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Cheryl and her first time

"at a club"
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Some years back I was fitting IT working with the only qualified woman, Cheryl, in the company. It was the first time I worked with her, but I did know her from the depot. It was a hot Bank Holiday, the only other person on site was a security man. We were fitting cables in an attic space and we were both very sticky. There was a company about not removing ties but I had the loosen it. "Take it off." Cheryl suggested "I won't tell." So I pulled it off and undid a button. "Take that off too." "I will if you do." So we both stripped our tops off to reveal a blue bra under her purple uniform. It was lacy, and I did wonder if that was coming off as well. It never. "That's better." She announced. "Much better." We continued work, and I must say I did not ignore her attributes particularly when she was on all fours with her head up looking at me, with her cleavage snuggled in her bra. We finished work in the loft about 3.30 and decided to call it a day. For some reason putting a shirt on a sweaty body just makes my skin creep, but I put it on and the tie. Climbing down into the air-conditioned office space was a delight. Then out into the oppressive afternoon heat before reaching the oven that was our car. Cheryl asked to stop at a supermarket for a pack of cold beer, we picked up more than beer and when we got back to the hotel she asked me to help her carry things to her room. When we got there she offered me a beer and turned the room temperature down as far as it would go. Relief. I pulled the ring on the beer can and took a swig. Cool inside and out. It was the most comfortable I had been in hours. I pulled my tie off. "You stink" yes she did say stink, "you need a shower." I took that as a dismissal and asked "Would you like to meet for dinner?" "Yes,but you can use my shower." Now I have to admit this got my hopes up and I wondered when she started planning, if she was planning. I went to the bathroom stripped off and stepped into the shower. It was not long before the bathroom door opened and a naked Cheryl joined me in the shower. It was more than my hopes that were up. "Mrs Thatcher says we should save water." Beginning to soap her I agreed we should do our patriotic duty. We continued to soap each other, probably using more water than two short showers would have. She was slim, trimmed pussy, and very lustful. We moved to the bed and I went down on that trimmed pussy, giving it my all. I could hear her saying something but my ears were covered by her legs. One she came I made a dash for the bathroom begging her not to move and returned with condoms rescued from my trousers. She had taken me at my word and was there with her legs wide open. I went down on her pushy again, she came quickly and I pulled a condom on. I took her gently but deeply, taking my pleasure and giving her her pleasure. Relaxing on the bed she told me, "They said you were a player and I should watch you." "Who says that?" I had no idea. "The women in the office." "What makes them think that, are you sure they were not teasing you." "I am sure now." "You seduced me, it seems you're the player." "I'm not very experienced." I kissed to avoid answering her, I was not sure how to. "I want you to teach me." "What do you want me to teach you?" "I want you to give me experience." "That's a very wide and not very clear request, what experience do you want?" "I married my first boyfriend. Sex is pleasant but it is the same, do you know what I mean?" "I think so. You would like spice." "Something like that." "Is this exciting." "Yes, but " She left it at that. "How exciting would you like it." "Very." "Very, very." She held my cock which responded by hardening "Teach me everything." I pulled on a condom and mounted her. I began to pump her. "I can't teach you anything but if you trust me I can give you experience." I pumped her. She looked up at me. We spoke but I can't remember what about. She came first. "Would you want the widest experience?" "Everything?" "Would you like to go to a club?" "A sex club? What are they like?" "A swingers club. None are exactly the same. There is one in town, I was planning to go, but you diverted me." "Don't let me keep you." "I will go with you or stay with you." There was a long silence, then she spoke, "I will go with you." I hugged her, "what should I wear?" "Once we get there a towel, which will be provided." I slipped on a condom and took her again. "Then there will be a lot of this, if you want it." I told as I continued to fuck her. "I do." "..and not all me?" "If it was all you, we could stay here?" "You do want experience then." "Yes I do." She came as she said that. I went back to my room and had another shower. We met for dinner and went to the club. We met a couple and after a short chat agreeing to a full swap went to a locked room. I kissed her, "Say no if you don't want anything." Cheryl was not backward. She kissed her new mate, Mike who asked her how she liked sex. "Anyway you like." She replied. "Keep it to the pussy." I told Mike and turned my attention to Mary. Both ladies on their back legs open, tongues worshipping. I heard Cheryl come shortly before Mary. By the time I got my condom-covered cock in Mary Cheryl was already enjoying Mike and she was not silent. We took them side by side. Cheryl came again,Mike came and pulled out. Cheryl awkwardly pulled my lips to her's as she did Mary and I came. "I've never done that before." We had told Mike and Mary it was our first club. Which was true, our first club not mine. Mike asked, "I would like to eat your Cum out of your wife." "Would you like that Cheryl?" "I would." She said with excited zeal. For the first time I pushed my naked cock into Cheryl's stretched pussy. "I wanted this." she told me. Mike began to hammer Mary leaving his gift for me to eat. I paid little attention Mike fucking his wife. I enjoyed the full experience of Cheryl, flesh rubbing on flesh. She was quick to come, I kept pounding and injected sperm into her for the first time, and wondered if she was on the pill. I pulled out and looked down at the dribble of white cum. "Look at that Mary, a well spunked pussy." Mike told his wife. "O yes, lovely." Mary touched the spunk. "That's nice." Mary rubbed the spunk around Cheryl's clit. I was pleased Cheryl did not complain, she enjoyed and came. It was not Mike who ate my spunk, it was Mary. Mary had her pussy open, I scooped cum from her and gave it to Cheryl who sucked it from my fingers, biting my fingers gently as she came. Mike replaced Mary at Cheryl's pussy, Mary kissed me, snowballing my own cum back to me. I went down on her, eating her pussy. I'm sure they came together. I found another condom and took Mary doggy. Immediately Cheryl demanded the same looking at me as we all fucked. Another load wasted in a condom but in a very sexy woman, who had just proved Cheryl bi. That was it, both Mike and I where spent. "Would you like to eat my pussy Cheryl?" I was a little surprised when they started to work on each other 69. Mike was the first to recover and knelt on the bed. He started to wank. I took my lead from him and stood on the other side of them, I wanked. We spilt cum over them and they rubbed spunk into each other as they pleasured the others pussy. We showered and went to rest in the tub. "I hope you are coming back." Mike asked. "We don't live in town but if we are back we will." "Do come back!" Mary begged. "Cheryl has a lovely pussy." "You both do." I replied. We went back to play again. Mike gave us their site details. It was later that night I discovered Cheryl was not on the pill, and much later I discovered I may or may not have a son. Cheryl said it was her husband's. We fucked each other daft when we were away together, but never when at home, and we never used a condom again.

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