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Testing Hanna

"All OK"
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During COVID many of the staff left the island and several never returned. We were all asked if there was anyone we knew, who would fit the island. I thought of Hanna and as a reward was given two weeks in a rather nice hotel with Cath. Jed reminded us as we left, "test her limits give her some good fucking and always use condoms." Cath and I checked in, it was a very comfortable room, far more than we needed. Two King beds, a large bath. The first thing we did was test the bed then took a shower. We changed and went shopping for loads of condoms and lube, there was no point bringing them with us and Cath wanted to window shop for some toys. She ended up buying 3 remote toys, a large dildo and a handful of plugs, all on expenses. I waited to 6 pm and phoned Hanna, confirming our invitation. She ask me to come to her, but when I told her which hotel she came to us. "Plush, I like this, you have done well." "It's on expenses." Henna entered the room and looked around, Cath came out of the bathroom in a robe. "Are you…" Hanna asked Cath cut her short " No dear, just friends like you." Cath was drying her hair, "Would you like dinner first or play?" I rescued Hanna, "Cath and I are friends with benefits. She is very happy to leave us but we both get a thrill from seeing the other.." I remembered "..fuck and I am not ashamed of fucking you. Should we get pizza delivered?" "Not tonight." Hanna began to pull my tie off. "Can I help?" Cath start to undo my buttons. I pulled Hanna to me and kissed her. She kissed back, pushed my open shirt off my body. Looked at Cath and pushed her hand into my belt. Cath yanked at the buckle and opened my zip. Hanna held my stiff cock. I had two over sexed women in my arms, but I knew where my duty lay, Hanna. We made it to the closest bed, two half naked women and a man in socks. My hand went up Hanna's skirt, and found just what I expected, a smooth uncovered pussy." Cath moved back and stripped. I paid little attention to her, I kissed Hanna and worked her bean. She must have forgotten about Cath, she was yanking on my cock. Hanna's tits were out, her cunt wet and I regretted having to use a condom. "Do you have to?" she asked. "Sorry, yes." "Can he fuck me without this thing?" Hanna asked Cath. "When, I know you better." Cath told her. Hanna was miffed but let me in. "Just as I remember." "Almost as I remember." She replied as I continued to hammer her. She came just before me. Cath returned as I rolled off Hanna. Cath gently wanked me, "You can have him bareback if we get you tested." She told Hanna. Then she took me in her mouth. "I hate that taste." Hanna shrugged, I pulled her lips to mine, she kissed passionately, I felt her hand join Cath's at my cock. "You still recover so quick." "With you both in bed with me, I would be dead or hard." "That sounds like a challenge, Hanna." "It does." Hanna was in the mood "Your turn." Cath lowered herself onto my cock and Hanna was transfixed watching me disappear into Cath. "He does have a lovely cock." Cath commented as she moved her hips. My hands exploded their bodies as they talked and we fucked. Finally Cath received my load and sat on the bed. She opened her legs, rubbed my cum around her pussy. "You can have this very soon." Hanna watched Cath play with herself. "Do you want to feel me?" Hanna glanced at me, it was the first time I had seen her less that confident in bed. I touched Cath's pussy. "Cath has a very nice pussy." I told Hanna. Hanna tentatively reached out. "Come up here beside me." Cath said. I move to make room. As Hanna touched first Cath's hip then her mound I moved into Hanna's back and took a tit in my sticky hand. Hanna leaned back kissed me. Cath went "Eeeemmm". Hanna kissed harder. Cath announced "That's nice." I think she faked an organism. "I have a dirty hand." Hanna informed me. I took her hand and licked it. "Do I taste good?" Cath asked, taking Hanna's hand and licking it, "I do. Do you Hanna?" Cath traced Hanna's boobs as I caressed her bum. Cath's hand reached Hanna's pussy. Their heads were close together. Hanna leaned back to kiss me, avoiding Cath. Hanna was tense and gradually became more tense, just when I thought I should call Cath off, Hanna came. Hanna's reward was my cock in her. Cath caressed Hanna's tit as I fuck her. "I love the way Jake makes love." Cath told Hanna. "Fuck me Jake" Hanna said with her sexiest exhausted voice. I did. We took a break and encouraged