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Having Ken

"and telling Simon"
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I invited Ken to my flat. The last man I invited to my flat I asked in for coffee. I asked Ken to play, to give him my body. Yes, I liked Ken. I enjoyed him when we met at June's but I  wanted to show Simon he was not the only one who could play away. I would have Ken and let Simon discover him in me, his cum in me. Ken arrived. I was in my best come get me outfit. "Come in, would you like a drink?" "Later perhaps. " I did not wait for him to ask. "Shall we go to bed?" It was the only invitation he needed. He undressed me tenderly.  We lay on the bed, he did not utter a single crude word. He held me, touched me and made love to me. He was soft, sweet; he was Dr Jeckel to Simon's Mr Hyde. I enjoyed Simon, he took control,  fucked me and made it easy for me to indulge my darkside.  Ken was sweet, careful. He took me to heaven on a floating cloud. When he left I was happy,  his warm gifts deep inside me. I would ask him back. Ken left just in time not to be seen by Simon. I kissed Simon as soon as he arrived. "I want you." Simon was always ready to fuck me, sometimes he made love but mostly we fucked. He lifted my skirt as he lay me on the bed, "You've been fucking." It was not an accusation.  He said it with approval,  almost joy. "Do I know him?" "Ken, he has just left." "Lucky Ken." He fucked me, as he did I leaked cum onto my best dress. "I need a new dress" "You should have taken it off." He satisfied himself, lustful in my previous encounter. Then he turned himself to my pleasure. Simon could be tender, he could be sweet, but he could also break conversation and I loved him for it.

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