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Another rider

"and how Kat got two cocks"
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Kat and I got to the hotel first. "You got your wish, are you enjoying it?" Kat asked me. "I would still like to DP you." "You are more perverted than I thought. You know his cock will touch yours." "He will have a condom and I will be pleasuring you." "That's a fine distinction,  but if it's what you want it would be an interesting experience." We emptied the small bags of snacks into complimentary bowls and poured wine. "Make sure you do it to Emma, she is really excited about the prospect. " We stripped off and were snogging by the time Emma arrived with Tom. We broke off, not bothering to cover up. "What took you so long?" I asked. "A blow job in the car park." Emma announced,  Tom looked a bit embarrassed.  "You are incorrigible Emma." They were soon naked and drinking wine. "Emma tells me she wants a DP." Tom informed us. "Yes we have talked it over. Are you up for it?" "Sure" replied Tom, "who's the first victim?" "Emma" Kat nominated. She took a seat with wine and watched. As directed Emma sat on me. She learned forward and Tom pushed his condom-covered cock in alongside mine. He started to pump. Emma whispered to me. "This is good." Tom pump but suddenly stopped. "It's coming off." He pulled out. "Take it off." said Kat. We looked at each other. She said that so his cock would rub against mine. Tom pushed it back in. It never felt different. Just something rubbing against me in a sloppy cunt. Tom pumped and left his load. He pulled out and told Emma "Now ride him." As Emma rode me, Kat came to the bed and embraced Tom. "Thank you,'' she told him. Then they kissed. Emma rode me and cum drained down by cock. I added my load to his. Emma kissed me as she has never kissed before. "My turn." Kat disturbed the moment. She pulled Tom to her and took his cock into her. It was probably only the second time she used the word and I know she picked the words deliberately, "Fuck us Tony." I pushed my cocktail into her. This time I felt the hard flesh laying in her cunt. I started to pump. I caught glimpses of Kat as she kissed him, as she opened her mouth in pleasure. As I fucked her, fucked her cock full cunt she was in extersea. Her body began to contort, I saw her nails bite into Tom's right shoulder and left arm. I had never seen or felt Kat draw blood before. It did not seem to matter to Tom. I came deflated and her cunt squeezed me out. I moved away, Kat raised, and  pinned his shoulders to the bed and ground her clit against him. When she came she turned, surprised me, pulled me to her with more energy than she had ever had, and believe me she fucks like a demon. Kat used that word for the third time. "Fuck me, just fuck me." I stuffed her. "Harder." she demanded. I fucked as hard as I could,  equally aroused.  Tom turned to Emma who took his cock into her, allowing him his relief.  We lay with our women in an afterglow. We spent the night together fucking both of them and sleeping.  Tom went to work in the morning but spent the following night and all day after with us. We did get out for food and a walk but mostly we fucked. We never went back to a club but Emma saw Tom a few times after that.

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