Two men and a woman left as we arrived intent on fun. After a few minutes some men turned up.  Kat lifted a hand off her leg. The guy left. Then the rest drifted away. A man arrived and introduced himself as Tom. We chatted. Emma slid towards him. He asked her if she wanted to play.  "Can we play Tony?" "Sorry I thought Kat was your wife." "Shall we?" asked Kat. "Do you mind a 4sum?" I asked. "That's fine by me." Tom replied.  We found a room,  locked the door and they both got to work on Tom. Both with their ass in the air. Kat was sucking cock. I fucked her pussy. Kat and I came but Tom did not.  I lay back my cock still hard. Emma devoured it. Tom looked a bit disappointed. "She wants to be spit roasted. " I informed Tom. Tom started banging away. I was on my back. Emma sucking my cock, Kat kissing me, Jon banging away. I was getting my wish, seeing them both fucked. He came, Emma came  and Jon carefully held his condom as he pulled out. I was pleased to see he was still hard. "Fancy fucking Kat?" I asked him, realising I said fuck. "He left me loaded, but you need a condom." Kat told him.  Emma said he should  lick her out first. I finger fucked Emma watching Kat reeling to Tom's tongue. Tom lifted his head told her she tastes sweet, pulled a condom on and started to fuck her. Emma came and I stuck my cock in her and fucked. They were both taking a pounding. The four of us lay on the big bed. "You're a lucky man Tony." "I know." "Shall we take a rest?" Kat asked. We went to shower,  the girls went off to power, saying they would meet us in the bar. When they came back they asked "Would you like to come back to ours Tom." He agreed but I'll tell you about that next.

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