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"How I got 4 cocks"
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6sum You already know how I met Simon at the beginning of COVID, how he corrupted me and how I had my very first 4sum. We repeated the 4sum 6 times. I asked about clubs. June reminded me that clubs were closed, but she could invite a few men. So she picked two men and invite them to our next meeting. When we arrived Gary and June were a little more dressed than usual. Ken had already arrived, June introduced me, he already knew Simon. Ken asked "June tells me you have been swinging for a year, but only just started meeting?" "Yes but I'm enjoying it very much." "I hope you continue to enjoy." "Think I will." Ken, was 30, quietly confident, polite, charming with a short beard. I wondered if it would tickle. Rob arrived,he was slightly overweight, but not unpleasantly. June introduced us and we went upstairs. There were two large cushions on the edge of the bed. Rob started to undress. June took him by the hand, helped, dropped her dress and lay on the bed, her back supported by the cushion. Ken kissed me, helped me with my dress, I lay back on the bed just like June. Ken knelt and started to eat me, he did tickle but less as his beard became wet. Rob was standing between June's legs. He made sucking sounds as he took his pleasure.  Ken was still eating me when Rob finished, Rob was looking at me, a condom in one hand wanking his soft cock with the other. I was just on the edge when Ken stopped. He leaned over me, kissed me with his wet pussy soaked beard. It was like tasting June. Simon alway tasted of me when he eat me and kissed me but Ken just tasted and smelt more of my pussy.  "Hurry up mate." Rob demanded. Ken stood up pull a condom on slipped into me, lifted my legs, my ankles to his ears and I was in heaven. I could see Simon looking at me and smiling. Ken felt lush, I tried to move as I became closer. Ken smiled as he held my legs, used his weight to pin me to the cushion. He was gentle, I buzzed, I was trapped and came letting out gasp after gasp, Ken just smiled more and continued. I could not understand how he did not come, then he did. It was over. He stepped back, asked "OK?". I nodded, I think I managed to say yes. Simon kissed me, I kissed back, O I was so high and exhausted. Before I knew what was happening Rob shoved his cock in me and started poking. He poked. I gazed at Ken, wishing he was still between my legs. He was in June, June held my hand. She knew what I was feeling. Rob came quickly, I was relieved. June was enjoying Ken. Rob started getting dressed.  "Help me up Simon." I pulled on my dress, hoping Rob got the message, I went to the loo. When I returned Gary was letting Rob out. Ken was starting to dress. I waited for the front door to close. Ken was pulling his shirt on. "Do you have to go Ken?" I asked. "No, I can stay, do you want me to?" "Yes, I do but I want a drink, wait for me." I went down stairs, found some vodka, June joined me. "Are you OK?" "I guess so, I've been made love to and fucked, that is the first time I have been poked." "It can happen if you go to clubs." "I thought you liked me? " "I do, it happened while you were safe, better here than at a club." " I suppose so, you could have just told me." June brushed my hair off my face, "forgive me" she kissed me, I kissed back. "Ken made up made up for it." "He is divine" June touched my breast and asked "would you like 3 men in you?" "It will be four tonight,  if I include Rob poking me." "At the same time" she dropped her voice and her hand "mouth, butt and fanny" she touched my fanny. I kissed her, a little excited.  Our mouths open, tongue touching. I found a place for the vodka glass. My hands on her, I lifted my leg. June took advantage pushed her figure into my pussy. My hand went to her breast, her fingers worked my bean. I broke away from her kiss, muffled the cry of pleasure in her neck.  