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Riding again

"Getting ideas"
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I had been living with Kat and Emma for almost two years. I was officially Kat's boyfriend but I was shagging Emma almost as much. They had both seen me shagging the other, I had never seen them shagging. Yes they had come home stretched, sometimes filled. I did enjoy sloppy seconds and eating them out, but I had never seen a guy in them or spit roast them. Not even with them eating pussy, that would have been difficult for them being straight. One day I just asked "I've never seen you having sex." "Do you want to?" asked Emma. "Yes I do. I want to see you enjoying it." "We can't ask men here." Kat said, "How could we arrange it?" "We could go to a club." "That's very tacky." Kat commented. "I don't know, we could be spit roasted, I've never been spit roasted." Emma countered. Kat considered, "We choose who, if there is no one we like we do nothing." "Of course, everyone can say no." "OK, our calendars are free Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in three weeks. We will do it then, find a club." This turned Emma on. "Which would you want first, my pussy or mouth?" "You are naughty sometimes Emma." Kat commented. "Here!" I touched her cunt, then fingered her. Kat sat back and watched. "OK, I get why you want to see us having sex." I started pounding Emma and filled her. Kat took me from Emma, she held my cock and told me "We will use condoms." I rolled Kat on her back and slipped my still wet cock into her. As I pumped she whispered in my ear "How many do you want to have me?" "As many as you want, 20, 30 if you like." "Not that many." "I want to see you, spit roast." Suddenly she came hard, and I filled her a moment later. The following day Kat had an assignment. Emma and I went to bed. "Don't worry Kat will shag for you. So will I." "It turns me on, the thought of you getting fucked in front of me." "You're a dirty bastard. You're going to turn us into whores." "Never, just loose women." I lifted her legs and took her ass hole. I always fucked her ass when Kat was away, we both enjoyed it, but Kat never. "We will be loose after a club, getting fucked by rampant cocks." "I hope so!" I kept banging away at her. "I'll fuck anyone you want, I'll be your dirty bitch." She said as she came closer to Cum. "Anyone?" "Anyone." She was almost there. "Women?" She came. She lay there, my cock in her spilling spunk into her. Finally she answered "You like my ass, have you ever fucked men?" "No, never." "Will you?" "I don't think so." "..but you want me to eat cunt for you?" "I just asked." I was deflating. "It doesn't matter, I'll eat cunt for you." I hardened again and fucked her again.

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