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"How Anna told me her story"
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Everyday I went down to the water plant to do my checks. Everyday on my way back to the hotel I found Anna on the secluded bed with her bag of silk ropes. Everyday I tied her and fucked her, then released her and fucked her my way, sometimes once sometimes twice. After a couple of weeks Sami, the captain of what he liked to call the island ship and my stand in for other duties came with me to do my checks. On the way back Anna was there on the bed. "Hello Sam" she remembered him from her trip from the mainland. Sami did not correct her, "How are you Anna?" "Show Sam what to do." She pushed the bag towards me. "I'll do this arm and leg Sami, if you do your side." We tied her down and took a tit each, then our hands went lower. "Eat her and fuck her." Sami, bent his head to her pussy and I kissed and handled her tits. I made space for him when he started to fuck her. All the time she told us both how good Sami was. Anna came just before Sami, as Sami gave her a few extra thrusts I pulled a condom on and took his place she came immediately. I pumped her till I came, giving her one more giant cum. All the time she moaned and told me I was fucking her well. We untied her and told Sami "it's our turn now" I tied Anna's hands behind her back and helped her balance as she sat astride and take Sami's cock into her. I pushed her forward to lay flat on him. "You're so big Sami." I pushed my cock into her ass, feeling Sami's in her cunt, she was right he was big. "O' God that's good." She told us and moaned, continuing to praise us both. Sami and I had taken many women this way but it was the first time with hands tied. I ran my hands over her lower arms as I shafted her. Sami kissed and held her. She cam twice before me and again after I left her and Sami bucked under her pounding her pussy. All the time saying it was the best shag she ever had. I untied her and she got off Sami. She told him he was so big and thanked him. When we both moved she held my wrist. We watched Sami walking back to the hotel. She took me inside her again, this time not as talkative. We made love, gently and lovingly. I thought 'I want to be doing this without a condom'. It is true, I prefer no rubber but, that time if it was not for the hotel rule I would have pulled it off my cock. I never. The sun shone down, are bodies moved and eventually we both came. As we lay on the bed, hot, exhausted she told me her story. She was born in Russia, she was persuaded to noon a marriage agency providing wives to rich western men. They taught her how to please men in bed and how to be a good hostess. Men paid to try wives out and she had 6 prospective husbands before Eric. Eric married her. She had given him 4 sons, then told her she should go on the pill. Eric always had other women, but that was part of being a rich man. She was told that would probably happen. Then one day he told her to go to bed with a man. It was the first time she had been with another man since she was married. Then there was another and another. Then we went to parties where we swapped partners. When she told Eric she did not want to see him with other women he tied her to a bed and told men she was available. I told her I was sorry. She told me she liked it. Eric liked to see wet patches when he untied me. The big the patch, the bigger the present he would buy her. He bought her a car once. She explained the bigger the patch the more men had had her. Eric made love to her almost everyday, but since they arrived on the island he had not had sex with her, he slept with others. I told her effects some like that when they come to the island and soon he would want her again. She said she has changed her mind about seeing him with others, but she was not sure what he wanted. I told her if she was my wife I would watch over her when she was with others, that I would not tie her to a bed and leave her. I told her I would want to share everything with her, everyone. She asked if I would arrange a party for her and Eric. Where they could see each other having sex. "Do you want me to fuck you for him?" I asked "You and Sami…." She dropped her head then looked me right in the eyes "...and others. Can you do that?" "I can ask Eric and there are men who want you." "Are there lots?" She pulled me to her. I assured her most men on the island. As we spoke I worked her clit, kissed her, kissed her breast and we continued to talk. This time it was not her moans, groaning and compliments. She asked if we could dp again. I wished I could do without the condom I rolled on. As we made love she asked who I wanted her to have. I told her she should have who she wanted. She said I had to tell her. I told her everyone on the island. She came softly, so did I. "You want me to have everyone?" "Everyone." I kissed her. "Men and women?" "If you want. Yes." "Yes, I want everyone for you." "Are you ready to go back?" "Yes" and she nodded. For the first time we went back to the hotel together. Will you arrange the party for me?" "Yes I will." She kissed me and we parted. I went back to the staff quarters and showered. Sami was in the sun with a few others. "That Anna is a nice fuck" he told everyone. "Would you do her again?" I asked. "Fucking would." "Ill hold you to that, she's asked me to sort a party." ...but that is a story for another day.

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