I was still high when she ask, "Three men?" "Yes", I never considered how it would happen, who would be where, how all the legs would fit together. "Can Ken have you bareback?" "I do hope so." I know my voice was full of lust. We went back upstairs. June announced "Jane wants to fuck you Ken." "Is that right Jane?" I nodded. "Good" he held out a hand. "Can Ken fuck me bareback Simon? I knew Simon liked Saxon words, fuck and cunt, I thought he would say no. Simon kissed me, "Ken is careful man, he can fuck you any way he wants." Ken never said anything, he buried his head in my pussy. I was soon enjoying his attentions. Simon looked at me touching June who was sucking Gary's dick. Ken stopped eating me. He placed his cock at my gate. He did not ask if I was sure as Simon did a year ago. He said, "I know I will enjoy this."  I felt his naked cock slip into me. I know it was just another cock but it felt as special a Simon's as it stretched me. It eased into my depths and I felt him hit my Gspot. I gasped. Each time he moved I felt him not a condom. I had forgotten about Simon, then the bed started to move to  a second rhythm. Someone was fucking. That only made me hornier, when I came I was in heaven,  I lay there, Ken next to me. June asked, "Did he fill you with his naked manhood?" June discovered for herself, licking at my pussy.  June had her bum in the air. "I think that's an invitation Ken." Ken took the invitation then took June. I looked at Ken and felt June eating me. Then Ken looked away I followed his gaze. Simon and Gary were locked in 69. Ken continued shagging. June stopped eating lifted her head. Ken put more enthusiasm into shagging June. He closed his eyes and fucked. Soon June and Ken and I were exhausted. June asked, "Ken will you help us with something?" "What do you have in mind?" Ken asked perhaps a little curiously. "Jane wants three cocks in her at the same time…" June paused, " have doubled up for me." "OK" I sat on Simon's cock, leaned forward, as I kissed him, I felt Ken slip into my bum. He moved slowly, Gary balanced over Simon, it was difficult but I got his cock. Ken started to move a bit more. Each time he thrust forward Gary's cock hit the back of my throat. For a few moments I thought I was going to choke or worse, Ken must have heard me gagging, he stopped pushing so far forward. I felt Simon moved, I guessed he was teabagging Gary,  Gary make appreciative sounds. Any sounds I made were to Gary's cock. Ken came, left me. I sat up. Leaving Gary, his ball in Simon's mouth. Poor Gary never came but I did and soon after Simon. I turned to Ken and pulled his head to me, kissed him, Simon still inside me. "Now do it for June." "I can't get it up yet." "Please, be her mouth cock." "It's amazing I told June." June settled on Gary's cock, took Simon in her bum and and Ken presented his semi. I lay back fingering myself and saw Kens face when Gary licked his sack, but Ken stayed. I knew Simon knew what Gary was doing. Simon looked at me. I knelt, kissed Ken, "Well done." Simon came, left, June sat up and rolled her body on Gary's cock. Ken pushed me back. I was shocked, on my back, Ken was hard in me. Simon looked concerned, i held my hand up to stop him. I should have thought 'Simon is concerned, he cares, he loves me' but all I thought was 'Ken, such energy, was it lust, anger'. Then Ken said to the rhythm of his cock pounding my cunt, "You knew what he would do you scheming fuckable slutty dirty …" he never stopped, I was shocked but enjoying it. I came five times, I'm not sure how long it took, if it was him who took ages or me just so high on the experience. Simon had talked dirty to me, but Ken was doing more than that. Finally he filled me, he was sweaty, red faced and panting. I heard Gary assure Ken I never knew. It was just a spur of the moment. "I'm sorry" Ken said. "No, I liked it, I did, it was fab." "I wish it was me." June informed everyone. I pulled Ken to me kissed him, "it was good, fabulous." Then to Simon "thank you Simon, for introducing me to swinging to letting Ken fuck me, for sharing me, letting me share you. O fuck I'm so fucked." I pulled Ken to me again and kissed him. "Simon, look what you have done to me." I was hot, my cunt ached, I was not sure what everyone thought.  Ken looked confused, I was not sure if it was Gary teabagging him or confused about if he liked it. We went to sleep, Ken between June and me, June hugging Simon, Gary holding me. Ken left in the morning, no sex, but he did call later, I may tell you about that later.

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