Hanna to order whatever she wanted on room service. Dinner arrived and was eaten. After dinner and a little too much wine we descended back into the depths of depravity. In the morning, we renewed our activities and went for a buffet breakfast. It was as good as on the island. Hanna called in sick and we stopped at her place to pick up a case. We kept an appointment, all getting STD tests, Cath and I did not need them, we are regularly tested on the island. We would have results by nightfall. Cath suggested they pick-up a couple of guys and take them back to the room. "What about poor Jake?" "Go and find a couple of gentlemen, I need the rest." I kissed both gently on the cheek, "I will enjoy your stretched pussy later." "You're a perverted man Jake." Hanna confirmed, but she seemed happy with the idea. After all she had already had 3 in a bed. What happened after that is in Cath's words; They went to a bar, after discarding a few men Hanna agreed on two men who turned them down, then another two who could not believe their luck. I was in reception as they took the men upstairs, the men looked starstruck. Later Cath told me what happened, Hanna behaved like a slut sucking and fucking them both. Cath did not say so but I imagined she did as well. The two men walked past me as they left, looking happy. I went upstairs, Hanna and Cath were still on the bed when I opened the door. "Well?" "We had fun! Didn't we Hanna?" "We did." I was undressing as we spoke and rolled on a condom. "Is there room for another?" "Always room for you." Hanna replied. She was relaxing, no longer overly concerned with Cath being there. I pulled a condom on and claimed Hanna. She came easily and quickly, I kept banging away. I pulled out. Cath caressed Hanna's pussy. I pushed my cock into Cath as she played with Hanna. "Did you enjoy them?" "Was fabulous, I feel like such a lush." "Lush?." "Yes, lush." Hanna replied. I never asked what a lush was. We went for a late lunch. "Let's go to the beach." I suggested. "You should have said, I never packed a swimsuit." "You won't need one where we are going Hanna." We dropped everything off in the room apart from some cash and drove to the beach, if everything was stolen as we swam it would not matter. We arrived and walked down to the water, it was not too busy, but it was a working day. Hanna looked around, then as we stripped,she pulled her top off, revealing her white tits. Then she looked around again and stepped out of her shorts, to reveal her other white patch. "You don't want to burn." Cath started to spread suntan cream over Hanna as I creamed my cock (no way did I want that to burn) then helped Cath. Hanna looked around as we covered her. As she realized she was not going to be descended on she relaxed. Then in turn, creamed Cath and myself. We settled down to enjoy the sun, swim, and enjoy the sun some more. A few couples walked by, some said hi, one couple said a bit more, but moved on saying "see you about". It was when a man fully clothed hiding in the dunes started to gaze at us that we packed up. It was getting cool anyway. We went back to the room and showered. "Do you think we should have shagged for that poor man?" Cath asked. "No" I declared "I shag for you and me not a guy hidding in the bushes." "It was not bushes." said Hanna "You don't mind being watched." Cath remarked. "That's more passive participation." Cath laughed, "So a club would be OK?" "What kind of club?" Hanna asked. "Swingers?" I asked "Why not? It will be fun Hanna." Cath said. "Let's have dinner first?" I suggested. It was more high tea as it was too early for dinner. As we went back to our room our phones pinged. 'All tests are negative!' Hanna looked at her phone and said "negative" "Negative is good, it means they never found an STD." I told her. "O" she sounded relieved. "...and you can have Jake without a condom." Cath reminded Hanna. "O, yes I can." Hanna perked up and hurried back to our room. We did not go to the club that night, we had lots of fun. We stripped quickly and I slipped naked into Hanna. I left my load, but was too quick for Hanna. Cath saw her opportunity, "Let me help." Cath gently worked Hanna's pussy. Hanna surprised me, easily accepting and enjoying Cath's attention. Cath continued once Hanna came by burying her head in Hanna's pussy. Hanna almost yelled as she came again. We all rested, then I filled Cath and very tentatively Hanna returned Cath's favours. We slept in the other bed that night, no one wanted any of the wet patches.

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